A tale of two Vanities

Vanity2 A tale of two Vanities Here it is-where all the magic happens! For two gals running a beauty and lifestyle site, we spend a lot of time in front of our vanities and thought it only right to share them with you. They’re the starting point for any review. But also, a place where we know for at least 15 minutes a day, we’ll have some time to ourselves.

I’d have to say, my vanity is my favorite piece of furniture that I own (that’s mine above left). handed down to me by my Grandparents; it was part of their bedroom set, the first pieces of furniture that they bought when they were newly married. I can’t help but be flooded with memories and love every time I sit in front of it. Even if it’s just to apply pimple cream!

I’d like to think that my beautiful vanity, and my utter love for it, influenced Tyna’s choice. She searched for five years for the perfect vanity, and found a zillion contenders in prices ranging from practically free to a month’s rent. She ended up finding hers less than a block from her apartment, for a steal of $250.

Comparing our pics, it amazes me how very similar the places we sit down every day to do our makeup are. Mine is basically blue, with accents of brown; Tyna’s brown, with accents of blue. But also, notice the art deco details of both of them. They just don’t make furniture like that anymore! Seriously, when’s the last time you saw a wood-carved feather plume or a bakelite handle?
Vanity3 A tale of two Vanities

But enough of my yacking, let’s get to the good part; the makeup! See all the pinks, corals and reds in the below pic? My lipgloss to not-lipgloss makeup ratio is way out of proportion (and these are just the ones on display – without even counting the huge basket full of glosses hidden in one of the cabinets.) There really is something wrong with me…

Vanity6 A tale of two Vanities

But lest you think I’m the only product hoarder, please note below; there’s not a whole of surface space left on Tyna’s vanity either!

Vanity5 A tale of two Vanities

Here’s some closer images, take a look…

Vanity8 A tale of two Vanities

Vanity7 A tale of two Vanities

Recognize anything? Tell us what you see! Bonus point for knowing not just the brand, but the name of the color (I know some of you can do this!)

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  1. Profile photo of Amanda

    Stef, I love how you store your brushes! And your vanity has a great wabi sabi feel to it, fantastic!

    I’ve always wanted my own vanity. I imagine myself sitting there looking very glamorous in a robe and slippers, drinking coffee and choosing my products for the day. *sigh* Someday hopefully my husband will allow me to have one… It will give him more counter space in the bathroom!

  2. Profile photo of tiffany

    Oh I love your vanities girls. Both are gorgeous and the blue/brown combo is one of my favorites. Makes me jealous I don’t have one :( I think I spy Smashbox’s gloss in Red Rock? Maybe also an Hourglass gloss in Imagine?

  3. Profile photo of irene

    I swear the pictures do not do your vanities justice! I want one so bad too! I have to sit or hover over Stef’s whenever I visit. It’s so much fun just seeing what she has. I know Tyna’s is also just as inviting! I have to come see it in person. In my case, I only have my bathroom to use as my “vanity”. It’s not as neat and tidy as it should be either. Heck, I’m afraid to look underneath now that I think of it.. It’s totally out of hand!

  4. Profile photo of Mel

    I spy Lancome’s Rose Fishnets gloss! Both are BEAUTIFUL vanities! Tyna – one look at yours and I’m finally ready to get rid of my red bedroom, I think – and I’ve never thought that. That blue wall with the white trim and then the dark vanity (which is somewhat similar to mine) is just stunning. In fact I”m going to email this link to the hub right now and have him plan a home depot trip! I have a pretty vanity too, but never get to sit at it, because the lighting is not good in my room – bad lamps and dark walls make it nothing more than a decorative piece…that needs to change! Thanks girls!!

  5. Profile photo of nouveaucheap

    Um, I’m speechless. If forced to choose at gunpoint, I simply could not pick one over the other. I am obsessed with both of your vintage vanities equally (bakelite? wood-carved feather plumes? hello!) and even more obsessed with the goodies inside. Your vanity areas put my overflowing bathroom counter to shame. To SHAME. NARS boxes, Shu curlers, coral lip glosses…I’m in covet-overload.

  6. Chamayne

    My,my, I do declare that I see MAC’s Sock Hop, Bare Escentuals Buxom Lips in Melonie perhaps (probably not), Fresh Sugar in Sugar Shag and YSL in Pur Coral #3…suddenly i’m not feeling so confident.

  7. Profile photo of Evelyn

    I love the blue vintage vanity. And I amazed at how neatly organized they are. Great collections! I love seeing what other people’s makeup stashes. i dunno what but I love beauty and skincare porn (lol). It might sound weird but I just love watching videos on youtube of people’s collections. And I see so many of my favorite brands, here. I think I even saw Orglamix! Nice to see some smaller brands.

  8. Profile photo of lyssachelle

    Oh so jealous of the vanities, ladies! The husband had a come to Jesus meeting with me about my beauty products and their encroachment on the entirety of the bathroom counter. Now if I can just show him this post, convince him to buy me a house with space AND get me a fabulous vanity….

    Or I could just show him this article and say, “SEE! I TOLD you that I don’t have more beauty products than everyone in the world.” I am working on getting to Stef and Tyna level of awesomeness though. :-)

  9. Profile photo of spitfire77

    Ooohhhhh, I love the vanities! I love all things antique. I have a 1930’s vanity of my own that is painted a gorgeous silver but, like you Mindy, I can’t use it in my bedroom right now, because there’s not enough light! I would post pics if I knew how! : ) I spy Hourglass, maybe Plush, I see the Tarte Holiday lip glosses from last Xmas, and I spy MAC Heatherette in Sock Hop??

  10. Profile photo of kate2004rock

    I love vanities too. Stef, I know you’re tall but if you’re seated on the bench can you see your face in the mirror as high as it (seems) to be hung ? LOL…I also see you’re still rationing that LORAC Snake Charmer palette (me too) And your Buxom Babes gloss in Amber is one of my favorites…as is the Fresh Sugar gloss!

    Tyna, are you an everyday Bare Escentuals wearer?

  11. Profile photo of Cori

    My mom used to have a vanity that looked similar to Tyna’s. I loved it! When I was a little girl I would sit in front of it for hours and put on her makeup and jewelry and then act out princess scenes in the mirror. *blushes*

    Man I wish she still had it. She sold it when we moved. *tear*

    I think I see a benefit holiday lip gloss, burt bees balm,Laura Geller Eye Rimz, Smashbox waterproof shadow liner trio in exotic

  12. Profile photo of krista

    Oh, wow, am I in love with both of your vanities…I have some serious vanity envy over here!
    I have been wanting a vanity for the longest time. In my parents’ old house, I had the attic room and there was this wide built-in shelf around the front alcove of windows and I had this huge mirror at one end of the built in shelf and there was room for my products to wrap around me on the surrounding shelf—it was the one reason I hated to move out.
    Now I have half of a long dresser, all of a tall dresser, and the linen closet as my makeup storage. Yes, you read that correctly, the linen closet in the hall stores makeup and products. There is not a linen in the entire thing. It’s a sickness. :)
    I noticed the Benefit That Gal Primer, Dandelion, and Georgia, and some of the cream shadow/liners…I love Benefit…
    If either of you happen to see a strange woman dressed like a cat burglar carrying one of these out of your homes, don’t call the Po Po b/c it’s just me :)

  13. Profile photo of Stef Andrews
    Stef Andrews

    Hi Ladies,

    Thanks for all the sweet words about our vanities! I’m so glad you enjoyed us sharing them.

    Amanda – I had no idea what Wabi Sabi was! Thanks for introducing me to it. (You girls teach me something new everyday.) You’re right. I believe it started out just wood (maybe even unfinished). Then was painted white, then it’s current blue. My Grandfather painted all their furniture, then antiqued it with stains over that. His name was Gigi and he was one clever man!

    Tiffany – right on both counts!

    Mel – Oh! Lancome Rose Fishnet, isn’t it divine?

    Chamayne – My, my! I do believe I have a fellow gloss fiend on my hand. You were right on all, even Melonie. I’d like to see your collection one day! Thanks for the comment.

    Evelyn – I’m crazy organized. It’s kind of annoying really!

    Mel and spitfire77- my vanity is totally in the dark. I find I look better that way! And spitfire77, did you love the tarte purse your lips collection as much as me?

    Katie – That’s funny! I can see myself in the mirror, from about boobs up. I also have a free standing mirror that I moved for the picture. And yes, LORAC Snake Charmer gets rationed like gold!

    Amy – you should totally go thrifting and find one. Even if the wood is bad and you have to paint it. But even if you can’t get one, make a place for yourself somewhere (all of you!) Even if it’s just a corner of the bathroom counter you can snag from whoever you share a house with. Hang some pictures that make you happy. Get a couple of storage bins from a container store to keep what you have organized. Grab a cup of coffee (or if it’s later, a cocktail!), and spend a few minutes a day playing with your makeup. It’s fun!

    Krista – Are you kidding me? If you showed up at my house, our neighbors would have to call the Po Po. We’d be having too much fun! How do you keep your makeup in drawers? I forget things I can’t see! Do you rotate things?
    .-= stef´s last blog ..Mattése Elite Lipstick review =-.

  14. Profile photo of spitfire77

    I think you girls have inspired me to take the plunge and do a bedroom vanity! I ALWAYS forget what I own when it’s out of sight so I think it’s about time I make a visable place for my growing collection! YES Stef, the Tarte Holiday Glosses and darling purse were one of my favorite gifts, thanks to Mel, (best Xmas gift I got last year)! : ) I’m enjoying the site and glad Mel introduced me to it…though my hubby is already concerned that I’ve found a place to feed my addictions to makeup, fashion and all things girly : )

  15. Profile photo of sherrishera

    If I had space for a vanity, I know exactly what it would look like: Fanny Brice’s (a.k.a. Barbara Striesand in Funny Girl) after she became a Ziegfield star with her own dressing room. I want the big, round clear bulbs, the comfy stool, lots of roses all around, and someplace to put my maribou-trimmed robe. Dare to dream.

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  17. Profile photo of Tyna Werner
    Tyna Werner

    Aww, all this love for our vanities has made me fall even more in love with mine! It’s true; I coveted a vanity of my own for all the years we lived together. But it until she up and married that I Had To Have my own vanity. It was so frustrating (5 freaking years?!) but in the end, worth the wait! $250 isn’t so bad for a piece you will have all your life (that’s what I tell myself) but I bet some of you ladies could find some amazing deals at estate sales, yard sales, etc. Please let us know if you discover the perfect vanity!

    Beyond the vanity, it’s a hodgepodge of things (Target lamp, vintage stool, Bed, Bath & Beyond silver pedestal mirror) and my favorite pieces are the blue vanity pieces (little platters and brush cup) that match se perfectly and are limited edition pieces from Jonathon Adler! I got them for a steal ($11-$13 a piece) at the Fresh Boutique at the South Coast Plaza – such a score!

    Mel – Thanks, I love my wall color so, so much. The paint was my biggest splurge when I redid my room; it’s from Farrow & Ball. Imo, they make the nicest, mattes, prettiest paints on the market (and I’ve worked for a Beverly Hills interior designer for 15 years). I lucked out with the designer discount and my paint color of choice had just been discontinued –yay?! It’s called Sugar Bag Blue and it’s the most peaceful and relaxing bedroom blue. And works perfectly with my vanity and chocolate accents! And please, document your vanity area makeover – we all want to see it!

    RecessionistaGood eyes – love my Shu eyelash curler, it’s worth all the hype. The NARS box is the Body Glow lotion/makeup. The only bronzer type item I ever use, its so flattering, natural looking and smells good too. It’s my summer staple.

    Evelyn – I love seeing other people’s collections (and how they store it all) too. The three drawers are not as pretty looking. I have a number of baskets (sorted by lip gloss, lipsticks, eye shadows, eyeliners, etc) filled with all the over flow. I have to keep my vanity top as limited as possible or I get overwhelmed by the choices. I don’t know how Stef does it!

    Alyssa – be careful! These pictures may give your husband nightmares of what you can become!

    Katie – I try to be a BE wearer, I just purchased a new shade and am still trying to decide what I think. Do you wear it? Like it?

    Spitfire – would love to see you silver, 30’s vanity! Email it to us! Same for you Amy the thrift store shopper and any reader that wants to share their vanity.
    .-= Tyna Werner´s last blog ..Style Mad Men’s Joan for the SAG awards! =-.

  18. Profile photo of kate2004rock

    I don’t wear the BE foundation. I never liked the way it feels on my skin. It feels dirty and gritty. I know half the women in the United States disagree with me, but I just don’t like it. I do love BE shadows and the Buxom Babes products. I’m still hooked on Dior HydraAction Tinted Moistiurizer for my complexion, I may never go back to anything else.

  19. Profile photo of krista

    Stef—I need to clarify I meant the TOPS of dressers, not actually taking up that much of two dressers—Mike would murder me if I was THAT sick :) The tallest one does have a couple of small and shallow drawers and I did stash some products I reach for frequently into the drawer, but the drawer is so shallow, you can only stack things a little. I do have to rotate my products b/c I tend to forget about the stuff in my linen closet, so I will swap things out based on Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer colors.
    I’m trying to be a bit pickier in my choices b/c there’s no way I can use everything in my lifetime and eventually stuff will go bad. It’s just so hard because there are so many great products and brands out there!

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  21. Profile photo of christy

    I love the Vanity Love.. and you two have a couple of gorgeous ones! I recognize so much goodness.. from the coveted Shu Eyelash curler to the rows of MAC gloss….So may products!! Now I want to go reorganize my Vanity :) Which is Deco too! Your so right about that.. they don’t make them like they used to, thank God for Flea markets!!

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