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favoritepostsB we really heart this   our favorite posts of 09 It’s best of week here at we heart this! Where we will be bringing you the posts and products that we really hearted in 2009. To start things off, we want to give you the best of the best, the posts closest to our hearts. If you haven’t taken a look before, by all means, get looking…

• There is one thing you should know about us; we love any excuse to throw a fabulous, planned down to the very last inch, party. We think we did rather well with our posts; How to have a Mad Men Party and How to have a Grey Gardens Party.

• Love a good ghost story? Us too. Our post Boo! A wht ghost story is not only 100% true, but it brought out some other true stories from members that were even more terrifying!

• Going to the fair is seriously one of my yearly highlights (Tyna’s too, when I can wrangle her into going). Think that’s kind of crazy? Read my post I heart the LA County Fair and perhaps you’ll understand.

• We did several theme weeks this past year. Our favorite? YouTube week (best research ever!) We especially love the Island of Misfit Clips, mostly because we can watch that jazzercise clip a 100 times and laugh every single time!

• We heart our testers and writers. Honestly, we couldn’t do this without them. But there is one team member who goes above and beyond for us time and time again. She wrote a whole scary movie series for us. She provided us our most popular recipe; the world’s best mac and cheese, and she selflessly scoured her vintage cookbooks to make (and photograph) a retro feast fitting of a groovy king! She’s Krista, and she is, how do you say? The balls!

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    I agree with Stef that Krista rocks! Her retro feast was awesome. She also has great taste in food. I want to come to her house for dinner and watch scary movies too! :)

    Thank you girls for turning me on to Mad Men. I’m completely hooked and can’t wait till the next season starts. I think a Mad Men viewing party might be in my future. I also love the you tube posts. Keep them coming!

    Hope everyone has some very happy holidays. Can’t wait for another year with my We Heart This family!

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    Aw, shucks, t’weren’t nothin’ *blushes*
    You ladies are too kind! I’ve enjoyed being a part of this site this past year and I’ll try to keep being THE balls in 2010! :)
    Now you’ll have to excuse me while I go write a post about some fantastic kitchen gadgets you’ll all soon be coveting…

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    I agree too! Krista you Rule!!

    & Stef your post on the Fair made me want to go to a fair every weekend!! :)

    So many great posts this year..I can’t believe it’s been a year!!
    Happy 2009 WHT Ladies! Can’t wait to see what 2010 has in store & Now I can’t wait to read Krista’s upcoming post on gadgets I want to covet!! :)

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