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pono 300x271 PONO jewelryWant to know what I have in common with Beyonce? No, my Mom doesn’t own a fashion house. I wasn’t in Destiny’s Child. And my “thing” with Jay Z was really no big deal. Besides being bootylicious, we’re both fans of PONO jewelry! Along with Julianne Moore, Paris Hilton, and Hilary Swank (to name a few). But with pieces as amazing as these, I suspect that list is growing every day.

PONO is the brianchild of Joan Goodman, president of Bobbi Trim Ltd, one of the most fashion forward button manufacturers and distributors in NYC, with a client base that includes Marc Jacobs, Derek Lam, Thakoon, Vera Wang and Anna Sui. A true marriage of style and substance, the jewelry is not only beautiful, but the company lives up to it’s name sake (pono means goodness and righteousness in Hawaiian) with many of the pieces benefiting charitable causes and by choosing to use natural materials that are reclaimed by-products from various industries. Three charities to already benefit from PONO; The Climate Project, Give a Girl a Chance, and the Natural Resources Defense Council. This is a high-end jewelry company that also aims to stay grounded on planet Earth.

PONO states that they favor style over trend, boldness over blandness. This statement carries through every piece in their line. Whether it’s a classic shape with a modern twist, a piece that brings to mind vintage jewelry or something with a nod to nature using natural woods, engraved shell or horn. Two words that come to mind for the whole collection; unique and gorgeous. Just take a look at their site. Recent collections include pieces of a vast range from mother of pearl cuffs to candy-colored bangles to natural necklaces and bracelets with a message.

Imagine my delight when Nick, the rock star PONO rep, sent us 3 bracelets from their Spring 09 line titled Ao (the Hawaiian word for Earth). Every piece in this collection shares the planet as their common denominator. Whether on sea or land, real or imagined, these accessories all draw upon nature and its wonders for inspiration. Shown in the photos above, The Secret Garden in Gold and in Honey (retail $500), made of rescued horn by-product from the
 agricultural industry, gold lacquer and lasered 
with a floral bouquet pattern. Along with the Pastoral Click-Clack Bangle (retail $435) a cuff hinge bracelet made of bone, wood and resin, laser engraved 
with floral pattern and a Mother of Pearl closure. But don’t worry if you can’t spend the rent money on a bracelet. PONO has many pieces that are more affordable to us Non-Beyonce folks too. Though if you can spend rent money on a bracelet-I highly recommend these pieces.

Praise for the line has been gaining speeding momentum. PONO has been featured in Cosmo, O Magazine, and Harper’s Bazaar, amongst many others, and can be seen on the big and small screen in “The Devil Wears Prada” as well as shows like “Gossip Girl” and “The L Word” (2 of the most stylish shows on TV).

So, how do you get a PONO piece of your very own? Start by checking their online store . Or if you’re not near one of the over 300 retail locations that carry the line, visit their site or their Facebook page and purchase directly from them by calling 212-216-0022 and asking for PONO, or emailing Nick direct at: Nick_PONO(at)bobbitrim(dot)com. Tell them we heart this sent you!

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    Stef Andrews

    These bracelets are beautiful. I wore mine out last night and got more compliments on it than I think I’ve ever gotten on a piece before (including my diamond cocktail ring!) And it’s the kind of jewelery that you build an outfit around. That’s what I did at least and it worked out quite well!

    They’ve got so many different styles too. If the idea of a horn freaks you out (like it did my vegetarian partner, by product or not) check out their resin bangles and necklaces. The Spring lines are bright, Fall had lots of deep jewel tones.

    Love this company!!

  2. Profile photo of Tyna Werner
    Tyna Werner

    I absolutely agree that all of the jewelry is so beautiful and unique! Yea, the bit about bone and horn freaks me out a bit, but that’s just me (I’m trying to squeeze all animal by-products, even leather out of my life and it’s hard).

    With that in mind, I adore the clear candy colored bracelets Stef linked to above! The colors are so pretty and I love the look – they remind of hard candies – yum! I also like the unique shape and bend of the pieces. One thing I noticed about each bracelet is that they all unique. You can tell these are not pieces that have been created all with one mold, because no single piece is exactly like the other in shape or color.

    My favorite pieces from the line are these silver box shaped links – very, very cool!


    Very cute! Oh, check them out in the same candy colored hues:


    Thanks to PONO for sharing their amazing work with us!

  3. Profile photo of Veronica Lane
    Veronica Lane

    Oh my gosh, you guys! I open up my box of chocolates that I won from you last weekend and what else do I get? My very own PONO bangle! I would have been happy with the candy alone, but this was such a wonderful surprise. And what an amazing bracelet! It’s a real show piece. I am going to be very proud to wear this and show it off. We heart this, you rock!!!

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