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jamesfrancob Weekly love list   James FrancoEveryone back in the swing of things yet? We are so ready for 2009! Here’s what we’re loving this week:

Stef loves: Big surprise-I’m on a bit of a Colbert high after our mention on the Colbert Nation this week (it’s a very lovely and gentle high, much better than the cat valium high I was on last week. Oh, just kidding! It was horse tranquilizers ). If you haven’t read I Am America (And So Can You!)%name Weekly love list   James Franco you just aren’t livin’. And while I’m freely giving recommendations, I absolutely loved The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. I can’t recall being so enthralled by a film in quite some time. It’s the kind of movie you want to see on the big screen, so maybe you can pop out and see it before the Golden Globes on Sunday? It has 5 nominations (tied with Doubt and Frost/Nixon). But the nomination that makes me smile the most is James Franco for Pineapple Express. I haven’t seen the movie. But who cares: you see him up above? He’s got my vote! (and how!~tyna)

Tyna loves: the thought of not spending any money, but this off-kilter Pee-wee tee is adorable and only $15.99! I’m also enthralled by the hilarious recaps of ROL Bus (written by the ever entertaining ChickBomb) over at tvgasm .com – we are totally on that bus! Finally, I’m loving re-connecting with old friends and being able to fall right back into great friendships as if no time has passed as all. Go track down that awesome friend you somehow lost touch with (the internet makes it all possible) and say hello!

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Written by Tyna Werner


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    I second all those things!!! All things Colbert are to be hearted!
    And Benjamin Buttons was amazing, I was really blown away. The ending was so poignant, I had to take a minute and let some tears fall! I would recommend that movie to anyone, it was really beautiful!

    Tyna that Pee-wee tee is so cute!!!!

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