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faceb Face Stockholm eyeliner reviewBrand new Art Eye Pencil and Precision Eyeliner.

Today we’ve got a Swedish import that you’re gonna love more than ABBA, H&M and Ikea rolled into one! Face Stockholm is one of those brands I had always heard about but somehow had never tried until a few years ago, despite being in NYC since 1990. Everything I heard was true, they are indeed a high-end, extremely high quality line. But much to my delight, they are so much more than just that.

Is it just me or do you often find high-end cosmetic lines to have a sort of unapproachable quality to them? Products (and sales people) that give the impression of being so exclusive that you don’t even bother to check them out? This couldn’t be farther from the truth with Face Stockholm. The line shows it’s absolutely possible to be high-end but still fun. And that all stems from it’s founders…

Gun Nowak, a former fashion boutique owner in the 70’s and 80’s, started the line because she couldn’t find makeup to match the crazy neon fashions of that time! Years later with the addition of her daughter Martina Arfwidson, Face Stockholm was molded into the line it is today. Their bio says that they find as much inspiration for colors and ingredients from trekking to meet the Dalai Lama in Dharamsala or antique shopping in Sweden, as they do walking down the street in New York City. It makes sense, to me, the brand seems to transcend any one place. I can see it in NYC, as much as Sweden, as much as Dubai (where they have just launched a flagship store). Though the packaging is undoubtely Swedish, with that beautiful clean and modern aesthetic. But no assembly required!

That sleek packaging is the perfect backdrop for the bold, playful colors as well as the natural ones. And speaking of colors, lipstick lovers rejoice! Face has over 200 shades for your lips. But it’s the eyes were focusing on today.

The lovely Molly sent we heart this their brand new eye pencils to review. And let me tell you, choosing which one to keep myself was no small feat. Did I want to try the Art Eye Pencil? A carbon black, mechanical eyeliner, equipped with it’s own sharpener and smudging sponge. Face calls it a waterproof, long-wearing and silky formula that glides on with ease, for a perfectly smudged, smoky or lined eye. The tiny sharpener at the end had me from moment one. The description of “carbon black”, forget it! I needed this badly.

But then there’s the Precision Eyeliner. This was intriguing. Meticulously crafted in Japan, the liner has the look of a fine tipped calligraphy pen. The design produces saturated liquid color dispensed automatically for consistent, fluid application. Precise, clean lines dry quickly, without streaks, smears or transfers. The tapered tip allows total control and precision for magnificently even and strikingly defined eyes. Oh no, I think I need this even more! I have been trying to find a reliable liquid eyeliner for years…

So which did I pick? And what did the we heart this crew think of their sleek new pencils? Get ready, I feel we’re about to hear a lot of happiness. A sound a bet Face Stockholm is very used to hearing!

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Written by stef


  1. Profile photo of winnie

    I was lucky enough to receive the Precision Eyeliner in black! I’ll start by saying that liquid eyeliners scare me! i remember getting into my mothers when i was young and getting it EVERYWHERE! Fingers, eyelids, it was a mess! so through the years i would sometimes give it a shot but it was useless. I can barely use a regular pencil liner. So, when i received this i thought after all these years and new innovations in makeup that somethings got to have changed. Well it has with Face Stockholm. Don’t get me wrong, i’ll need more practice and time but at least there is hope. It went on smoothly and even though my hand does shake a little as soon as i get near my eye, i was actually able to get a full line on! The brush point is super thin so, its pretty precise going on. not a big black smear like the old days. It dried super fast which means no black lines on my upper lid! or on my hands! So, if you are good with liquid liner, this product will be a cinch for you to use!

  2. Profile photo of Stef Andrews
    Stef Andrews

    Well, I just couldn’t resist the Precision Eyeliner so I made it mine. I am oh-so glad I did. This is the liquid liner I’ve been searching for! It’s got a super fine tip, so you can make the tiniest line. It’s REALLY dark. I’ve had problems in the past with liquid liners being a real weak black. This is inky and gorgeous. But best of all-it’s build-able. It doesn’t dry so quickly that if you go back and add to the line, the previous line flakes (another reoccurring problem). This lets you really create a masterpiece. You can draw, look, see which area needs a bit more and add it with no problem. It feels really artistic. It is an absolutely perfect liquid liner!

  3. Profile photo of Tyna Werner
    Tyna Werner

    I was the lucky reviewer of the Art Eye Pencil, which, I must say, is the most exciting black eyeliner I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. First, the basics, the eyeliner is a true deep black that goes on super smooth – no tugging at all. The color has just the right amount of smudgabilty – you can blend and smudge to the perfect effect and then the color locks in and stays on until you take it off (I’m a contact lens wearing, eye-rubber so that’s saying something). On to the really fun stuff! First, there is the tiny little smudge sponge at the end of the pen to help get the right smoky look or clean up your line. Than to top it off, there’s another little cap below that sponge that reveals the teeniest, tiniest precision sharpener so your liner also has that fresh out of the package look (and that gives you even more control with such a perfect tip). Love this eyeliner! Highly recommended!

  4. Profile photo of christy

    I’m another lucky gal. The Art Eye Pencil is AMAZING!
    I am a black eyeliner fiend, and I now don’t want to even go near any of my other black eyeliner.

    This is the easiest eyeliner to fall in love with!
    It’s Blackest Black, goes on so smooth, and here’s the clincher, it STAYS! I have been using it religiously ever since I got it and it amazes me nightly when I go to take off my eyeliner and I have no sign of the dreaded raccoon eyes that some liners lead to. It looks at the end of the day, exactly how it did in the am when I applied it!

    I had it on the other day, and it was one of those days where a nap was an option, so I took it! I was amazed when I woke up, rubbed my eyes and then remembered..oops I have on eyeliner still. I looked in the mirror and it hadn’t even smudged a bit. It still looked fresh, like I had just put it on.

    I was hooked. Then like Tyna said you have the built in smudge tool, and a sharpener! If you like black eyeliner this is a MUST have. It’s like an pencil but minus the wood! So no fear of scratching your eyelid. And it goes on so much smoother than a regular pencil. Amazing amazing stuff! 5 loving stars from me!

  5. Profile photo of Cori

    Stef and Tyna were nice enough to let me try the Face Stockholm Precision Eyeliner. And let me tell you I was excited and scared. Excited because it’s a new product to try, but scared because I have never used a liquid liner before and have heard horror stories about how messy they can be. The first time I used it, my hand was a little shaky because I was nervous I would make a mess and have liner all over my face. I can say that it is a very precise liner and goes on just how it is applied – and I had a very nice wavy line thanks to my shaky hand. Now if I was going for a funky wavy look it would have been fantastic, however, I was just lounging around the house and didn’t need to look funky and fun. But the good news is that I was able to go back over it and give myself a thicker line that came out looking flawless. No mess.

    I continued to use it the rest of the week and my hand has become less shaky because I got used to it. I knew I wouldn’t make a mess with it, and my liner has never looked better. Usually my liner is gone at the end of the day but this stuff stays on all day! No need to reapply. And trust me, I have tested this out. I have itchy watery eyes with this crazy Missouri weather, and have been dabbing and rubbing my eyes all day because of it. But with this liner I have no smudges, no disappearing line, and no dark makeup smudged under my eye. It’s amazing, and it feels great going on too. Again it might be because I have never used a liquid liner but I like the cool sensation of the liquid going on my eyelid.

    And bonus, for all of us looking for eco friendly items, I looked up the website and this is what they said: “We are eco-conscious, using minimal and recycled packaging and never testing on animals.” Every little bit helps! Ok ladies, I know I’m going to keep this little beauty in my makeup bag. How about you?

  6. Profile photo of irene

    What a superb and lovely eye pencil! Who hasn’t’ drawn a million lines above and below the ole eyeball? I’ve tried plenty of pencils – some are good, some are so-so, but this is without a doubt the nicest, pardon me, ART Eye Pencil yet! FACE Stockholm’s Art Eye Pencil is fantastic. I love using eyeliner but often find they are tricky to apply because the pencil is often too thick.. if I’m not careful, I wind up looking like I have two black eyes! You will not have that problem with this. It’s a mechanical marvel, which comes with its own sharpener and smudging sponge on one end and unique twist tip pencil at the other end. What I really love about this pencil is you can go two ways with an application.. You have the definitive smoky-eye look in a pinch or the great lined eye look just as easily.. It’s also waterproof and it lasts all day long. I had a good cry the other day.. and nothing budged.. I was crying from laughing.. It happens.. I’m just happy I only laughed that hard, and didn’t’ pee my pants!

  7. Profile photo of krista

    I am in disbelief at how awesome the Precision Eyeliner is. I have oily eyelids, so NOTHING stays 100% put. There are some products out there that last better than most and some products that last great with a primer, and then there is this. This lasts all day and doesn’t budge AT ALL. You get a nice, tight line and as Stef said, it builds very nicely, no caking or flaking. I actually put a thin line up against my lash line without any shadow or powder on my lid, curled my lashes, skipped the mascara, and it looked so natural (I even fell asleep with it on and it STILL didn’t move). I also did this with a smokey eye and the black was so black that it gave me the drama I wanted because I could build it up quite a bit. This eyeliner definitely has set the bar very high and I’ll compare all other liners against this now because this is THE BEST eyeliner I’ve ever used. If you knew about my makeup stash, you’d know this is the highest praise a product can get from me. I can’t wait to try the Face Stockholm Art Eye Pencil now!

  8. Profile photo of turboterp

    I’m really intrigued by this review. I’ve been using Face Stockholm eyeshadow for years (they make the BEST matte shadows I’ve ever found) but I’ve never tried any of their other products. I’m going to pick up a liner or two on my next NYC shopping trip!

  9. Profile photo of Mel

    Oh, do it Melissa – I’m sure you won’t be disappointed – and you’ve got me wanting to try the matte shadows now, too. I am a black liquid liner queen. I’ve been putting it on since my early teen years and have perfected the thin, crisp line – I think it’s because once you get used to that dark line, no pencil ever compares – my eyes just need that extra oomph. So, the liquid Precision Eyeliner was perfect for me to test. Believe it or not, the line was not quite thin enough for me! Don’t get me wrong – it’s by FAR the best sponge tip applicator I’ve ever used, and it’s the thinnest one ever, too – I’m just one who prefers the long thin paintbrush that most everyone else hates. It’s very difficult to find companies that even still make my beloved brush – seems like everyone for some reason thinks that darn sponge is a better seller. For that reason, I gave this product 5 stars – because not making my fav applicator when pretty much no one else does either is not a reason to knock them down a star! Like others said, it goes on amazingly dark – much darker than my other fav brands. It doesn’t move once it’s dry, either – that is true – so make sure you get rid of any smudges immediately – or like Cori said, you can just go over it again to fill in – but you will get a thicker line. It is stunning though – that thick line – really makes the eyes pop, as they say. So, I did get the thinnest, darkest line I’ve ever gotten from a sponge tip applicator but Face Stockholm: if you ever make a non-waterproof brush applicator, I will buy that til I die and never look back!!

  10. Profile photo of suzan

    Alright I have a confession…I’m an eyeliner virgin. I think I’ve worn it twice in my entire 29 years and both times my beauty maven sister Tyna put it on me. I just can never get it right. So I was really really nervous when I got this because I knew just how fab Face Stokholm products are. So I watched a couple of how 2’s online and read some tips and gave it a whirl. I came home from work and put it on everyday and I was a master and went on to try my hand with the smudger since I received the Art Eye Pencil. After a few episodes of horrid looking eyes I all but got it. Then I made a huge error, I had gotten another brand eyeliner in a bonus package for a product I had gotten. I bust out the eyeliner I thought I’d never use and attempt what I had mastered with my Face Stokholm Are Eyepencil. Big big big mistake. With this other brand I was back to being an eyeliner virgin and I was in pain because it was kind of like rubbing a tree branch on my eye. I don’t think I will ever switch and I’m now an Art Eye Pencil devotee.

  11. Profile photo of tiffany

    I also tried the Art Eye pencil in black and feel in love. It goes on so easily. I often don’t wear eyeliner because they smear on me. Let me just say that this little beauty stayed put all day and didn’t leave me looking like a raccoon at the end of the day. I also love the cute little sharpener. I’m so glad I read everyone’s reviews because I didn’t even realize it had the smudge tip at the end. Now I’m even more in love! I highly recommend this eyeliner.

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