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I find myself most drawn to shops and sites that sell a medley of items. Those delightful hodgepodge groupings that are never totally safe, and certainly never boring. I think that is why I was so instantly taken with Pink Pig, a stylish blend of old and new. That is indeed exactly what they are. Vintage and restyled housewares resting comfortably (and working perfectly) with the brand new. Nestled with all the lovely little additions that make people smile; candles, jewelry and apparel.

The mix makes sense. Owner Debbie Schrodt is a former Wall Street executive who found herself feeling the pull of a simpler life. When it could no longer be denied, she packed up and moved to the New York countryside and created Pink Pig. It’s that combo (city girl in the country) that influences every item in the retail shop (open May-Dec) and the online outpost (open all year-hooray)!

If you find you are definitely one or the other, you can shop City Pig (everything you need for stepping out, even if it’s only to go to market) and Country Pig (all the items for your sweet, homey, nesting side). Or, if you’re like me, and you’re a little bit country and a little bit rock-n-roll, just browse the site and buy what speaks to you, no matter who it’s for!

My personal favorites include:
Beau Soleil Beau Gris Bag – 100% organic denim bag in a perfect shade of grey with recycle rope handle. Going green sure looks fabulous! ($40)

Sweet Cream Body Milk – packaged in a retro glass creamer bottle, this would look gorgeous on your sink (and smell pretty amazing too). ($26)

French Coffee Tin Canister – this little piggy has a weakness for tin containers! How amazing would this HUGE vintage canister look in a kitchen? ($75)

Whether your tastes are more distressed wood & country charm or cashmere & martinis, The Pink Pig has your poison. Please help us thank Pink Pig for sponsoring wht by checking out their eclectic collection – you may find that perfect gift!

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    Alright this company is so good that it’s bad. Thank goodness I don’t live near it. I’m moving to a new place at the end of the month…in prep for this I’ve been making lists of things I will need to buy. One of the things on my list is a towel rack. I’m moving into an apartment in a Victorian house and this rack would go great in the bathroom with the claw foot tub and I am also loving the Bunny Stand Lucite Bowl just because I love bunnies and the bowl is unique and I’m also thinking that the Primitive Blanket Chest (listed in the sale section) would make a great coffee table and storage at the same time. I love that so many of these items are one of a kind.

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