Smashbox giveaway – feel the love!

smashbox seychelles Smashbox giveaway   feel the love!

We’re feeling rather lovey dovey. How could we not be when our lovely friends at sent us the pink stunner that is the Smashbox Pretty In Peep Toe Seychelles palette?

smashbox seychellesB Smashbox giveaway   feel the love!Packaged in an adorable reusable patent wallet inspired by Seychelles Spring Shoe line (Makeup and shoes? Oh Smashbox, we heart you!) it includes a cream liner, 5 eye shadows and a soft lights/blush duo in beautiful, soft shades. Add a kissable gloss and you’re ready for date night.

We want to share the love with you (cause that’s what we do!) We’re giving we heart this members three chances to win

Here’s how you enter (choose one, two or all three ways for the maximum chances to win.) *Please note: you will not win if you are not a we heart this member. (But joining is simple and takes all of two minutes. Sign up here.)

  1. For your first entry, make sure you are a we heart this member (see above) and simply leave a comment and tell us what you love!
  2. Follow us on Twitter and retweet this message for a second entry:
    RT @weheartthis: Enter our giveaway and win the Pretty In Peep Toes palette from Smashbox Cosmetics

  3. Want to automatically get a third entry? Members who enter and have the Tell Me More section of their profile filled out will get just that. (Don’t know where to find these? See FAQ #10 for profile page help.)

We’ll accept entries until Wednesday, February 10th at Midnight (pst) and will announce the winner on Friday, February 12th. Good luck!

Important: Please make sure you are signed in to your we heart this account when you comment, otherwise we won’t know you are a member. This giveaway is open to residents of the US and Canada only.

Disclosure: This giveaway includes products/prizes that were provided by the manufacturer/PR firm for our consideration. For more info, or any questions, please see our disclosure policy.

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Written by stef


  1. Profile photo of turboterp

    I just want to say that I’ve been a customer for over a year, and have found amazing treasures on their site– at bargain prices, too! I check in regularly to see what’s in stock.

  2. Profile photo of Pending

    Just joined– go bribery! :D
    I actually really love Seychelles, they make some of the nicest shoes and boots around. I have an old pair of short Seychelles cowboy boots that are great for dancing, and this would go great with them!

  3. pinkShaya

    I love convient easy to use makeup that looks good no matter what my hair color is (it changes a lot).

    And I freaking love this website! I’ve found so much cool stuff through it.

  4. Gretchen Breene

    I won this recently on facebook along with a ton of smashbox products!! it was a swag bag that was worth 200 dollars and i am enjoying every bit of it!!!

  5. terraprima

    I love Smashbox products as there are really good quality with rich pigments in their makeup. And I am pretty sure they do not test on animals which is important to me. I have always been happy with my various Smashbox purchases.

  6. Profile photo of courtney l
    courtney l

    I love the variety of choices of eye makeup. Anybody can play up a look or play down a look just by using a simple eyeliner or mascara, or even eye shadow!

  7. Deborah Anderson

    I’m a member! I love love love the colors, and the wallet is stunning! Lovely cafe au lait color! I love pastels and soft colors for spring, but most are just too weak. This collection is soft but definitely substantial. Love it!!

  8. Profile photo of justjoan

    It is hard to imagine a palette I would not like, but this one is simply a double dose of pleasure: subtle, yummy colors inside a really cute case. And it has a buckle clasp. No spillage in my purse! Love it.

  9. Profile photo of Kellie

    Today I love my husband, cheese, and this site! Who am I kidding these are everyday loves! I am currently loving Sally Hansen’s Commander in Chic polish as it is a great Chanel Particuliere dupe. Check it out!!

  10. Profile photo of Martha Payne
    Martha Payne

    I love that this is made by Smashbox & that it is also a reusable wallet. How neat! Thanks for the chance @ your contest! codisweepstakes2 (@)

  11. Profile photo of hao9703

    I love my family, gardening, flowers and many of the simple pleasures of life. Oh! I love makeup and this very cool wallet. (I travel for work a fair amount. I have to tell you that the design on this is beautiful.) Plus, who can resist patent crisp khaki?

  12. Profile photo of
    Joanna Smith

    Hi there! I am a member and besides my family and our dogs I love cultivating the things in life that I am passionate about (Yoga, Gourmet Cooking and working on my personal documentary photography projects). Having hobbies that make your heart sing makes me feel whole, complete and confident about myself, and makes me feel like I am an individual apart from my role as wife and mother. I think that is an important aspect of my life.

    BTW – I have always wanted to try Smashbox products, I have yet to do so. I think the colors in this collection are so soft and pretty and very natural. They are exactly what I would pick out for myself if I had the choice. Thank you so much for the chance to enter.

  13. Profile photo of Jessica G
    Jessica G

    I love getting unexpected compliments (always makes a person feel good.) Cute palette, and colors:)

    Already a member. Thanks We Heart This!

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