Laura Geller Eye and Lip Spackle reviews

gellerb Laura Geller Eye and Lip Spackle reviews

For any good paint job, prepping is key. You need to prime and you need to invest in quality brushes. It’s the same for walls as it is for your face. Personally, I happen to hate painting walls. But my face? A whole different story. I look forward to painting it every day! And Laura Geller%name Laura Geller Eye and Lip Spackle reviews thinks there’s even one more trick that woman can borrow from painting 101. For a truly flawless job, before priming, she also recommends a good spackle. And I’m telling you, if Laura Geller recommends something, we should listen!

You see, Laura is one of the queen’s of QVC. In fact, her line is the second best selling cosmetic line at QVC and has just celebrated its ten-year anniversary of being on the channel. It’s easy to see why; she’s both extremely likable and knowledgeable. Millions of women trust in her for simple, multi-functional, easy-to-use beauty solutions. Purchasing a product from her line comes with the added bonus of pretty much knowing, this product works. Our review team was lucky to get to try two spackles from her line of five formulas.

Their Eye Spackle%name Laura Geller Eye and Lip Spackle reviews is a fixative for shadows and blocks out any kind of eyelid discoloration. Imagine creating a clean slate, an even base. It’s also gives your shadow something to cling to, which allows it to both apply better and last longer, while cutting the dreaded creasing off at the path. It even provides broad spectrum sun protection. Read the comments for my detailed thoughts about this miracle in a pot, but here’s a hint: I think this may just be my favorite prep product that I have ever used!

The Lip Spackle%name Laura Geller Eye and Lip Spackle reviews took a bit more getting used to, but once I did, I was very pleased with the results. Like the eye spackle, this is a fixative product. Again, creating a smooth canvas for smudge proof lip color and providing broad spectrum sun protection. In addition, it provides a bit of moisture and conditions. (Really is there anything worse than lipstick on dry lips?) And most exciting to me, it prevents feathering and bleeding. If you’re a bright lipstick wearer like me, you know feathering can ruin your look quicker than anything.

What about you Review Team? Were Laura Geller’s spackles so good that you started thinking about drop cloths and sponge rollers too?

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    Stef Andrews

    As I mentioned, the Eye Spackle is probably my favorite prep product EVER! I know there’s a lot of Primer Potion devotees out there, but I’m telling you-I like this way better. Primer Potion does a great job with longevity, your shadow really sticks. So does the Eye Spackle. But what the Spackle does that PP does not, is act as a concealer as well. This totally smooths out your lids, covering discolorations, I have dark hollows on my eyes and tiny little veins (lovely!) and this covers them right up. In fact, it makes your eyes look so pretty that some days I even skip shadow! And it’s not heavy at all, it doesn’t cake or crease. LOVE THIS.

    The Lip Spackle took some work for me to get used to. It is conditioning, so it feels nice on the lips. But, it’s a concealer too, so it also makes you look like the walking dead. Now, for nude lips (which I wear often) it’s perfect. The lipstick clings forever, double the wear time. But for any other shade, I like my natural lip tone to show through, so I wasn’t liking it. What really did work for me (and the reason I’m giving both of these products 5 stars) was when I discovered I could use a concealer brush and paint this on the outside edge of my lips to act as a barrier for the color (no feathering, at all!) and to fill in the lovely lil’ lines I’m getting around my lips. You could also do this with a finger, but I love my concealer brush for precise application.

    Both of these products are amazing!

  2. Profile photo of Cori

    I got to try the Eye Spackle and I love this product! I have dark eyelids and I love to wear bright eye shadow, and theses two don’t mix well. Before the Eye Spackle, I was caking on my eye shadow so that the color could be seen. But with this product, I can just do two sweeps across my eyelid and see the color! It’s amazing! And like Stef said, it doesn’t cake up or leave creases throughout the day. I put it underneath my eye as well and it keeps my eyeliner on longer. It also works like a concealer on the dark circles under my eyes. I’m going to be so sad when I run out of this little beauty. I have had it for 2 months now and it still is pretty full, so it last a long time which I’m super happy about!

  3. Profile photo of krista

    Okay, let me start off by saying that I typically love Laura Geller products. I usually don’t even wear primer, but when I do, it’s probably Laura Geller’s original Spackle because it’s oil free. However, the lip and eye spackles didn’t do it for me. I will say that the eye spackle was a nice concealer-type product–it helped conceal under eye circles and eye lid darkness, however, it seemed to melt the eye shadow I put on my lids and it dissolved my mascara and eyeliner in record time. I will note that I have oily eye lids, so maybe this works better on people with dryer eye lids? I just know that it was fine on it’s own for a no makeup look, but I can forget putting anything on top of it. The lip spackle had its good points–it was good for keeping lip color inside the line, but it didn’t make it last any longer. Also, it didn’t moisturize my lips and it made them feel dryer and cakey. My lips are usually on the dry side, so maybe that’s why I had no luck with that product? Everyone else seems to love both of these, so maybe you should test them out at your friendly neighborhood Sephora first(and pick up some of her Blush-n-Brighten while you’re there). :)

  4. Profile photo of brooklynshoebabe

    I really really really wanted to like the Laura Geller Lip Spackle because I had heard so much about it on QVC. Well, first, I’m making it sound like it isn’t a good product. It is a very good product, but it didn’t work for me because it was too light for my skintone, and I was blending until my ring finger fell off! It did fill in the fine lines on my lips and around my lips. It did prevent feathering. I just wish I didn’t have to put powder around my mouth to cover up the lightness of the spackle.

  5. Profile photo of suzan

    I received the eye spackle as well. Like many I am a primer potion fanatic however I have recently come across some products that give it a run for it’s money. This may be at the top of my list because just like stef and cori mentioned, it also works as a conceler and on more days then I care to count, I just can’t be bothered doing more then needed in order for me to get to work on time. This also, in my opinion has better staying power, less creasing and you can easily use every last bit of product!

  6. Profile photo of Tyna Werner
    Tyna Werner

    I didn’t test a spackle, but wow – two great suggestions from the ladies at wht! Stef, how clever to apply the lip spackle in a thin line around your lips. You are S-M-R-T! And Krista, you should try this technique – I bet you would be pleased with results.

    Rakisha brings up a great point in wanting a few shades to choose from. I’ve noticed a lot of the recently popular eye brighteners, skin brighteners, etc. only come in one shade. I’m almost goth pale, but if I get some sun in the summer, a lot of my under eye products are too blindingly obvious to use. It’s like football player sun glare paint in reverse! A couple of different hues would make sense.
    .-= tyna´s last blog ..Laura Geller Eye and Lip Spackle reviews =-.

  7. Profile photo of kate2004rock

    Let me just tell you, this spackle is some serious stuff. I am one of the aforementioned Urban Decay Primer Potion. I use that day in and day out. But I do have both of Laura Geller’s lip and eye spackles. I have only tried the lip spackle a couple of times…once I wore it under a sheer lipstick (NARS Barbarella)when I was in a wedding last summer and it stayed on for HOURS. The eye spackle is good too. The only reason I wouldn’t use it every day is because it is so opaque…you have to wear some serious color on top of it so you don’t look like a ghost. I go pretty sheer day-to-day so its only for special occassions.

  8. Profile photo of tiffany

    I tested the Lip Spackle and was a little turned off because of the color. It does look exactly like concealer. It does a fantastic job of keeping your lipstick in place, but also changes the color of your lipstick to a much lighter shade. Like Katie suggested, you have to wear a really serious color on top of this stuff. I do wear it under some of my darker colors and really like the way it tames them. With a little tweaking this product could be amazing. It works well, but has a serious color flaw.

  9. Profile photo of candydarling

    I tried both the lip and eye spackle. The lip spackle was a bit drying on my lips but I fixed that with applying a bit of balm first. I honestly didn’t notice much of a difference when using it. It didn’t seem to make my lip color last any longer or really change the appearance on my lip color. Then again, I don’t generally have those problems when using lipstick. I am fine with reapplying so I just don’t think this was a product I would need in my repertoire.
    I do need to use an eye primer though. I always had problems with keeping eye makeup on as my lids tend to get a bit oily as the day goes on and my shadow disappears. This eye spackle is not the product for me. My skin tone is very light so the color was a non factor. It disappeared into my skin. I tried this with both dry and wet shadow with the same results. A couple of hours in, my shadow disappeared and caked into the creases. Perhaps if you have drier eyes than I this will work for you. For now, I will not be using Ms. Geller’s spackles but I will never give up on her beautiful baked blushes.

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