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comluv Promote your blog on we heart this! You’ve probably seen the box at the bottom of the comment field here on we heart this, looking all cute and saying “Comment Luv”. But what is it exactly? And most important, how can it help you?

Comment Luv allows you to include a link to the latest post at your blog on every comment you leave at we heart this. Subsequently, by supporting us (with your comments) you can promote yourself too. Brilliant no? Yeah, we thought so too! We first saw it in use at Makeup and Beauty Blog. (That Karen is one smarty, isn’t she?)

How do you use it? If you are a wht member, email us the url of your blog and your profile name and we’ll make sure your account links to your blog. Then, just check the Comment Luv box every time you leave a comment.

If you are not a wht member, just type in your url and check the Comment Luv box and start commenting…

And if you register your site at Comment Luv, you will have the ability to choose from up to 10 of your last posts or even your last tweets or diggs when commenting!

It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved. So, what are you waiting for? Spread the love, leave a comment!

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