Etsy 4 for Friday – New Years Eve edition

etsy new years eve Etsy 4 for Friday   New Years Eve edition
While there are still a few shopping days left until Christmas, it’s not too early to start thinking about New Years Eve! Sorry if I just added to your holiday stress level, but it’s true – just seven quick days after that last gift is unwrapped, the biggest party night of the year will be upon us!

Since I’m always ready for some bubbly and great company, these Etsy 4 for Friday picks were selected to add some style and fun to any New Years Eve festivities:

• Set the mood at your gathering by hanging this elegant Happy New Year banner. This vintage newspaper inspired banner features black paint hand-stamped letters on 5 x 6 inch paperboard cards with slightly smudged, inked edges. Both ends of the banner are punctuated with silver flourishes and embellished with diamond rhinestones. $22

• I have Etsy to thank for my obsession with party favor cakes – such a clever idea! Colorful, decorative boxes (fill them with candy or other littler treats) that form a cake-like centerpiece – at the end of the night, “cut” the cake and give a piece to each of your departing guests as a party favor! The Winter Wonderland FavorCake of cream and blue is embellished with silver berries and bound with silver beads. Bonus: this FavorCake saves you some time, as it comes prefilled with chocolate covered mints. $24

• Attending a masquerade ball this New Years Eve? Or maybe you just want to add some mystique to your style for the big night. Look no further then the Poor Little Lamb shop of vintage inspired, handmade (no two are exactly alike) masquerade masks. My favorite is the Retro Shabby Chic Paper Masquerade Mask. I love the slightly catlike look of this black mask that’s accented with silver stars. $8.00

drinkup Etsy 4 for Friday   New Years Eve edition• How much do I love these glass charms? Designed to help guests keep track of their drinks, these Double Sided Scrabble Tile Wine Glass Charms are so much better then the plastic, gaudy charms I have in my drawer. This seven-piece set of wooden scrabble tiles would make a charming NYE hostess gift. Each elegant tile features a different black based front and when flipped around spell “Drink Up”. As an added plus, a scrabble rack is included for display. $34.50

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