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vedab 217x300 vedaMAMA Purify cream reviewvedaPURE is one of those companies that inspires me to make healthier choices in my beauty routine. Every aspect makes me believe in it. Why? Take the name, veda – the Sanskrit word for knowledge. Or the founder, Natalie Geary – a pediatrician and graduate of Harvard College and Johns Hopkins who integrates natural and ayurvedic principles into a modern approach. She developed the line for her patients seeking “simply natural and honestly pure skincare.” But mostly, take a look at the products themselves. They are loaded with healthy ingredients specifically chosen for their individual benefits and the desired result (as you’ll see on their detailed ingredient list.)

Their lines cover every member of the family; vedaBABY is 8 products to gently care for your lil’ bundle of joy, vedaDUDE has 4 products for the man of the house and even a vedaRX division that naturally deals with everything from decongestion to dry scalp relief.

We got to sample from the vedaMAMA line; 10 products to cover every woman’s needs. We received Purify, a detoxifying body cream. It’s a rich and fragrant cream that contains a detoxifying essential oil blend to gently remove the impurities while you sleep (which you then wash away in the morning shower). Key ingredients such as Green Tea Extract, Jojoba, Mango Butter and Rosemary Extract reinvigorates and restores elasticity and provide the essential elements for healthy skin. My thoughts? The smell is intoxicatingly fresh and I felt it takes your skin to a new level of softness.

Review Team, what did you think? Did vedaMAMA Purify leave you feeling like a natural woman?


(And good news…I found this normally $75 cream for $34 at

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Written by stef


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    Okay, so when I first saw this cream, I was like, okay, I’m not a Mama, but sure, why not? I wasn’t sure if this was a body cream or a face cream when I first received this, but after looking up the product online, It says it’s for body, but after seeing the ingredients, I thought why not try this on my face? The jar isn’t very big, only 3 oz. for $75 (or cheaper if you use the link provided by Stef), so if you use it as a body cream it’s not going to last very long. I was pleasantly surprised with how my face handled this cream. It really conditioned my skin, didn’t break me out, and any blemishes I had before I used it healed up quickly and didn’t leave any red marks behind. I ended up with soft, smooth skin. Best of all, it only took a pea-sized amount to cover my face and neck, so the jar will last a while. So, I’d recommend that you buy this body cream, but give it a try on your face. You might be as pleasantly surprised as I was.

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    Krista, me too! I thought the same thing, because the jar is small I thought there’s no way I won’t use this up way too fast if I use it as a body cream, so I tried it on my face and hands. I tried the Purify Creme.
    It says it is best to use at night as it draws out impurities to be rinsed away in the AM. And like Krista, my face was VERY smooth the next day. It looked nice and “clean” and any little dry area was nice and quenched. The cream smells nice, goes on like butter. Your skin drinks it up right away. Very high quality. I will say for the price I would hope for a bigger jar.

    Some of the baby products are less expensive, and I am really interested in trying the VedaRX line.

    All natural remedies for congestion, and ear infections.
    As well as an arnica based rub for bruises etc.

    The RX line is really priced well, I think I’m going to have to give them a go. I’ll report back when I do.

    Overall I would say the VedaMama Purify is a nice splurge that your skin will delight in.

    They also have a fabulous blog with some great health and nutrition tips. 5 stars from me!

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    Tyna Werner

    Ha, I’m the exact opposite – I read on the little pink card that this thick cream could be used on face and body. But I was afraid it would be too rich for my skin, especially during the summer months. But after reading Krista and Christy’s reviews, I may have to try it as an overnight face cream.

    I’m sure one reason it can be used on the face without worries of a break out is the green tea factor. Upon opening the jar, I could smell a soft, almost tea tree oil like scent and the number one ingredient listed is green tea extract. There’s nothing like teas of any variety to be both soothing and medicinal all at once. I concentrated on using the Purify on my poor dry hands (which have never seemed to have recovered from the dry winter this year). I’ve used just a medium sized dab of this cream on my hands before bed and then rinsing in the shower every morning. Now, I couldn’t see dead skin sloughing off, but my hands have been making a vast improvement! After a few nights of use, my skin is much softer and the red and extra dry spots have almost disappeared. Good stuff! Packaging, as mentioned, the size could be larger for the price and I have a wonky lid that makes it hard to screw back into place. The quality of the cream offsets that a whole lot! I think that anything from the vedaMama or vedaBaby line would make such an appreciated (and used) baby shower/new baby gift.
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    I had a wonky lid, too, Tyna! I definitely agree with Christy that it is a night cream. Your face may seem greasy when you put it on, but when you wake up and first wash your face, WOW does it look great. The jar just needs to be a lot bigger :)

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