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allmighty 242x300 Weekly love list   cats and dogsStef loves: dogs! The Daily Puppy site, especially this lil’ munchkin-French Bulldog Douglas, All Mighty’s adorable collection of everything Boston Terrier, like their Vampire Bat puff sleeve t-shirt and last, but certainly not least talking dogs.

Tyna loves: cats! At the risk of being branded a crazy cat lady, may I suggest Shanalogic’s subversive Kitten & Skull Distressed Tote. And don’t try to tell me you’ve never wasted some time at lol cats! Fine, I have no problems with the crazy cat lady label. I’ve just spent 20 minutes watching this musically mysterious but utterly compelling German homage to this classic Simpson’s character. Any translators?

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    ROUGHLY translated: We call her the Cat Lady. Her house is in the outskirts of Springfield, but nobody dares/risks to go near. Because she will kick and pelt you with cats. She has brain damage and a speech impediment and takes pills but if these work it is doubtful. Mind you, that’s the rough translation. Go me and college German! WOOT!

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