Boo! A wht ghost story

ghost Boo! A wht ghost storyDo you believe in ghosts? Things that go creepy crawly in the night type of ghosts? We’re going off the beaten path a bit today, but Stef and I were reminiscing about our ghost story and thought it would be fun to share it with our readers. Have you ever had some weird experience that you can’t explain with normal, rational thought? Some sort of otherworldly, ghostly phenomenon? Even for people that do not believe in such things, ghost stories are always fun. So, please indulge us, gather around our virtual campfire and listen to our story…

Way back in the early 1990’s, Stef and I were two college aged girls living in the big city of Philadelphia. Actually, I had just moved to her Center City apartment, as she was finishing up her last year of school. Just days after I moved in, our incident occurred. As I had yet to fully move all of my stuff to Philly and needed to buy some furniture (like a bed) for my room, I was bunking in Stef’s room until I had it all sussed out.

Anyway, one night just like any other, Stef and I watched the latest Beverly Hills 90210, laughed over the fabulousness and absurdity of it and then proceeded to get ready for bed. We were sharing her bed for a few more days (Not like that, who do you think we are? Rock of Love contestants?) until I had my room set up. So, we are fast asleep in the middle of the night, dreaming sweet dreams, when suddenly, I was completely awake with a weird feeling that something was wrong. Bear in mind, I am a sound sleeper; telephone calls, loud music, early morning garbage trucks, none of it ever causes me to so much as stir in my sleep. Yet suddenly, I was wide-awake, scared and certain someone was in our room!

Stef’s bed was pushed against the wall and I was laying against the wall and facing Stef, who had the room side of the bed. She was still asleep, with her back to me and as my eyes adjusted to the dark, I SAW A MAN in the center of the room coming towards our bed! In my mind, I thought maybe I was seeing things. I was paralyzed with fright as I watched him, with his arms outstretched, silently get closer and closer as he glided (there’s really no other word for it) towards us. Then I noticed that Stef was stirring from her sleep as well. She semi sat up, looked directly at the man in front of us (whose hands were now inches from her face) and said, “What are doing?”

“AHHHHHHHHH” a giant screeching scream came out of my mouth and I knew we just had to Get Out of the Room! I stood up on the bed, hopped over Stef already running and sprinted out of the bedroom, down the hall, through our living room and out the front door to the blindingly bright shared hallway of our apartment building, screeching the entire time.

As I stood in the safe, bright hallway, I watched Stef, stumbling along my same path all “What the hell is going on?” I could barely get the words out of my mouth as tried to explain what just happened. “There was a man in the room!” I choked out. I watched Stef’s face change from confused bemusement at my freak-out to a wide-eyed terror filled face. Until that moment, she had assumed she was dreaming about the man and I woke her from the creepy nightmare.

Nope, we had both awoken from a sound sleep, for no known reason, to see this man creeping towards us. But how? There was only one-way in or out, our windows were shut tight and we were on the 12th floor of the building anyway. No one is scaling 12 stories on 16th and Spruce to break into our humble apartment. We walked slowly back to the bedroom, turning on every light in the place and searching for any sign of intrusion and a possible explanation.

As we tried to calm down and fall back asleep, we discussed it from every possible angle. Not only did Stef and I both see this man with his arms reaching out for us, we both saw other details the same. He was an olive skinned man with dark hair and a baggy long sleeved white shirt encasing those creepy arms! So ok, there wasn’t an actual man in our room. Maybe we imagined and/or dreamed it. But how did we dream the same exact thing and at the same exact time? Dun, dun!

To this day, we still have no explanation for it. It’s turned into more of a funny story than a ghost story as we try to recreate my high-pitched scream and flight from our ghost. So, what about you we heart this readers? Do you believe in the supernatural? Do you have a great ghost story to share or details on that haunted house? We want to hear all about it!

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Written by Tyna Werner


  1. Profile photo of krista

    My now-deceased aunt was a medium, so I definitely believe. I saw my first ghost when I was 4. I was baby gated in my bedroom so I’d take a nap and I didn’t want to, so I was playing with stuff and I saw this shadow form on my drapes. It was my grandfather’s face and he was wearing a hat and he told me that I was supposed to take a nap and I said I didn’t want to and he told me I wasn’t going to see him anymore and that he’d be watching me. Then he disappeared. And I screamed. My mom came to my bedroom door and I was crying and saying that Pap Pap was in my room and then he disappeared. My mom asked for details and I told her and said he was wearing a hat and she started crying. Uh, yeah, so my parents apparently didn’t think I could handle the news that my favorite grandparent had passed away so they didn’t tell me. The hat was apparently his favorite and I’d later see photos of him before he got sick (lung cancer) where he was wearing that hat, but he’d been sick for as long as I’d been around, so I’d never seen the hat. It still freaks my mom out. I have a few other good ones, but I’ll save those for another time, my pets *waggles fingers mystically*

  2. Profile photo of Cori

    I don’t have any cool stories like that. If I did I’m sure I would be freaked out for the rest of my life! Tyna, did you guys ever see the guy again???

    And Krista I want more stories! Both of these gave me goosebumps!

  3. Profile photo of Tyna Werner
    Tyna Werner

    Hey Cori, nope, we never saw the man again. We lived in the apartment for a good year or two after that with out any signs of creepiness. Strange, huh?

    Krista, that’s a great story. I actually had a very similar experience in my family involving my Godfather. Truthfully, I was so young when it happened that I “remember” it more from the retelling of the story in my family.

    Let’s hear more! I know some of our readers have some stories to share!

  4. Profile photo of Stef Andrews
    Stef Andrews

    The funny thing to me with this whole story is that Tyna is always the level headed one in our friendship. So for her to run screaming is so unlike her. But I love that I tried to reason with the ghost, ask his intentions. And she was like “I’m outta here!”

    It was super scary, but kinda cool too. I’m glad it happened!

  5. Profile photo of Wednesday

    Ohhhh You know I love a good ghost story! I have one about the house I used to live in when I was a kid!!
    Whenever we’d leave we’d come home to open doors, or cabinets, and my room was always freeeeeezing!

    It started to get really bad over the course of my 15th year. One morning I heard a door slam and got up before anyone.
    I went downstairs and all of the kitchen cabinets were open! Then when I ran back up stairs because I was spooked to wake up my brother and sister, all of the upstairs doors were open, closets bathroom you name it.

    My sister and I were FREAKING out! Over time I realized these “ghost” happenings always seemed to coincide with my brother being home from college!
    hmmmm I started to wonder. Could my ghost which I was so excited to have just be my brother playing a ghosty prank.. and sure enough it was him! I was so bummed!
    I wanted a ghost =) LOL but reading about your ghost, maybe I’m glad I didn’t get one!! HE sounds creepy!!!!

    I’d love to see a family member ghost! Krista that is a great story!! :)

  6. Profile photo of Stef Andrews
    Stef Andrews

    Wednesday-we never dreamed of him, but we sure thought about him a lot!

    What she didn’t add was that when I finally caught up with Screaming T in the hall, she was not only still screaming, but had her fists up at her mouth, like pulling her lips with sheer terror. She was terrified!

  7. Profile photo of joan

    When my father was dying at his home, some of the family was there and I was sitting in a chair in the living room where my dad was in his bed. I smelled my mom’s perfume and heard the jingle of her dog’s collar behind me. My mom had died eight years before my dad and Tiny, my moms dog, died many years before her. As I turned my head I knew I wasn’t going to see anything. But they were there!

  8. Profile photo of christy

    Wow! that’s amazing Joan!

    Stef you and Tyna’s man scares me! Thinking of Tyna pulling her lips in terror is FOR REAL FEAR!!!!!!!

    I have a story but it’s about clouds! I was really close with my Grandfather, and I was there when he passed.

    My Grandma had passed many years before and my Moms brother died when he was only 2. After my Grandpas passing, I went back to his house with my Mom. I decided to go outside for a while and sit in the yard with my nephew who was a little baby at the time. I looked up at the sky. It was beautiful and blue, not a cloud in sight.
    My nephew was so smiley and cute and was really helping me because I was so sad. I decided to go in and get my camera and take some pictures of him in front of my Grandpas house.

    I went in, got my camera and came outside, and looked up at the sky again. This time there were three clouds, almost like fluffy lines in the sky. They were directly above my Grandpas house! I was freaked out because 2 minutes earlier there was nothing in the sky!! But one cloud was really tall, one was a little shorter and one was very tiny.

    My Grandma was a bit taller than my Grandpa and my Moms brother was only 2 when he passed.

    I know it was the three of them, reunited at last. I am sure it was a sign from them telling us they were all together! =)

  9. Profile photo of Tyna Werner
    Tyna Werner

    Aww, those are great stories Joan and Christy! I really love the part where Joan couldnot just feel her Mom and Tiny, but heard the jangle of his collar and smelled her Mom’s perfume. That is a very sweet and profund moment. And even though it was a terrible time for you, I’m sure that must have given you a great deal of comfort. Did any of your relatives sense it as well? Thanks for sharing!

  10. Profile photo of corinneburns

    I love ghost stories – what a great topic! I never had an experience with ghosts, but I always loved hearing the old standards growing up. I lived in a town with an insane asylum so the favorite among the kids was the legendary hook man tale! You know, two kids making out, they hear a dripping noise, the boy goes to investigate and than freaks out, zooms away and when they are safe at home, they find a bleeding hook on the girls door handle!! In our version, the hookman escaped from the local loonie bin (as we kids so quaintly called it) and attacked at our local make out point. Who else had this story “occur” in their hometown?

  11. Profile photo of Veronica Lane
    Veronica Lane

    Corinne, I heard that one before too! The one that sticks with me the most is one that I heard when I was in college and it happened to a “friend of a friend” (that also can be replaced with “so and so’s cousin”).
    Anyway, a girl at a local college was out for the night and popped back in her dorm room to grab something. Because it was late and she didn’t want to wake her roommate up, she didn’t turn on any lights. The next morning she goes back to dorm, which is swarming with cops, and written on the wall in her dead roommate’s blood is “YOU’RE LUCKY YOU DIDN’T TURN ON THE LIGHTS!” Caused quite a stir in our dorm!

    Sorry, we kind of skipped from ghost story to urban legend!

  12. Profile photo of suzan

    It seems every house my mom ever lived in was haunted. The worst house by far was the one I grew up in. I was pretty much constantly in fear of this man who, I swear was trying to kill me. I won’t go into all the details because it still really freaks me out. The only non-scary part about the entire thing is that I used to play with these two little kids in our attic a boy and a girl. They wore Tyna and Elizabeths (my sisters) old clothes that our mom had stored up there and used a fake Christmas tree for light. They never spoke to me and we couldn’t play loud games or we would wake up my mom so we mostly just rolled a ball back and forth. The dad would sit in a darkened corner and stare at me, but when I was with the kids I didn’t feel scared. During the day though when I was awake he would chase behind me when I would go down the stairs to try and strangle or shoot me. I can’t tell you how many times I fell down those steps. I don’t think you could come up with enough money to pay me to go back and sleep in that house. Its funny because none of us ever talked about it while living in the house but about 8 years ago my eldest sister and I started to talk about the creep factor of the house and my mom started to get very upset. She didn’t know strange things happened to us to, she thought it was just her. There are so many things from that house. I know that feeling of terror T – I’m so glad I don’t live in a place like that anymore. If I ever buy a house and feel like that I will sell even if I lose money.

  13. Profile photo of Tyna Werner
    Tyna Werner

    Susan, I was hoping you would tell your stories! Little bit of back story, growing up Susan (my little sister) lived with my Mom and older sister and I lived with my Dad. I was always majorly creeped when sleeping at my Mom’s house. Not that I didn’t love being with my Mom and sisters, but the house weirded me out. (Mom, if you are reading this don’t get upset!) I continued the tradition of not mentioning it to anyone and when Susan and I first broached the subject, as adults, years later, the hair on my neck stood up from the creepiness of it all! I never saw any ghosts when I was there, it was more subtle things. Weird noises and sounds, the lights or water turning on or off (by itself) when no one was around (or even in the room) and (the part that gives me the jellybean) hearing someone going up and down those steps, over and over, in the middle of the night. Only one night did I have the gumption to investigate. I got up and peeped into their rooms and my Mom and two sisters where sound asleep. No signs of stirring from anyone. I go back downstairs to my bed and immediately hear something going back UP the stairs (that I just seconds ago went down) and I knew no one was up in the house!

  14. Profile photo of Stef Andrews
    Stef Andrews

    Krista, Joan/Mom, Christy-those are all really sweet. Me and T’s? Kinda creepy. But Susan and T, uber creepola!
    Did you ever find out who used to live there? Who the family was? Where was the Mom? Maybe she killed them all.
    And Susan, really? You actually played with the kids?

    Too spooky!

  15. Profile photo of Cori

    I have an urban legend from the town I moved to while I was in high school. We moved to Joplin, Missouri, which is five minutes from Oklahoma. My friends drove me out to this little dirt road in the middle of no where. It turned out to be on the Trail of Tears. They told me the story of “The Spook Light”: There was a murderer on the loose and was killing the Indians. One night two little girls went to go play and they never returned. The Chief went out that night with his lantern looking for them but couldn’t find them. He went out every night searching but always came back with nothing. Still to this day you can see him with his lantern searching for the girls.
    I have never seen the light but some of my friends said that they have seen it moving back and forth across the road. One time it even came through their car.

    I found a site that has more information on the light and facts about it. Still to this day no one can prove what it is. If you do look at the site you can see that my friends took pieces from all the myths and put them together. :)

  16. Profile photo of krista

    Stef and Tyna—that is horrifying and I just imagine seeing that and doing that silent scream that you get in nightmares where you’re so scared you can’t even make a sound. Susan—HOLY CRAP! That is creepy. You are so gonna give me nightmares tonight. Do you know anything about the history of that house? If you are going to buy a house and are iffy or get weird vibes, research the house. We did that when we bought our Victorian in CT that we just sold. I even asked the sellers if there was any weird occurences or if they thought it was haunted. I didn’t get any vibes, but that doesn’t always mean anything, so I covered my bases. If the previous owners lie about the house being haunted you can sue. Fortunately, my research showed that nobody had ever died in my house, which was good enough for me. We had no problems. Now, growing up, I didn’t have any ghost children playing with me, but the house that my parents moved me and my siblings to when I was in 9th grade was hella creepy. It was an old Victorian that used to have a Dr.’s office in the basement during the early 1900’s and was on the street my mother grew up on. My mother even knew the elderly people who sold us the house. These people had a little boy who was about 10 when my mom was in high school. He died of spinal meningitis. Of course, the creepy attic room that I got was HIS room. There was this cubby hole of a closet that had the bottom slat of the door broken out and the kid had written his name in the closet. I painted over 8 coats of white paint over his name and it kept bleeding through. The cubby hole had a light bulb with a pull chain. The first night I slept in my new room, I was tucked in and felt a little jittery. I heard a *snick* and I could see light through my eyelids. The light in the cubby hole was on. I pretended ignorance and crossed the room and shut it off. I tucked back in and *snick*–the light was back on. I repeated this once more and calmly said “If you turn the light on again, I’ll burn the house down and you won’t have anywhere to go.” No more *snick*. Over the years, the walls would pound, things would disappear or necklaces would be TIED into a giant ball overnight, my sister, Laura, and I saw this brown ball of light form in the walk-in closet in my room, all of my siblings and myself saw a woman with a bloody apron in the basement, and everyone heard walking in my room. When I wasn’t home. The scariest thing that happened to me in that house was when I went to sleep and woke up to hear running at the foot of the stairs leading to my attic room, I heard running up the stairs, the creak of the floorboards, panting like someone was out of breath, and a voice that said “Krista”. I thought it was one of my sisters. I said “What?” Again, “Kristaaa”, and I rolled over and looked and it was a shadow of a man—not a shadow of a family member. I screamed and ran downstairs and woke up my parents and convinced my dad to give up his side of the bed and he slept in my room. He went upstairs and the next morning said he thought we may have birds in the roof because the walls pounded when he went up there. Pound your fist into a wall. Does that sound like a bird that weighs a few ounces could make that noise? After that, I started sleeping with a clock radio on and ear plugs so I wouldn’t hear anything else and I still sleep with the covers over my head. I have more stories, but it’ll cost you a shot of tequila and it can’t be near bedtime :)

  17. Profile photo of tiffany

    No ghost stories here, but I got chills reading all these stories…especially Krista’s. I’ve always wanted to go on a ghost tour. In New Orleans they have some you can do, but I was to chicken to actually go on one. I did visit a haunted theater which gave me the creeps just being there.

  18. Profile photo of suzan

    Stef- yes I really did. I remember it clear as day. I refuse to believe at such a young age I was having a reoccuring dreama about playing with strange kids. I also had no idea we even had a Christmas tree and my sisters old clothes lugged from CA up there until I was about 10 or 11 and my uncle had to go up to the attic to fix the roof or a window. Of course the door to the attic was in my room. I actually couldn’t even get up the attic steps for years because they really weren’t steps at all, more like large cubes stacked in a weird way. I don’t know the real backstory on the house. I just know that I will never stay there again and I will never buy a house I feel unsafe in. My eldest sister and I both agree that we didn’t know what it felt like to not live in a scary house and that not all houses feel like that, we didn’t know this until we lived in our own homes. Oh and Krista the kids name on the wall, I totally had a blood red spot the size of a quarter about 5 1/2 feet up my bedroom wall and not matter how many times we painted my room it ALWAYS bled through. So creepy. For the longest time I thought I was going to die before I turned 18 because that man was going to shoot me. So many strange things happened in that house, like T said the constant up and down on the step that echoed through the whole house, the basement that was like 20 feet deep, unfinished, dark and scary even the cat wouldn’t go all the way down. Krista I hear about sleeping with the covers over your head, for the longest time I slept square in the middle of my bed with my knees up so that man couldn’t grab me. I swear one time I actually grabbed his hand when he was reaching up to get me. I screamed so loud and my mom was in my room so fast, I actually threw up I got so freaked out.

  19. Profile photo of krista

    Stef–I ended up with the attic room because it creeped my brother out and he was older, so he got one on the second floor near my parents and my two younger sisters were too young to be on a totally separate floor, so I was the chosen one. Joy. I will say that on a daily basis it was more annoying than anything. If you really focus on ignoring them, that takes some of their wind out of their sails. Susan—we’re sleeping twins! I’d sleep on my stomach, the covers tucked under the mattress, knees tucked up, covers over my head, and I’d use my hands to grab them around my head so they couldn’t get tugged back (uh, yeah, that happened once and that is the one time I almost peed myself in bed since I was a kid). As for the unfinished basement, that is so effing creepy! When we we first looking to buy a house in CT, the hubby and I looked at so many homes and they had these unfinished basements, but with the washer and dryer in them. One even had a huge mound of dirt in the corner and I’m like, yeah I can see me doing my whites right next to the burial mound in the gateway to Hell…don’t think so…

  20. Profile photo of joan

    Wow!! What a topic. I have never seen so many comments. I think we should explore this more. I love to talk about this.
    T-no one but me heard or smelled anything. And yes, I felt wonderful knowing my mom was there.

  21. Profile photo of Stef Andrews
    Stef Andrews

    I agree Joan/Mom! It’s a pretty fascinating topic. And I would imagine for people like Susan and Krista, who had these intense experiences, it must be nice to know that someone understands what it’s like.

    And Krista, unfinished basements are the worst! It’s bad enough with the creepy crawlie factor, let alone passage ways to hell! The house I lived in for awhile as a kid had a coal room in the basement, that was spooky. Actually, I was kinda freaked out in the attic of that house too.

  22. Profile photo of suzan

    I can’t believe T didn’t post about the house with the couple that would fight outside the front door, you could hear the car running and yelling and screaming but nobody was around.
    It is in a stange way comforting to know it happens to other people, but at the same time, I wouldn’t wish that feeling of terror on my worst enemy.
    Krista, my house has neither a basement nor an attic. I don’t mind basements as long as they are finished. My grandparents had a coal bin too Stef but we never went in the basement because it was unfinished and creepy.

  23. Profile photo of reginamg20

    OMG! I love/hate ghost stories. I have a few of my own. Some scary and some with a family member. Which one do you wanna hear?? Oh and yes i hate basements too. Till this day, I still have nightmares of a basement, in a house i used to live in when i was younger. My dad refinished the basement and made it beautiful but it still scared the poop out of me. Nothing ever happened there, i was just always so scared of it.

  24. Profile photo of Mike

    I’ve got a couple of strange stories. I grew up in a house that was part of a very small coal mining village in SW Pennsylvania. You can stll see the remains of a tiny coal processing building from the kitchen window. Well, the house started as a duplex so that the miners could live close to work. The mines closed in the 1950s and my parents bought the duplex in 1975 and converted it into a single family home.

    I spent the first 18 years of my life in the house and playing in the surrounding area. One particular place we would play was a creek near the coal processing building remains. Now and then you would swear you saw a person standing in the woods only to find yourself alone. Once, while playing in the creek, we heard this weird thwacking noise. We discovered that it was coming from an old ceramic pipe that was a drain from the closest mine. I swear that when we got really close to the 6 inch pipe it sounded like people were talking and digging on the other end. I immediately had that “I’m not overhearing a living person, but something else” skin crawl up my neck. I still get a weird vibe when I’m near that spot.

    Inside the house I would wake up and find an old woman standing in my room or near my bed. When she knew I was awake, she would just sort of step back into the wall or shadows and fade away. I was creeped out, but I never really thought she was going to hurt me or anything.

    Lastly, Krista and I were in the living room one late summer night and it got really cold. What can only be described as a translucent shadow moved through us and when it hit the back wall it went straight up into the ceiling (into my childhood bedroom). Both of us were like, “Did you just see/feel that?” That shadow felt more malevolent and more like the feeling I had at the creek than the old woman in my bedroom.

    My parents still live there and it’s still creepy.

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