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This week we love: The Orla Kiely line at Target! All right, we may be a bit behind on this post, but we’ve been drooling over this line ever since Apartment Therapy posted the first images of products from the merging of these two style giants. Orla’s happy, modern-kitsch style at Target’s quality and price? I am so there!

As expected, the demand for these items was huge and the Orla Kiely line was an instant hit. The merchandise flew off the shelves faster than they could be stocked and were not available online. This left some shoppers disappointed, others reveling in their victory in the aisles and it created a whole new market on eBay. I was unable to find any dinnerware or serving pieces at my local Hollywood Target (all those hipsters cleaned the joint out the first day!) but I managed to snag two of the last brown flowered milk crate/totes for organizing (that’s one in top left picture holding the odds and ends that used to litter my desk).

I am a very lucky girl because my sister, Susan, understands the depth of my obsession and was kind enough to stalk her local suburban Targets for some prime pieces. I received a fabulous package full of Orla goodness like the multi flower orange serving bowl, the medium sized stoneware canister and a variety of tumblers. The pieces add so much color and spark to my kitchen and they look great mixed in with authentic retro pieces (like using my tumblers when serving from my vintage turquoise striped pitcher – see bottom right pic). Just this week, Susan called from yet another suburban target in central Pennsylvania where she was able to pick up some matching towels and cute little towel holders to complete my kitchen! What an awesome sister, huh?

The moral of the story is to check all your local Targets for any Orla Kiely pieces. They are still out there and you never know just what you may find (and if you hit the mother lode, you can thank me by sending some my way!) So, we heart this readers, am I the only one that has been going out of their way to lay their hands on this exclusive Target line? Has anyone added some affordable and adorable Orla Kiely style to their home?

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Written by Tyna Werner


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    Don’t tell T, but I just bought the shoe organizer on clearance for $4.97, it retails for $14.99. If anyone has something they are dying to find, write on my wire, I’ll see if I can find it for you at my local Targets, I have 3. I can tell you right now that I have yet to see the coveted vase everyone is looking for. I know we still have the canisters all three sizes as well as plates, bowls and glasses.

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    Tyna Werner

    Half price Elli? What a great deal! Lucky girl.

    I’ve heard rumors that target is releasing more Orla pieces soon, but can’t find anything online to substantiate that information. I’ll keep you all posted. Oh and if anyone find the cake server, let me know. I need it!

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