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crescentrow Benefit Crescent Row perfume collectionI received the most intriguing package the other day from the lovely Erin at Benefit. A box with 3 very tiny and very fabulous doors on the front and a note asking which girl I most identified with. Miniature ladies inside? No, testers of their new perfume collection Crescent Row%name Benefit Crescent Row perfume collection. But they do such a wonderful job of describing the women who would wear these 3 scents that I can practically see who lives behind each door.

This collection was inspired by Jean’s daughters, Maggie and Annie, who discovered The Royal Crescent, an incredible half circle shaped road of 30 houses and flats in Bath, England. The 3 fragrances belong to 3 very different women who are imagined to live on the crescent. The scents can be described as the women themselves; flirty, screamingly feminine with a retro flair (the bottle is based on a vintage cocktail shaker that Benefit founders Jean and Jane’s great great Aunt Ruth owned).

First up is something about Sofia%name Benefit Crescent Row perfume collection, described as a oriental floral; with oriental blossoms, mango and vanilla. An intriguing and mysterious scent with a free spirit. Sofia’s flat is hip, with chartreuse green walls and mid century modern pieces mixed with Asian inspiration.

Next there is laugh with me LeeLee%name Benefit Crescent Row perfume collection, a woody floral; with a light blend of citrus, jasmine and lily blossoms over blonde wood and amber. It’s a naturally light scent with a classic feminine style. Which can also describe her home; a comfortable, yet beautiful shabby chic stunner.

But I identified most with, and chose to receive my place or yours Gina%name Benefit Crescent Row perfume collection, a woody oriental scent that is an alluring mix of pink pepper, wild raspberry, tonka bean and patchouli. When my bottle arrived, I knew we’d become fast friends with our similar “flaunt it if you’ve got it” attitudes. Gina’s residence on Crescent Row is all glamour, touches of hot pink and black lacquer in a Hollywood regency style. The fragrance is a deep and sultry head turner, and I am loving my choice!

So, which girl are you? But really, for $36 a bottle you can afford to be a different girl every day of the week!

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