I wear black on the outside cause black is how I feel on the inside…

gothgirls I wear black on the outside cause black is how I feel on the inside...
Have you all seen this insanely awesome photograph? It’s been making the internet rounds since it was taken last week when President and Michelle Obama hosted a world leader reception and dinner. Here they are posing with Spain’s Prime Mister and his family, which happens to include two utterly adorable, teenage Goth girls!

The picture caused quite a stir. Spain usually shields politician’s families from the spotlight, so this was the country’s first look at their first family. Once the furor over the publishing died down a second wave of indignation arose – against our sweet Goth girls and the appropriateness of their outfits. Cries of “What parent lets their kids meet the president looking like that?!” were heard. To which we say, hey back off! If you’ve looked at our About Page, you’ll understand why our hearts melt a little looking at these girls. If they want to go through a Goth phase, more power to them. Dressing in all black, extra eyeliner and a pair of kick ass Dr. Martins never hurt anyone!

Furthermore, I say cheers to their parents for letting them dress as they did. But if people really think there wasn’t a showdown before the big dinner, they are sadly mistaken. Look at that picture! That’s some fancy, president-meeting Goth wear.

Growing up, Stef and I were involved in too many “You’re not going out like that” squabbles not to recognize the signs. I can guarantee that the First Parents of Spain had a confrontation with our baby Goths over A) make up – look at those fresh scrubbed cherubic faces. The PM and his wife definitely put their foot down and banned dark lipstick and chalky foundations (though the black haired daughter snuck in plenty of eyeliner) B) the hair – see how freshly washed and nicely brushed? The true tale-tell sign? The delicate barrette holding back the hair that normally falls into the face and covers the eyes of our blonde Goth, and C) the outfits. I mean really, Goth girls can’t wear demure, floor length, velvet black dresses everyday. These are Sunday best outfits!

All right readers, where any of you teenage Goths (or punks, or new wavers, etc) too? Did you have daily battles with your parents over your clothes or hair? On the flip side – Parents – what are your kids wearing that makes you cringe? Have you heard yourself threaten, “You’re not leaving the house looking like that” yet?

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Written by Tyna Werner


  1. james

    Its nice to know that Spain, a country once ruled by a bloodthirsty INQUISICION is now ruled by a man whose family has as daughters, pop crazed spoilt little WITCHES: Well, good to see History chasing its on tail, am i wrong?

  2. Profile photo of turboterp

    I love this photo, too, and I think you’re dead on with your observations– especially about the makeup (or lack thereof)! I speak as a former punk teen who is still laughing about something my own exasperated mom said to me when I was about sixteen and dressed all in black: “You look like a bruise! And that lipstick… it’s positively GHOULISH!” She didn’t mean it as praise, but I was thrilled.

  3. Profile photo of brooklynshoebabe

    Okay, upon first looking at the picture, I didn’t even notice that the girls were Goth. I just thought everyone was wearing black because it is a mutually respectful/slimming color. lol. I guess my only problem, is I wish the girls would push the hair from their face.

    My grandmother refused to let me wear black in high school. That’s it. Besides that, I was pretty mild manneredly dressed.

  4. Jenny

    I was never officially goth, but I did go through several phases of trying to dress in any way that was different from everyone else–much to my super conservative parent’s dismay! At one time they even made my sister and me dress in uniform-like clothes for an entire school year. And no, our school was not a uniform school. Thanks mom and dad! They meant well, and of course, some children need more boundries than others, but I think it’s so great to see parents who embrace their children’s style.

  5. Profile photo of nouveaucheap

    I’m kinda diggin’ the fact that their parents didn’t force them out of their “phase” for this historic meeting. However, if they’re anything like the rest of us, they WILL wince when they look back on these pics in twenty years. But that’s half the fun of growing up. :)

    Actually, If I met Reagan in 1984 and my parents allowed me to rock my Madonna Lucky Star black lace tank and hoop earring with the key dangling from it, I would look back on that picture today and say, “I RULE!!” lol!

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    Tyna Werner

    Whee – I love these baby Goths – and I love seeing some new names chatting here at we heart this!

    James – I think the teens call themselves Wiccans these days, not witches. Stef and I had a little conversation about that as well – we couldn’t decide if they were going for the Goth or Wiccan look.

    Melissa – ha! Love the line about looking like a bruise – so something I would have heard growing up! And Rakisha, go grandma! When they put their foot down, they mean business. I could disregard my parents wishes as a teen but always tried to obey my grandparents.

    Oh and Hi Jenny! I hope you have recovered from the horrors of a parent imposed school uniform! What were the uniforms? I’m dying to know! And did you and your sister sneak regular clothes to school and change?
    .-= Tyna Werner´s last blog ..We heart Illamasqua, a review… =-.

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    Stef Andrews

    I remember a particularly epic fight with my Mom on Thanksgiving one year. It was always about my hair, or “that hair” as it was known in my house. I purposely tried to tone it down because we were going to my Grandparents, but I guess it wasn’t enough. I came downstairs and my Mom said “Oh no you don’t! Back up there. Make your hair stop doing that!” I won’t get into the gory details, but it wasn’t a very happy thanksgiving, let’s just say that…

    I totally applaud the PM and his wife for letting their kids be unique, especially when they are obviously so much in the spotlight.And really, check out the Mom, that’s a rather hip dress. I bet she was a Siouxsie fan back in the day!
    .-= stef´s last blog ..We heart Illamasqua, a review… =-.

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    Hilarious photo! That picture should make it on the Beer Room refrigerator!
    Not all photos get to grace its front or side panels unless they are truly dandies! I agree that it’s refreshing when parents let kids do what they will without interfering, unless they are hurting themselves physically. I do think rater differently though as far as what one should wear when meeting certain people of power, i.e. The President of the United States..but heck, they were in NY.
    Insert: “The one on the right looks a little like Uncle Fester in drag” say’s my husband.. he also says they wear black because they are chunky. He’s such a charmer.. Well, that’s it from the peanut gallery.. I wear black all the time but not because I’m even remotely Goth. Maybe the bit about being chunky applies here! LOL!

  9. Profile photo of kate2004rock

    I believe that black is actually a tradtionaly color for the Spanish. Watch any period film involving the spanish armada or whatever so it doesn’t seem out of the norm for me.

    My preppy ass still thinks they could have chic-ed up a little bit though. Call me a square…

  10. Profile photo of Wednesday

    I was born with black eyeliner so I totally get these girls LOL
    Seriously, I have always worn black and been into goth culture and speaking from the crowd I would say the black haired daughter looks more goth with her boots, but also very punk rock. The other daughter looks like a classy Stevie Nicks. I don’t think either of them look over the top enough to make a fuss, but thats just me. I think they look so much cooler and well put together than any other first daughters I’ve seen. They are adorable.
    And I’m guessing they probably like killer bands :)

    My folks always expected me to push the envelope thank God!!
    I’m no kid and I’m still full on punk/goth!! Age hasn’t tamed my eyeliner at all :)

    & Stef I agree the Mom looks bad a** I bet she totally still rocks Siouxsie and most likely Nick Cave!!! Viva La Spain!!

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    This is brilliant! Yay to Spain, and to the PM for allowing his kids to wear what they want. Are people really upset that they look like this? Personally, I think it’s fantastic!!

    I was never a goth, but I did wear tons of makeup and use can after can of hairspray. I used to ask my mum before going out ‘Do I look okay’ and she’d reply, ‘Yes, if you want that dragged-through-a-hedge-backwards look!’ Seriously!

  12. Profile photo of Cori

    That’s Goth? I didn’t even notice. The only give away for me were the boots. My hair is kind of similar to the dark haired daughter, being it’s dark and I have bangs, so I just thought she looked cute! Maybe I’m Goth and didn’t know it! No, I like color :)

  13. Profile photo of winnie

    That’s a great picture! For a second i thought maybe it was a picture of some random family with the wax figures of Pres. O & First Laday! I got into plenty of those arguments with my parents! I love it! And i’m sure the Obama’s had zero problem with the way they looked so good for them and their parents!

  14. Profile photo of christy

    I think they look like pretty normal teenagers! Good style and I love the ones boots.. I had some just like that. I’d still wear them if I hadn’t worn them so much they practically disintegrated :)

    I love that pic… and I agree with a Stef and Wed. the Mom is lookin pretty rockin!

  15. Profile photo of krista

    I loved the comment about these are their Sunday best goth outfits! Ha! They totally are! I loved this picture and thought it was great that their parents let them express their individuality to the degree that they did. I remember toying with being goth back in college…one of my many phases. I did keep black hair for years afterward, though. I still contend that black lipstick works for me. Okay maybe not so much anymore :P
    I think Mom looks a little bit like Annie Lennox…

  16. Kandice

    I’m digging on the fact that you used a Morrissey lyric as a title of this post. Love Moz!

    I think it’s very cool that the PM of Spain let his daughters dress how they pleased.

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