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orange Weekly love list   How About OrangeHow about Orange? I’ll say, how about it! The color is a beaut, the fruit is no slouch either and as it turns out- the site is something to see too. How About Orange is a crafty person’s dream. I mean, I know my way around a project, but I’m nowhere near Jessica Jones’ league. I gotta say, she’s a design force to be reckoned with. Lately if I’m needing some inspiration, some motivation or just something pretty to gaze at; I look to the Orange!

The site is divided into 4 super helpful categories:

DIY Tutorials – Not only does she bring you her own projects; like these recycled magazine coasters) but she scours the web so you don’t have to and brings you ideas to get your craft on.

Free Downloads – Who doesn’t love free? How cute are these Printable Bookplates? Just a sample of the many freebies Jessica has found for you.

Useful Resources – Evites, handy but unfortunately, pretty ghastly. Good thing How About Orange introduced me to Pingg, e-cards for fussy designers just like me!

Time Wasters – Sigh, I spend a lot of time in this category. Every wonder what a website would look with bacon on it? Yeah, me too! Bacolicio can make this happen. Here, check out we heart this, now with bacon!

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    This is a great site and totally useful. i added it to my favorites. I wish i was more crafty and always want to be so hopefully this site will help! The bacon thing i have to admit is kinda random. I couldn’t remove it at first and had to exit and reopen the site. Oh well but still funny!

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    Can’t wait to play more on this site. I love doing crafty projects. Right now, I’m making cute little felt purses for my daughter’s 4th birthday party. The girls are going to embellish them. I’m always looking for something new to make. This is right up my alley!

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