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snakeskinb Weekly love list   accessoriesStef loves: accessories, and is needing some new ones desperately! I recently signed up for the Bergdorf Goodman emails. I blame this for my jonesing. Nearly every day images flood my inbox of bags and shoes I can’t afford. Snakeskin seems to be very big for Spring, like the Carlos Falchi shown in the picture. When I get a spare $2,650, I’m so getting it! A bit more affordable are these Theory Wedges. Peanuts compared to the bag! But here’s the absolute truth, I can’t buy either of these items (and if I ever even could spend that much on a purse, and did, my hubby’s head would explode) So a quick search for “snakeskin” on Etsy and I discovered Unearthed, a “unapologetically luxurious” shop of leather goods. I can and will buy this Lavender Whipsnake Silver Cuff shown in the picture. For practically FREE (40 bucks) I satisfy my spring accessory, bright color and snakeskin craving. (And because the leather used is by-product, I know T won’t yell at me either!)

Tyna loves: scolding Stef! Heh – just kidding. I’m loving a couple of items from Benefit Cosmetics that make for an easy, polished Springy look for the daytime. I know Spring is all about color but I’m a more of a natural look girl. The Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liners%name Weekly love list   accessories are my new favorites. They have a beautiful range of colors, are soo blendable, are super easy to apply with either a brush or your fingers and they last all day. I love to use birthday suit (a warm nude with some shimmer) as an all over base with a teeny smidge of skinny jeans (a shimmery pewter) along the lash line. Then to get me even more in the Spring spirit, I need a fresh blush and I’ve fallen hard for CORALista.%name Weekly love list   accessories The color is a subtler, more wearable version of Nars Orgasm (which always looked garish on me). This pinkish/coral blush is also completely blendable and layerable and comes boxed with a portable brush. I’ve also discovered a lipstick (!) that I love; the LE Spring 09 Full-Finish Lipstick in Lady’s Choice%name Weekly love list   accessories (a pinkish nude). It’s been years since I’ve worn lipsticks, but these are so soft, shiny and natural, they won me over. A quick coat of mascara and Tada! – a soft and pretty spring look.

Bonus: Check out the LE lipstick and two creaseless eye shadow/liners, included in the Benefit Cosmetics Girl’s Night In! Value Set.%name Weekly love list   accessories

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    Stef Andrews

    A little back story to Joan/Mom’s comment. My Dad goes to China at least once a year on business and comes back with a load of lovely “in the style of” bags…

    Agreed, tell Rick to get to China soon! His daughter needs purses.

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    A little piece of me died when my friend left Korea…”designer inspired” is the best.
    I second the motion on the Coralista. My skin is uber fair and after my interaction with the Nars version I was NOT excited about all the coral blush for spring. This color is knock your socks off gorgeous and I am always complimented on my glow while wearing it. Fantastic, and worth every penny since my toddler has attacked it several times and still hasn’t found the bottom of the pan. There’s a LOT of quality color in there.

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    Coralista is on my wishlist right now. I freaking LOVE Benefit. I’m a blush whore and their Dandelion, Georgia, and Dallas really are nice for extending the wear of cream blush and I imagine the Coralista will be joining the ranks of my must haves. Y’all need to pick up some Maybe Baby while you’re at it because it is my favorite scent for Spring–it is so girly and soft smelling. I heart you, Benefit!
    Stef—I am so not a purple snake skin cuff girl, but now I want to be…

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    Oh Krista Me too!! Benefit is amazing, their packaging alone sells me, thankfully their product is just as amazing as their packaging! I must have CORALista.! Every single Benefit product I have tried I have LOVED. Boo boo zap is the best zit zapper in the land!

    oooo & That purple snake cuff is gorgeous!

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