MTV’s Jersey Shore, outrage or awesome?

jerseyshore MTVs Jersey Shore, outrage or awesome?Are you watching Jersey Shore? Seems people are either enthralled by this train wreck of a reality show or vehemently offended by it (the New Jersey board of tourism, a whole slew of Italian American organizations, anyone who’s ever had a tan). Lucky for us, wht member and trash TV enthusiast Mickey is doing espisode recaps right now on our forums. So, if you love it, hate it, or just want to see what all the hub bub is about, get over there and read Mickey’s accurate, but always snarky play by play (she did the same for Rock of Love Bus and we loved her for it!)

And just for fun, visit the Jersey Shore Nickname Generator, where you can get a guido or guidette name picked just for you. Me? I’m The Appointment. Can I get a fist pump?

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    I haven’t seen the show, I’m totally stuck in my rut of CSI, Bones, Hoarders, and Intervention. Seriously, that’s all I ever watch!! Well, maybe Iron Chef every now and then. Maybe I’ll have to watch an episode, if for no other reason than to see the train wreck :P

    My Jersey name? The Rack. Which is hilarious ’cause I’m rocking an A cup over here- I can save money by buying training bras :P

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