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mac sugar MAC Sugarsweet must havesI’ve got Spring Fever! My flip flops have been calling me for weeks. So imagine how excited I was for the latest MAC Launch, the Sugarsweet collection. This pastel, candy-colored line could not be more season appropriate. And the buzz around the web from some of my favorite beauty bloggers was that this was a line not to be missed. 2 weeks ago, on the first day of the launch, wht member Christy and I headed to our favorite counter to get some sweet looks for ourselves.

mac green 300x195 MAC Sugarsweet must havesBy far, the stand outs to me are 2 eye products, which surprised lip-gloss lovin’ me. But check them out, how could I resist? Aquavert eye shadow is a soft mint with white pearlized pigments. This is light and super pretty. To deepen it a bit, it looks beautiful on top of the Cakeshop shadestick. MAC describes this as frosted pewter. Really? I think it’s missing “green” somewhere in the title. These are both great alone, but together the magic really happens. And I love me some green eye shadows! Meaning, I have a gazillion. Amazingly, I own nothing like either of them (honest!) And I have to thank Karen at The Makeup and Beauty Blog for pointing out this tasty combo to me.

There are 4 other eye shadows (2 of which are permanent, including the must-have (and do) Club, which has the effect of a multi-toned dark beetle) and and 4 other shadesticks, all LE (if you can wear pinks, I strongly suggest checking out Red Velvet). This is my first shadestick. I have to be honest, the consistency takes a bit of getting used to. They’re a bit dry. But I read a tip to breath on them for about 10 seconds before you apply and it helps to make them go on a bit smoother.

As for the lipsticks, I was sure I was going to flip for Lollipop Loving, a clean mid-tone coral with subtle green with gold iridescence, as I just can’t get enough corals lately. This is a repromote from the Heatherette collection. Sadly, it made me look sickly (as confirmed by Christy’s wrinkled nose.) Sweet Thing, mid-tone magenta with multi-dimensional pearl, was heavily calling my name. But I ignored it for the moment. I’m sure I’ll go back for this one, it’s bright and fun, with all the impact of red but with a twist. There are 3 more lipsticks to choose from (Saint Germain is the pinkest pink you could ever think!)

Amazingly, the Tri Color Lipglass didn’t really grab me. I found them a bit…gimmicky. Pretty to look at but…meh. And will the colors blend eventually so that it’s just another gloss? I know what my friends are thinking “who are you and what have you done with Stef?” The only thing I can think is that the eye products were just so good in this collection that they temporarily blinded me. For complete disclosure, I didn’t even try them. But, Consume Me, clear with gold pearl that looks pink, gold and green in the tube looks to be the star of the bunch (center in the picture above). It’s sold out online already, so obviously, I’m missing something. These are all LE, so if you’re swayed, get ’em quick.

And the nail polish posse has flipped their wigs for Peppermint Patti, a creamy mint green. Sold out online already, check your stores for it, it’s worth it. EVERY artist at the store had this on (even the lone male) and it’s gorgeous. Check out how pretty it looks on Michelle over at All Lacquered Up. The Seasonal Peach is really sweet too.

Rounding out the collection you’ve got 2 MSF’s, both LE as well. So if you love that natural glow you can only get from them, you’ll be pleased. The Grand Duos MSF collection is getting most of the buzz right now, but don’t forget about these. They’re quite pretty.

How about it? Who’s craving sweets?

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  1. Profile photo of krista

    I checked out this line at the MAC store and I was so proud of myself for not buying anything! I am a green eye shadow whore, so I’m sure I have something very similar in my arsenal to the Aquavert and Cakeshop, but of course now I want them because you did such a great job talking about them, Stef. Danggit! Must…stay…strong…

  2. Profile photo of Stef Andrews
    Stef Andrews

    Totally Kate! I have aquavert and cakeshop on today with a liquid black liner and super pink lips and cheeks. Very cute, if I must say so myself!

    Krista, Mike’s gonna be mad at me! All this shopping temptation I’ve been giving you…(youknowyouneedit)

  3. Profile photo of Tyna Werner
    Tyna Werner

    I heard about the run on the Peppermint Patti nail polish, but I think I like the Seasonal Peach even more. The green might not be so good with my complexion, but that peach is just right! A perfect spring/summer color and best of all colors like that seem to not make chips as noticeable. Because whenever I shell out for a nice manicure, you can bet I’ll chip it within two days.

    I’m intrigued by the aquavert – I think it’s the perfect shade to make my light blue eyes look green. I may need to do some shopping this weekend for new spring colors!

  4. Profile photo of Cori

    I love those green colors. I need to get in the spring mood. It’s hard to do when it is still in the 40’s and snow mixes still in the forecast though :( Maybe if I purchase some of those eye shadows…..muahahaha

  5. Profile photo of suzan

    Oh my goodness, Stef Mac should hire you. You are like a writer for the J. Petterman Catalog!
    T- I bought the Peach polish, I’ll try to remember to bring it with me in TWO WEEKS!!!!
    My MAC counter didn’t have those cupcakes in the display, in fact they really didn’t promote the new stuff that well at all it was kind of just there so lucky girl I am, I got the shadows. Stef, don’t be upset about the glosses, yes they blend after 1/2 hour into one color. I’m not sure if it’s what they had to put in to keep them seperated in the tube, but I don’t like the texture.

  6. Profile photo of christy

    Oh this collection is dreamy! I had to practice self control not to get more! I am loving my Dear Cupcake and Stars N’ Rockets shadows. So pretty alone and together. If you are at all a fan of pink shadows go check these out before they are gone!

    And I also go the Sweet Thing Lipstick: (Mid-tone magenta with multi-dimensional pearl Lustre)

    It is so pretty. It goes on really light and leaves a nice shade, a little more than a hint of color, but not heavy at all. Maybe it’s my addiction to cupcakes that drew me in, the colors do conjure up dreams of buttercream pastel frosting! Whatever it was that lured me in, I am so glad I went with Stef that day! & I am wishing now that I had tried a shadestick. Those greens are so pretty! Ahhhhhhhh I must practice self control ;)

    & Stef I’m with Susan, MAC should hire you :)

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