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Kellyanne Weekly Love List   babiesI’ve got babies on the brain this week! Did you hear my husband gulp from where you are sitting? Don’t worry Hubby, it’s just because we were graced with our youngest and cutest new member this week; Kellyanne-the beautiful new daughter of our equally lovely tester Mel. Check her out above in all her utter yumminess. So, it’s only natural that I’ve been thinking of all the cute places to shop for baby things, now that I know a baby! And this little girl is going to need all sorts of teeny, tiny adorable little things…

pink skull2 Weekly Love List   babiesIf I want to make sure Kellyanne is the coolest babe on the block, my first purchase will be from Infamous Baby. Mel will be sure to the only Mom with a custom pink skull bjorn cover. She’d be the envy of all the kids on the block with a giraffe faux fur blankie. Plus, babies can never have enough bibs, I hear there’s lots of spitting up involved. They might as well look fashionable while doing it! Very easy to do with this pink kitty bib.

But really, isn’t dressing her up in tons of adorable little dresses one of the best thing about having a baby girl? The Children’s Place has lots of great options, at amazing prices. My favorite is this yellow and pink dip dye dress (with matching panties, of course!) And how sweet is this purple smocked crochet romper? I swear, I’d wear this if they made it in my size! Though Kellyanne would surely look much better in it.

Share some of your favorite shops for all things babies. Or, got a tip for a new Mom? Let us know!

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    Oh Mel she is beautiful! Having a girl is truly dangerous. I spend more on my 3 year old daughter’s clothes than I do mine sometimes. A few of my favorite lines of baby girl clothes are Baby Lulu & Baby Nay. If you have a Neiman Marcus Last Call by you it’s a wonderful place to find deals on these. Also, check out Etsy for unique onsies and handmade dresses. You are going to have sooo much fun! Hope you are getting some rest. Enjoy this time, because before you know it they are no longer babies…instead you have a 3 year old going on 13 who steals your lip gloss!

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    I’ll take all the tips I can get, Ladies!! Wow – I’ve been trying ALL DAY to comment on here and everytime I sit down to do it, my Princess Kellyanne needs something!! But, it sure is worth it – it’s amazing how her needs become all that’s important and that’s just fine – I’m happier than I’ve ever been and can’t really even explain why – other than her precious noises and expressions and smiles and cuteness – and the way her daddy looks at her is pretty cool, too. Anyways, thanks for the tips Stef and Tiffany. Those sites you found are ADORABLE Stef – love the prices too at the Children’s Place – I think I may have to order something immediately from there. KA is in this weird inbetween stage at only 12 days old…she was just 5 lbs 12 oz so she’s somewhere inbetween preemie and newborn sizes and she doesn’t have any totally cute “company” outfits that fit properly! I am already catalog shopping though from our latest kids find (that I think Tiff did?) on the company Chasing Fireflies. I have about 5 Halloween costumes picked out from there I want badly and tons of other outfits!! This is most definitely tons of fun – KA even got her first beauty products lesson the other day. We are currently testing Johnson’s Baby Lotion vs. California Baby’s Calendula Cream for her dry little hands – will report back with the results! Oh and Tiff – can’t wait to check out those other stores and sites you mention in your post – thank you!! It’s not going to be right this minute though – she is stirring in her swing already!

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    Tyna Werner

    Mel, she is absolutely beautiful!! Congratulations to the new Mommy and Daddy – I’m so happy for you. Please give her lots of kisses and snuggles and love from all us! And wow – just 5 pounds – oh my word, so teeny. I want to reach through my screen and squeeze her (gently!) Can’t wait for future pics of KA and all the adorable clothes and accessories.

    Oh, I added Tiffany’s Chasing Butterflies post to the related posts list above – in case any Moms out there have yet to discover their fun stuff.

  4. Linda

    As the extremely proud Grandma of this incredibly darling baby girl, I am pleased to tell all of you that she is even cuter than her pictures show. And please know this is a completely unpredujiced comment. :)

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    Congrats Mel!!!! She is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! :) How exciting!!!!

    & I have to show love for Infamous Baby! My friend Lisa is one of the two awesome ladies behind it and I have seen all of their goodies first hand, they are so well made and adorable!!! You can see their blog too http://infamousbaby.com/blog/

    Yay for babies!!! & Mel’s new sweetie Kellyanne! Such a pretty name too!! :)

  6. Mary Kay

    Oh my…everyone is saying the sweetest things to my little girl about my littlest girl!!! My wish is that every little girl is as well-loved as is Princess Cookie Face! Mimi, the blessed grandmama

  7. Profile photo of Mel

    LOL, Krista! Love the Dirty Dancing onesie! One of our Kentucky relatives must’ve already found the site too – because Kellyanne is the proud owner of the hottest pair of “Heelarious” baby animal print heels on the block, too! Thanks again everyone for the kudos – she’s a peach – even when she’s got projectile poop and vomit…both of those in the last 12 hours…

  8. Mary Ruth Mullally

    I am not trying to outdo the two Grandmothers of this beautiful Kellyanne but I must say that this Grandmother has just been promoted to Great Grandmother and has the last word on the unprejudiced statements for the most beautiful child ever. She is God-given in all her beauty.
    Congrats Mindy and Greg, Love to all.
    Greg’s Grandmother/Kellyanne’s G’Grandmother

  9. Profile photo of Tyna Werner
    Tyna Werner

    Aww – welcome Mary Ruth, Mary Kay and Linda! I have to say that besides being the most beautiful little girl ever – KellyAnn sure is blessed to have such a loving and supportive family behind her. What a lucky little girl!

  10. Mary Ruth Mullally

    What can I say other than Kellyanne is without a doubt the most beautiful baby ever born and like one of the G’mothers comments this statement is totally without PREJUDICE.
    After all this Grandmother has been promoted to
    GREATGRANDMOTHER. So this gives me added wisdom.
    Love and congratulations to Mindy, Greg, and all the relatives who love this little Princess!!!!!!

    Greg’s Grandmother Mary Ruth

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