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My friends, I have spied the most beautiful pair of heels in all the land – Christian Louboutin’s new jeweled platform slingbacks. That’s right bitches, I said jeweled. Sorry, there’s no need to swear. But I’ll tell you, these shoes have me all worked up! I mean, look at them. Those are multi-colored jewels all over them. They’ve got Louboutin’s signature red sole, contrasting that gorgeous blue metallic leather. They’re covered platforms, they’ve got a peep toe, they’re made in Italy, for crying out loud! Yes Italy, the one in Europe. Now if someone can just send me $2,830, I’ll be all set. Or just the shoes themselves, that would work too. I wear an 8. Mailing address is on our contact page. Thanks in advance!

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    I WANT THEM NOW! These are the kind of shoes I would sell my body and soul on an Italian street corner for, if it meant I could have them immediately in my hot little hands… or rather on my feet.

    I wonder who will be my hero and make a knock-off pair (that won’t be quite as cute or nearly as comfortable) for a price that is not 4 figures long…

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    Ok if I sold all my company stock, donated blood and eggs, sold all my purses on eBay and didn’t make my car payment for two months these could be all mine :)….. I’m only kidding, I’d only skip one car payment!

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