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choffyad CHOFFY Brewed Chocolate reviewThere are few things that I enjoy more than a great cup of coffee. I’m one of those people that can’t begin my day without a steaming cup. I love the smell of fresh beans; I salivate at the scent of coffee filling my house as it brews and can’t wait to get that first cup inside of me. Which could be a problem. I know that my body has become addicted to caffeine. I start to feel out of sorts and headachy if I skip my usual dose. What started as a morning routine has turned into an unhealthy necessity. I tried a few alternatives, like various teas and juices, but nothing did the trick. What’s a girl to do?

We heart this member, Christina, has supplied an answer, by introducing us to the wonders of Choffy. You know how I said there are few things I love more than coffee? Well, number one on that list before coffee is chocolate, and Choffy, made of brewed cocoa beans, is the perfect solution! Mmmm, brewed cacoa beans. Need a little more information? “Choffy is brewed chocolate. It is made from the finest organic cacão (cocoa) beans, roasted and ground for a rich full flavored drink. While it brews like coffee and supplies you with long lasting energy, Choffy promotes whole body wellness without the negative effects found in other drinks. Naturally loaded with antioxidants and a taste that will make you wonder how you ever did without it, Choffy is poised to make a dramatic entrance into your routine.”

Sounds good so far; a warm, hearty, organic drink for my mornings that supplies me with long lasting energy. Must mean there’s a lot of caffeine in it right? Nope, “Choffy is 100% organic cacão with no additional additives or chemicals. A typical sample of cacão beans will yield anywhere from zero caffeine to 1,000 parts per million of caffeine (less than 1/20th of the caffeine present in coffee).” So, how will my morning Choffy energize me with out caffeine? The answer lies in Theobromine, a natural stimulant found cacoa beans. Caffeine and Theobromine “are related and have similar structures, but are very different chemicals with different properties, effects and origins.” For instance, the stimulating effects of Theobromine are more gentle and mild than caffeine, and that gentle kick has a slower onset and lasts longer than the quick caffeine high. Additionally, Theobromine will not your increase stress level and it stimulates cardiovascular and muscular system! To top it all off, this wonder drink is not addictive, so you can enjoy as much as you like.

All right, here’s the important part – the taste. I found Choffy to be a rich and luxurious drink that Stef and I have been labeled our “fancy hot chocolate.” We tested the Nicaraguan Medium Roast and I found it yummy, sweet, and satisfying, but with an elegance and richness to it that makes it stand above the typical hot coco drinks. I think the brewing process adds to that extra level of flavor. Choffy can be made just like coffee using a standard coffee maker, a French press or even an expresso machine. I love the idea of serving Choffy with dessert (or as your dessert) at a dinner party. A splash of a flavored creamer or a dollop of whipped cream or even a shot of liquor can only add to your yummy and distinctive drink.

You can find more information at their website that is chock full of facts and fun all about Choffy. And, of course, you can order your own bag of sunshine directly from the site as well.

Review team – have any of you discovered a cure for your coffee addiction? Let us know your thoughts of Choffy!

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Written by Tyna Werner


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    Stef Andrews

    Yum, yum, YUM! Choffy is delicious. It has a slightly bitter, dark chocolate kind of taste to it that I adored. It’s really rich and an amazing treat. This is miles away from Swiss Miss! I made mine on the weekend and drank it while I did “weekendy” kind of stuff and it made for a luxurious and decadent start to the day. Chocolate lovers, this is a must buy.

  2. Profile photo of joan

    I LOVE coffee!! I find it hard to believe that anything could take the place of my 10 cups a day. You guys are saying that I could replace all or some of it with Choffy? I guess I’ll have to try some.

  3. Profile photo of Tyna Werner
    Tyna Werner

    Yep! All the fun benefits of coffee without the guilt! Oh, and it tastes like chocolate!

    I loved my Choffy, I didn’t miss my normal highly caffinated drinks when I tested the Choffy. Like Stef I tried it on a weekend and felt full of energy all day long. It’s very tasty and if you like dark chocolate, you’ll love this drink. Plus, it’s all natural and organic – just in time for earth day!

  4. Profile photo of Cori

    I still don’t know about this. I like chocolate but I’m not a chocoholic…. But I am a coffholic. is the consistency like coffee or is it more like a hot chocolate? I have to be in the mood for hot chocolate but with coffee I can drink at anytime. I guess I’ll just have to try it and find out huh?

  5. Profile photo of cjdickerson

    the consistency is not at all like hot chocolate because it is brewed, and contains no sugar. that is why i love it so much! i can’t stomach all the sugar in hot chocolate, but Choffy is pure cacao, so you can add your own sugar or cream or nothing, just like coffee, and make it just how you like it.

  6. Profile photo of krista

    Okay, so I ended up saving this item for an after dinner drink when my bff came over to watch the new “Grey Gardens”. It was “Choffy for Two”. I know, I was really reaching for that one. In any case, I brewed up the medium roast and the whole time, Nicole and I were huffing the coffee maker. It smelled like coffee, but with a hint of chocolate. I think this was the best part of trying this product. I want a Choffy scented candle now. Make it happen, Choffy people :)
    Taste testing time. We tried it “black” (it looked more red wineish, but whatever). Black was a no go. We added some packets of Splenda. Three packets seemed like the magic number. It needed a little bit of milk, so we added a little bit of skim. Observations: the Choffy resembled a dark chocolate hot cocoa, but warmish. Weird, but Choffy doesn’t retain heat like coffee, so drink it quick, peeps. Also, it’s not for everybody. Nicole and I are not coffee drinkers, but I enjoyed it and her, not so much. I like that it didn’t taste as bitter as coffee, it had that hint of dark chocolate (my addiction), and afterwards, I felt a little bit more awake, but not crazy jittery like I get if I drink some java. Overall, I would definitely recommend it if you love chocolate. I mean, come on, it’s BREWED CHOCOLATE. You’ve got to love that…

  7. Profile photo of candydarling

    While being brewed, Choffy smelled heavenly. It poured a bit lighter in color and texture then I expected. I first tried it “au natural” and I immediately tasted the bitterness equivalent to coffee. But once Splenda and skim were added, this tasted like a much richer hot chocolate. Or should I say lukewarm chocolate. It did cool rather quickly like Krista said but we agreed that it would make a great iced drink with some whipped topping. If you are a chocolate fanatic, I think this drink’s for you. If you aren’t, sit this one out.

  8. Profile photo of christy

    I am a chocolate and coffee fiend, so this was a welcome thing to test for me! The best of both worlds. As it brewed it smelled AMAZING! And I have to agree to the comparison, it is like a rich hot chocolate, but I would say it’s like the grown up version of hot chocolate. I had to add my sugar and half and half, as I do with my coffee and it just made it divine! Sweet, and rich but not overpowering. I think Iced this would be awesome too. If you love chocolate, this is definitely a MUST try. It has all you love in chocolate with the illusion of coffee. Minus all the coffee negatives, jitters, crash and burn etc. I am ordering more for sure. & this is on my list as a must for Christmas gifts for my chocolate and coffee loving friends. 5 very satisfied stars from me! Yummmmmmmmmm!!!!!!

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