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Giles and Weiner2 we heart weekly   1.9.10
It’s all about making progress and moving forward at the beginning of a brand new year! We’ve kicking off 2010 with a slightly revamped Saturday wrap up post; the we heart weekly delivering all of the things that really made out heart pound (and had our fingers clicking) during the past week.

We’ll also be sharing our Photo of the Week – the one image that made us smile or had us thinking that week. My first picture is all about some major progress made in my household over the holidays! My cat Giles’ mission for the past two years has been to befriend and snuggle with my housemate Eric’s, crotchety, old wiener dog (i.e.: the Wiener). Slowly, things have progressed from the Wiener not allowing Giles to be in the same room, to grudging tolerance, to even letting Giles in his (Eric’s) room. We had our own Christmas miracle when we discovered Giles had finally broken the bed barrier and was napping peacefully next to the Wiener. He’s been ever so slowly inching closer and closer to the Wiener during afternoon naptime. Now that’s progress!

Here’s the sites and stories that had me as almost as excited as naptime this week:

• Every beauty maven’s heart is aflutter with the latest from MAC, the bright, happy and colorful Lillyland Collection. The internet’s reigning princess of all things MAC, the lovely Temptalia has all the details, plus pictures and swatches of the hottest item in the Lillyland line, the Cremeblend Blushes. Go see and swoon!

• If your home could use some sprucing up this new year, check out Decor8’s simple suggestions: Refreshing Your Home: 8 Tips for ideas to use this weekend!

• Remember Bakerella’s incredible Pop Cakes? She’s back with a wintery take on the cutest cakes ever; Snowman Cake Pops.

• Need more bright, poppy makeup? Karen at Makeup and Beauty Blog has a great look at the latest from Smashbox, the Heartbreaker collection.

• Lastly, I really made some progress when I convinced Stef to watch the Buffy the Vampire Slayer musical with me. Verdict? She hearted it! You can find more singing and dancing television episodes with TWOP‘s Photo Gallery of the Best Musical Moments of all time.

Weekly Deal Update! Of course we didn’t forget shopping! We want to share the best deals of the week too and our first we heart weekly deal is from an essential line in my make up arsenal, Benefit Cosmetics. Get up to 70% off your fave products during The Annual Benefit Sale-abration!%name we heart weekly   1.9.10 My pick, for which I happily paid full price last fall is the girl’s night in%name we heart weekly   1.9.10 collection – I’m wearing the cream eyeshadow “birthday suit” as I type! Plus, “skinny jeans” is an amazing deep blue liner/shadow and the brush included in the set is in the heavy rotation jar on my vanity. At only $33.60 this sweet set(it also includes a creamy lipstick in “lady’s choice” and mannequin magnets) would make a fab bday gift!

Disclosure: This post contains an affiliate link, a link that gives us a small commission if you purchase the item. For more info, or any questions, please see our disclosure policy.

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Written by Tyna Werner


  1. Profile photo of Cori

    I loved the Buffy episode where they sing everything! I haven’t seen the actually Musical though. I bet it’s really good!

    I also agree with those 8 tips to refreshing your home. Why do we put the twinkle lights away so early? Just because Christmas is over doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate the winter season. It’s so cold outside that twinkle lights and candles are a good way to warm up your home. :)

  2. Profile photo of Mel

    What a snappy new title “We Heart Weekly” – love it! I love the home refresh tips, esp the chandelier over the bed. beautiful pics on that site too – or maybe it’s just my new bigger and clearer computer! I also love the snowman pops – I’ve got about a year before I’ll be making that kind of stuff for Kellyanne, so I better start collecting ideas now! And finally, I NEED to get me some Lillyland Cremeblend blush!!

  3. Profile photo of katezena

    Awwwwwwww, look at that photo!

    What’s funny is that we call Zena “Weiner” so at first I thought you were talking about her! She goes by so many nicknames, it’s funny. The only one she doesn’t respond to is “Dog.” This goes to prove that Zena thinks herself Human, not Dog.

  4. Profile photo of irene

    I like MAC’s colorful Lillyland Collection too.. It’s soooooo pretty! I also have fallen for Smashbox more then ever..Heartbreaker collection is so choice!

    Tyna, I bet that Eric’s old Wiener dog caught an episode of Charlie Dickenson’s ” A Christmas Carol” this year.. Such a sofening of his heart — not allowing sweet Giles near him for 2 years. That’s just great to hear they are buddies now!

  5. Profile photo of sherrishera

    Oh my wubby! Tyna, loved this photo when you first sent it to me. Glad to see it posted for all the worldwide web to see. Seeing this, how can you not love the wubby so much?! (I regress to wiener-speak; I ask Leto all the time “who loves the wubby so much?” and get tons of stinky wiener kisses).
    Oh, and for all to know: the Wiener may be crotchety, but when he loves, he loves with all his big wiener heart.

  6. Profile photo of tiffany

    Tyna that photo is too sweet. Next thing you know they will be curled up together. Love the snowman pops. You shouldn’t have shown me those, because those cake pops are so tasty. Last time I made some, I think I ate half of them myself!

  7. Profile photo of christy

    Love that photo!! so cute!! Wiener looks so friendly :)

    & MAC does it again!! I swear MAC wants to bankrupt me! Why must they be so fabulous constantly!! ahhhh

    & Tiffany, I’m with you on the Snowman Pops.. they look so cute and good!!

  8. Profile photo of krista

    I just die a little inside from cuteness overload whenever I see that photo where your cat just wants to get its snuggle on SOOOO badly…one day, Giles, one day…dream big :)
    Our new puppy, Matilda, is currently playing the same game w/ our older dog Bindhi. When they’re awake, Bindhi hates Tildy, but when they fall asleep on the sofa, they spoon. Mike and I croon some of that song “Secret Lovers” whenever it happens b/c that’s what they are. However, as soon as Bindhi is aware of what’s happened in her sleep state, she promptly becomes enraged. Animals effing slay me :)
    I’ve been eyeballing the new Smashbox Heartbreaker collection and OMG, those lip glosses are so stunning and pigmented and I just know they want to be mine. Along w/ the eye shadow. And the baked fusion soft lights that looks like it could be dark enough to be blush…*sigh*
    I’m totally asking Cupid for them this year :)

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