Anastasia Beverly Hills Giveaway!

contestanastasiafinal Anastasia Beverly Hills Giveaway!So you’ve heard all the buzz on the one and only star plucker (we agree with Sephora, that’s our favorite brow guru term) Anastasia Soare of Beverly Hills. She’s the true artiste of eye brows who has created a beauty niche around the shaping and maintaining of the perfect brows. Once Anastasia conquered Hollywood with her brow perfection, she moved onto offering the best in brows (from tweezers to gels to pencils and more) to the masses with her top quality, for every shape and hue, product line, Anastasia Beverly Hills.

Now’s your chance to win Three Anastasia products to produce a flawless look with well defined brows, a touch of shimmering highlighter and big sexy lashes to boot (valued at $66). The winner of the we heart this Anastasia Beverly Hills giveaway will receive:

• The Brow Pen%name Anastasia Beverly Hills Giveaway!– a long wearing brow tint (in Universal Deep ) for brow color and definition.
• The Brow Duality%name Anastasia Beverly Hills Giveaway! highlighter (in Camille and Sand) – a duel ended thick pencil with a matte and a shimmer highlighter for soft glow (use under the arch of the brow or to hide dark circles).
Lash Lifting Mascara%name Anastasia Beverly Hills Giveaway! – this duel action formula thickens and curls lashes for the finishing touch!

Entering is easy and we have Four Ways to enter into this giveaway!

(Please note: only we heart this members are eligible to win. But joining is simple and takes all of 2 minutes! Sign up here.)

1. Leave a comment in this post to get One entry into the giveaway. “Pencil me in!” is all you need to say to enter.

2. Members who enter and have the Tell Me More section of their profile filled out will automatically get a Second entry! (Don’t know where to find these? See FAQ #10 for profile page help.)

3. Got a hair raising or funny eye brow tale? Waxing disasters, overplucking woes or a Mom that refused to let you pluck your uni-brow? We want to hear your story! Sharing your tale gets you a Third entry!

4. Follow us on Twitter and retweet this message for a Fourth entry:
RT @weheartthis: Join we heart this to win 3 eye popping products from brow guru Anastasia

We’ll accept entries until Midnight, Wednesday, November 4th (pst) and will announce the winner on Thursday, November 5th. Good luck!

Please make sure you are signed in to your we heart this account when you comment, otherwise we won’t know you’re a member.

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Written by Tyna Werner


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  2. Profile photo of lyssachelle

    My eyebrows have been an issue with me for years…they were thick and crazy, so I discovered the joys of waxing and then bullied them into submission until they were beaten down and too scared to grow back in fully.
    But I never thought they were a BIG issue or even one that other people noticed until one day while I was walking with a friend of mine in the mall. We were in a department store, trying to find a good facial cleanser for her, but she’s shy and didn’t want to talk to the salespeople.
    I walked up to the Benefit counter and asked the guy about a good face wash. WELL, I tried to ask, but all I got out was, “Hi, do you…” before he took one look at me and said, “HONEY. Can I do your brows real quick?” Before I knew it, I was whisked into a chair and he was filling in my eyebrows with their Brow Zings. He didn’t even pressure me to buy anything, he even told me to go to Sephora and try out other brands! I was SO embarrassed, my brows were SO bad that salespeople were taking pity on me and forgoing sale commission to get me to take care of them. For the good of humanity, apparently. *SIGH*

  3. Profile photo of katezena

    Pencil me in please!

    Hair-raising eyebrow story? I was using one of those at-home wax strips to get rid of the fuzz underneath my arch. Not only did it manage to rip off HALF of my eyebrow, it also tore off a layer of skin! It was a bloody mess! Did I mention that getting blood in your eyes really, really hurts? Well, it does. I’m anti-wax for my brows now. I’ll stick with the tweezers.

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  5. Cheryl Wilson

    My family is natorious for big bushy unibrows. Well I was young and naive to the fact that I did indeed have a unibrow. One day we visited a church for vocation bible school. This elderly colored lady kept staring at me. I thought maybe she recognized me from somewhere. But after the service she came up to me and said I had black between my eyes and I tried to wipe it off. She came closer to help me wipe the offending mark off and started screaming “Oh child, you got a caterpiller growing there”, and she took out her tweezer, from her purse and begun to pluck away. She was good, because I didn’t feel a thing and when my sister came back from her class she didn’t recognize me. LOL

  6. Profile photo of saucyfilipina

    I remember when I first decided to trim my eyebrows. It was a total failure. haha. I plucked way too much & my eyebrows were almost non-existent. I’ve had my fair shares of over-plucking & I’ve now switched to self-threading which I find to be much more efficient since it can remove multiple hairs at once & it also saves money & less painful. =]

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  8. heidi jo

    and yup – i had the good fortune of a brother who got my mom’s ADORABLE little nose only to be a fighter and break that pretty nose multiple times. sheesh – no appreciation! meanwhile, i get my dad’s AND his eyebrows! looking back at the 80s when my aunt tried to convince me that the early brooke shields look was beautiful is very sad… why couldn’t she have been loving enough to say, “yup, you’re right honey, they are a bit thick – here, i’ll help you learn to pluck them”… for some reason she wanted me to look bad? i don’t know. :) sad sad sad.

  9. Leslie Price

    I’m going to share my brother’s brow-related tale of woe. :) In high school in the early 90s he was desperate to get rid of his unibrow but he went a little crazy with the razor and ended up shaving a weird notch into one of them. Unwilling to admit he’d fouled up the attempt, he shaved three vertical lines into that one brow and pretended he’d done the whole thing on purpose as a style statement.

  10. Kimberly

    My eyebrows grow a little strange. The ends on the inside, closest to my nose, grow straight up and not accross. I was getting them waxed in a salon, and the girl was doing a lot of extra, time consuming steps by layering prep products on and applying compresses. I didn’t know why until she actually waxed and took the whole front half off! She didn’t know what to do with these different hairs (hello, trim the top!), so she just removed them.

  11. katie

    After paying out the nose for waxing my unroly brows every month, I started plucking regularly to save some cash. After awhile though, my brows started to slowly drift in opposite directions. One ended up a bit higher than the other! It’s taken me forever to get them back even with one another…

  12. Heather C

    Junior high. First time let loose with a pair of tweezers. Let’s just say one of my male classmates said to me at lunch one day ‘you have *drawn* your eyebrows on!’ It took a while to grown them back…

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