Whole Lot of Web Love – Sling.com Rewatch of Beverly Hills, 90210

bh90210 300x269 Whole Lot of Web Love   Sling.com Rewatch of Beverly Hills, 90210Lately, I have been anxiously waiting for the nest installment of Sling’s Rewatch of Beverly Hills, 90210. One of my internet heroes, Tara Ariano (co-founder of Television without Pity, Fametraker, Hissyfit and much more) has started recapping season 1 of the original (meaning good) 90210 and her entertaining reviews are becoming a highlight of my week. I truly believe Tara and her gang of writers brought the word “snarky” into vogue with their pop cultured obsessed musings and rants. It’s so much fun to read her voice on one of the Best Television Shows Ever during its heyday (duh – the Brenda years). Don’t get me started on the remake.

Besides the lively and hilarious recaps of the drama and relationships surrounding the West Beverly High teens, we also get screen caps of the action and some great looks at stunning hair and fashion horrors that just may haunt your nightmares. The sampling of terrors above is courtesy of the rewatch recaps. Let’s just say, you could spend a lot of time marveling at early 90’s fashion in general and the choices made by the stylist on this series specifically (at least for the first season or two, then I’m sure all fashion atrocities were made with the actors approval).

Best of all, you can watch each episode as you read along. Free, full episodes are viewable by clicking the video at the top of each post. So far, we’re up to episode 9 – the one when Brenda and Dylan finally get together! Feel free to fast-forward through any boring parental conversations or scenes with Andrea in the newspaper room. Enjoy!

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Written by Tyna Werner


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    Heh – back near Christmas seasons 1 & 2 were $15 at Target. No buyer’s remorse there. But some of the clothes are especially bad. Especially Brenda. In Seasons 3 & 4 she gets much prettier, grows her hair out, wears blush and doesn’t suck so bad!

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    I will have to check out the 90210 episode recaps along with the shows. I loved that show! Watched every season.

    I just showed my son his first Gillian’s Island episode thanks to sling.com. I saw they also have Different Strokes and Facts of Life. There are a ton of great old shows to watch. Melrose is on there too.

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    Stef Andrews

    Ok, I haven’t watched these yet but the fashion alone in the above grouping is making me laugh! The bottom right pic of Donna with that asymmetrical belly shirt and top left of Kelly wearing what looks to be clown pants-love it!

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