Etsy 4 for Friday – Pa Dutch style

EtsyPADutch final Etsy 4 for Friday   Pa Dutch style

Happy Friday everyone! I’m rejoicing in temperatures that have finally dipped below 60 degrees and for the amazingly crisp and fresh apples at my grocery store. Combined with all the pumpkin talk, I’ve been pining for the Pennsylvania Dutch farmland that was always a part of fall activities in my youth. The Sunday drives with my Grandparents to marvel at the foliage and fields with stops at all the roadside farm stands (for just picked veggies and yummy homemade pies) are some of my favorite childhood memories.

Trust Etsy to let me show a little Pa Dutch pride this 4 for Friday with Amish influenced designs for the kitchen and home:

• Starting with this vintage, silkscreened Jacob Zoo hex sign just like the beautiful designs I would see painted on the barns throughout the Lancaster area. It’s the perfect kitchen accessory (I’m thinking over my sink) with its great color scheme and graphics. The stars, tulips, and wheat symbolize good will, trust and faith and abundance and, I might add, great style. $12

• And how cute is this vintage half apron with colorful folk art farm characters and a very modern brown accent. More Dutch perhaps, than Pa Dutch, but too sweet not to share. A great accessory for canning or baking pies this fall. $12.50

• I’m enthralled with this “May The Hex Be With You” card adorned with a sweet Pa Dutch influenced, modernized hex complete with a pink contrasting envelope. Send your best wishes with these hex cards “meant to bring good luck and fortune to whomever receives them!” $7 each

• Colorful, unique storage for any room in the house – this vintage tin has it all; bright colors, hex designs, a horse and buggy and a quintessential Pa Dutch couple. Once filled with Pretzels from the days when the “Chip Man” would drive his van filled with salty goodness to my Grandparents home and deliver the freshest, yummiest pretzels and chips ever! What I wouldn’t do for potato chip delivery today…$10

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Written by Tyna Werner


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    I have been having a terrible time with technology these last two weeks. Home computer, work computer and Iphone started a revolt. I’m was so happy to login just now and just for the simple joy of catching up on all things WHT but also to see Ts walk down memory lane. I too love this time of year. Growing up in PA and spending weekends with our grandparents really makes one live his time of year and gives you a fondness for most things “Dutchy”. T I’m pretty sure you can still get Charles Chips delivered here as well as Schwans. I have a few collectible Chips containers but I live them for the memory they bring not the dollar value they have. Imagine if Grandma and Pop-Pop would have kept all those kitchy things, we could open an emporium!

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