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Sigh…Molton Brown, how I heart thee! What is it about this line that has me so down right love struck? There are two big points sure to make my heart flutter; they’re British and they’re gorgeous, both the products themselves and the packaging surrounding them. Gets me every time! The Molton Brown boutique at South Coast Plaza is a beautiful representation of the line. Every time I enter it, I feel like I’m transported to some luxurious haven, with the store’s manager, Cody Kay, leading the way. It’s always a joy to see him and his staff. They’re friendly and very knowledgeable of the brand, so whether you’re already a fan or looking to be introduced to the line, you know you’re in good hands. Molton Brown is always on my itinerary when I plan a trip to South Coast Plaza.

On this visit we were introduced to the new body therapies range, a really exciting addition to the line. These are problem solving products aimed at parts of life that most take a toll on how you look and feel. Travel, juggling family and work, stress, fatigue: just some of the things that can dull not only your mind, but your body. As Cody started talking about what the 4 distinct families and 17 products combated, it felt like everything was made specifically for me (and I have a feeling a lot of you will feel the same). The families are…

Five products to protect and comfort dry, sensitive and over-exposed skin. Use when your skin is irritable and grouchy (which in turn, makes you the same). Drought resistant desert plant extracts blended with myrrh and lotus give your skin some extra love and care. I was especially attracted to the Desert Bloom intensive hand cream which is serious care for dry hands, nails and cuticles.

Who doesn’t need to relax a bit? These five products work to combat the tension, stress and fatigue that come from the strains of a hectic life. Use these, with key ingredients like Bora Bora sand, warming ocean salts and gardenia blossoms, and forget all about your hard day. I love the Atoll crystal bath soak. Not only do the turquoise crystals look beautiful, they smell amazing with extracts of violet, gardenia and patchouli.

These three products are designed for the times when your skin looks dull, rough and all around neglected. Pamper it with Ambrusca grape-leaf from the Ardèche region of France (packed in to everything in this range) and you’ll glow again in no time. Scrub junkie that I am, the Ambrusca body wash & polish has my name all over it (and smells absolutely intoxicating, I might add).

A stressful life can cause this necessity to elude you. Personally, I have a hard time turning my brain to the off position when I lay down. So it’s no wonder that this family spoke loudest to me. All four products contain cedrus tree oil from the Moroccan Atlas mountains and help settle the mind before bed and help the body drift into a restful sleep. I purchased the Cedrus room-aroma rocks. Natural ‘rocks’ of acacia tree sap are drenched with cedrus, sweet Florida orange and Bulgarian lavender oils. Simply open the box and allow the aroma to lull you to sleep, and close the box again in the morning when you awake refreshed.

So no matter what area of your life needs some extra help, Molton Brown’s potent body therapies are here to assist. In the gorgeous, pampering way that is theirs alone.

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    I could go bankrupt in Molton Brown. I had minor exposure to the line prior to our SCP trip, but nothing had really sent my heart a flutter. Enter Cody and his fab team and the fantastic body therapies line.
    I made a few purchases and received a few goodies. We all know that baths can instantly destress you and give you a not a care in the world feeling, I never really felt that way about a shower. Showers are a get in shampoo, condition, shave, wash maybe exfoliate kind of event that I have down to 10 mins max. Molton Browns Ambrusca body wash & polish has changed my not relaxing just go to get clean mind set. This stuff is amazing from the scent, to the awesome slide top (no more lost caps in the shower or hand pumps that slip out of your hands) to the gentle but big yummy scrubbies. My skin has never looked so pretty and felt so soft. The generous size scrub beads aren’t to harsh for everyday use and even though it’s a scrub, it doesn’t dry out skin. It also doesn’t make your shower a death trap like a sugar scrub. Thank goodness we have a Molton Brown near us so I can buy more. I also am in love with the Heavenly Ginger moisture bath and shower.

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    Stef Andrews

    I hear you Susan! I’ve never met a Molton Brown product I didn’t like. And when you get to check out a store, and sniff and sample all the deliciousness, it gets a bit out of control.

    In addition to the Cedrus aroma-rocks, I also bought the Shining Starbloom detangler. Wow, do I love this! It’s a milky cream you spray on your hair that detangles in a flash and really conditions your hair. It also has sunscreen so it protects your color. Totally addicted to this.

    And I agree with Susan, the Heavenly Gingerlily bath gel is wonderful!

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    Tyna Werner

    Another big fan of everything Molton Brown! I discovered this line at good old SCP and now, like Stef, it’s a must stop whenever I’m there. Check them out outline too – everything is good!

    I purchased the Ambrusca body wash & polish as well and it is simply divine. First, as mentioned is the genius slid top – makes for easy use in the shower and you’ll never have to search for the lid. The scrub has generously sized granules that smooth away dry skin. And the scent is heavenly – lingers on the skin all day long and I can’t help but sniff myself whenever I catch a whiff – hee, that sounds weird, but it’s very therapeutic!

    Oh another great thing about the Ambrusca scrub is that it is a soap as well. It cleanses the skin too! So it cuts down on shower time and saves me time and water in the morning.

    I also tested Stef’s Shining Starbloom detangler on my knotty hair and was completely jealous I didn’t have a bottle of my own. Love the creaminess of the spray – it smooths and shines even the most damaged hair (I need a trim desperately).

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    Anyone that knows me is well aware that I love any product that has eucalyptus in some form in it. I fell real hard for Molton Brown’s warming eucalyptus & ginger body scrub last year. It actually has a warming affect as you exfoliate in the shower. Their eucalyptus oil is distilled from the leaves of the native Australian tree and is said to have antiseptic/ antibacterial and anti-viral qualities. It will calm your senses and even relax your tired overworked muscles. I love the way it instantly reduces any fatigue while lifting your spirits. Does anyone have the same results? It is also a great way to lose that flaky skin too!

  5. Profile photo of christy

    I have yet to try Molton Brown & have been hearing forever how amazing it is.. I think this post just sent me over the edge.. it’s time to try it out! I wish I had the Unwind bath soak right now! I’m going to their site ASAP!! :)

  6. Profile photo of winnie

    This was a beautiful store! all the scents were incredible and the staff was amazing. I had never been to a Molton Brown store before and it was a nice change from the usual. The candles alone can be a store.

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