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PPZ Graphic Novel we heart weekly   2.6.10I’ve already shared some of my nerdy habits with we heart readers, so here’s another one, I enjoy the occasional comic book, or as we’re calling them these days, a Graphic Novel. This week I was thrilled to learn the latest book to get the graphic novel treatment will be the “update” of a Jane Austen classic, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

While I wasn’t a huge fan of the PP&Z Novel%name we heart weekly   2.6.10, I think a comic version of this newly gory and action packed read is a natural selection. So, I’m sharing the glorious press release cover for this week’s Photo of the Week (fans of the book will recognize it). You can pre-order your PP&Z Grapic Novel through Things From Another World now (comic book girl says first editions may someday be valuable) for the May 5th release!

• I blame Buffy the Vampire Slayer for introducing me to the joys of comics. If you loved Buffy, check out my favorite graphic novel to date, Fray%name we heart weekly   2.6.10. It’s Buffy meets Blade Runner with a tale of a futuristic slayer.

• One of our earliest supporters and old wht friend, A.S. King has had her book named one of the The Best Young Adult Novels of 2009 over at Flashlight Worthy Book Recommendations. Have you checked out her amazing debut, The Dust of 100 Dogs%name we heart weekly   2.6.10? And check out the wht interview with author A.S. King for a great look at this budding author.

• If you are looking for some titles to add to your “To Read” list, make sure to check out our reading buddies over atFlashlight Worthy Book Recommendations. You’ll find guaranteed great books cleverly sorted into fun lists by fellow avid readers; make sure to read the Run, Zombies Ahead! list for more brain eating mayhem and you’ll also find the wht guide to books that rock.

• You will find Pamela Des Barres fabulous memoir I’m with the Band%name we heart weekly   2.6.10 on that list and now dolls, I’ll share one of my “secret sites” with you – Miss Pamela’s Blog. Here rocks most famous groupie shares her latest thoughts and adventures in her sweet voice that feels as if you’re reading a letter from a dear friend. Get up to date now because we have a feeling Miss Pamela will soon be on the talk of the town (once again) now that HBO has announced production of a new series based on I’m With The Band, starring current rock muse Zooey Deschanel.

• Enough with the words and the books and reading – just watch!

Thanks to Cute Overload (naturally) for this adorable clip of a teeny-tiny pony playing with his ball. I’m not sure what part I love most, the gleeful neighs as he scampers around or the big ball of happy energy, freak out run at the very end. I better watch it again, so I can make my decision. Happy weekend!

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Written by Tyna Werner


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    Tyna- I have recently discovered that I too like the occasional comic/graphic novel. I actually received a Pride and Prejudice graphic novel for Christmas. So you can bet that I will be eagerly picking up the zombie version. I actually did enjoy the book. May I suggest that you pick up The Walking Dead. It is amazing!! AMC is making it into a tv series. This series is what got my husband and I into the comic world at 30 years old. We are a little late to the game.

  2. Profile photo of turboterp

    I’M WITH THE BAND is my favorite book of all time, and I am thrilled about HBO’s plans for a series! The book was out of print for so long, I’m glad Miss Pamela is finally getting her well-deserved time in the spotlight (again). I love her blog, too!

    I just finished a wonderful graphic novel: Laurie Sandell’s THE IMPOSTER’S DAUGHTER. There’s an amazing bookstore here in Baltimore– Atomic Books– that stocks a huge, diverse selection of graphic novels. If you want to check out their site:

  3. Profile photo of Mike

    Pride and Prejudice and Zombies graphic novel? Should be great. I am a full fledged comic/graphic novel person. It’s fantastic to see We Heart This embrace the genre a bit.

    The Walking Dead is very good as is Fray.

    Tyna, if you need a Buffy fix, Buffy Season 8 is offered in graphic novel form and it is written by Joss Whedon.

    If you enjoyed those, maybe check out The Road to Perdition (the Tom Hanks movie of the same name is based on it).

    Also, a series of graphic novels called Y: The Last Man, chronicles what might happen if all men were wiped from the face of the earth, except one. It even has a monkey.

    Last, but not least a shout out to the mainstream graphic novels (i.e. straight out of comics) called Identity Crisis. It’s got all of the costumes and superpowered folks that you know, but the story revolves around the death of one of the superhero’s wives.

    One last thing, before I finish my geek rant.

    Melissa, if you like atomic books in Baltimore, drive out to Cosmic Comix in Catonsville (just west of B’more). Absolutely wonderful place. http://www.cosmiccomix.com

  4. Profile photo of justjoan

    Tyna, tell me what about the novel P&P&Z disappointed you? Other than my dissatisfaction with Lady Catherine, which I attributed to a stubborn refusal to accept any image other than the late, great Edna Mae Oliver’s masterful depiction, I found it a very successful integration of zombies into the framework of the original. Of course I would have preferred more zombies, but I was warped early in my upbringing by George Romero. I will certainly seek out the graphic novel.
    (I’ve obviously come to the right place — I’m still in mourning over the demise of Dollhouse but satisfy my Whedon hunger with repeated watchings of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog.)

  5. Profile photo of Tyna Werner
    Tyna Werner

    Yay – fellow comic fans! I should have known some wht peeps would enjoy a good comic book.

    Kellie – I’ve heard good things about the P&P graphic novel – what a fun gift. And I totally just added The Walking Dead to my to my amazon cart – thanks for the suggestion. And AMC? Awesome, they sure are doing a nice job with Mad Men so chances are good for a zombie apocalypse show. Sounds awesome.

    Mike – Oh I’m all over the Joss comics! I get a monthly shipment of the latest Buffy Season 8 and Angel Season 6 comics and it’s always a happy mail day. It’s my enjoyment of those comics, and Fray (and a love for Kaviler & Clay) that is leading me to explore deeper into comic world. Thanks so much for all the suggestions – I like the sound of Y and Identity Crisis.

    Oh and have any Joss fan read the Serenity (Firefly) comics?

    JustJoan – It’s not so much that I was disappointed with PP&Z, more like slightly underwhelmed. I read it late (with in the last six months) and had heard so many great things about it, that it couldn’t live up to the hype. Plus, as you mentioned, more zombies, please. And, on the other hand, sometimes the added zombie parts felt a little jarring or clumsy. I still enjoyed it and found it really clever at parts. And I think a graphic novel version could be it’s best presentation by showcasing it’s strengths, add some neat zombie slaying and gory visuals into the Victorian setting, highlight the best dialogue, etc. I’m excited to see it!

    RIP Dollhouse. Thank god for DVD’s. I just made Stef watch the Buffy musical and Dr. Horrible last month and she enjoyed both. Isn’t there going to be a second Dr. Horrible?
    .-= Tyna Werner´s last blog ..Blenderless Pina Colada – Cocktail of the Month =-.

  6. Profile photo of Tyna Werner
    Tyna Werner

    Melissa – I spent years trying to find I’m with the Band in used books stores. My copy from the 80’s was “borrowed” by someone and never returned – boo. I was so happy to see it back in print. Miss Pamela has such a great voice and was so influential on me – my first intro Gram Parsons and Canyon Country” which is so much a part of the “alt country” I love today. I hope the series focuses on that music, and not just the rock, though I want to see the Hendrix, Led Zep The Who, etc stories as well. Mostly, I hope they show the awesome Zappa family! I loved when Miss Pamela was the Zappa nanny and we got a look at their marriage and the kids.

    And the PONY! I am in love with that Stuart Little! He reminds me of both a puppy and a cat. Every cat I ever had used to have occasional freak out sprints when they got excited, Giles likes to run up and down the long hallway in my place when the mood strikes (and sometimes up and down the stairs when he’s really ramped up). I love Stuarts run so much. Ha – poop crazy.
    .-= Tyna Werner´s last blog ..Etsy 4 for Friday – Chocolate =-.

  7. Profile photo of Kellie

    Dr. Horrible rocks my world! A Part Deux? OMG!

    I mourn the death of Dollhouse. Has anyone had the chance to view the unaired Season 1 Finale? I must watch it.

    Tyna-I am really glad that you are going to try Walking Dead. I can’t wait to hear what you think. I suspect that you will become as addicted as the husband and I are.

  8. Profile photo of Tyna Werner
    Tyna Werner

    I need to get the Dollhouse dvds too Kellie. I know a fellow wht member, Cori is a big fan of Dollhouse, I bet she has watched the episode. Do you have the Dr. Horrible dvd? Great extras (more singing!) and it’s only like 10 bucks. I remember hearing about a part two a while back – need to do some researching and see if anything became of it.

    Update: So, not much to report on Dr Horrible the sequel – they “are working on it” seems to be the status.

    But! check it out a Dr. Horrible comic series:


    .-= Tyna Werner´s last blog ..Another vanity to heart =-.

  9. Profile photo of Kellie

    Yeah, I am just going to have to break down and get the Dollhouse dvds too. I could Netflix it. But where is the fun in that? Such a great show. I do not have the Dr. Horrible DVD. I had no idea that there were extras. Thanks for the tip. I will be buying it ASAP as I am sure that those extras are well worth the $10. If you Nancy Drew your way into some part two update information please keep us informed. I need Dr. H to find happiness!

  10. Profile photo of justjoan

    Yes! I have seen Epitaph One. It is the best episode of Dollhouse never to have aired. On television, that is. This is a show that just kept getting better and better, until it was almost unbearably excellent, right up until the minute it was dead. Joss Whedon needs an intervention, badly. Everyone who loves his work but cannot bear to see him jerked around by networks must descend on him and make him go to cable, where FX and USA allow shows with promise to run on for season after season until they either get it right or their audiences find them. Oy! don’t get me started!
    Kellie, the Dr. Horrible DVD is an absolute must, and the extras are hysterical. I have all three parts on my iPod Touch, and when it’s too hard to get my mojo working on a Monday morning I watch “Laundry Day” on my way in to work. There’s just something about the way NPH twitches his shoulders to indicate dancing that makes the prospect of another week bearable.

  11. Profile photo of Tyna Werner
    Tyna Werner

    Wednesday – you should totally read PP&Z – I think you would enjoy it!

    Oh Joan, I hear you about Joss. My Joss fantasy (not like that you dirtybirds!) is that he gets a Tales of the Slayer show on HBO. Nudity, sex, swear words allowed and no tv execs interfering with (yes I read Buffy books too) every episode a different slayer tale set in a new place and time – they have dozens of stories already and the you can always bring SMG back for special “a Buffy tale” episodes. Hollywood?! Get on it!
    .-= Tyna Werner´s last blog ..Packaging porn – Hourglass Prodigy lip gloss =-.

  12. Profile photo of krista

    Don’t feel bad, Stef, Mike gets poop crazy, too :)
    While I don’t have the graphic novel obsession as my hubby, I do have a bizarre love for all things zombie, so I might have to check out that one.
    I am so stoked about the HBO “I’m with the Band” series—I hadn’t heard anything about it.
    I’m more excited than a Pointer Sister right about now… :)

  13. sheena

    wow, that scary cover reminds me of that one episode of Grey’s Anatomy, when there was this face transplant candidate who had a severe accident which deformed his face, and his face looked exactly like that!

  14. Profile photo of lyssachelle

    EEE! It’s SO not fair, we’re letting our geek show on WHT and I missed it?!?

    I think I’ll read the graphic novel version of P&P&Z, although the book just never appealed to me. I’m just not that into zombies. But I will definitely be looking into “I’m with the Band” and “the Dust of 100 Dogs,” both sound great!! (Seriously, that Flashlight Worthy website has completely sucked up my morning…but I love it!!)

    And as a girl comic reader who used to be able to rattle off DC superhero facts like I could my own name (I pre-dated geek chic, so it wasn’t cool just kinda odd…) I SO dig this post. Even if I wasn’t, I’m a Joss fan, so the Fray/Buffy mentions make me happy! Tyna, your comment about Joss on cable is brilliant! BRILLANT, I say!!! Let’s start a campaign….

    I also second the call of Y: The Last Man. But if you’re a wuss like me, don’t read more than on book all at once before you go to bed. Otherwise you’ll have post-Apocalyptic dreams that will make you have to go crawl in bed with your roommate. (Who will then mock you for days about the “picture books that gave you nightmares…”)
    Personally, I recommend Fables or Powers. Fables works off the premise that all the characters from fairy tales and folklore are real, and are forced out of their homeland and made to live in their own community in New York City. It’s awesomeness and occasionally heart-wrenching.
    In Powers, two detectives are part of a unit that deals with crimes by people with superpowers. If you like shows like Law & Order: SVU and you like superheroes, this is totally up your alley. This is also one of my absolute favorite comics; the storylines just grab you. Just be careful, the layouts of the pages aren’t typical so it can be a bit hard to catch on at first. AND, they have what appears to be their first few story arcs online and free is always good. (It’s like the crack dealer giving you JUST a little taste to get you hooked….) http://www.hiddenrobot.com/PDAILY/

    And for regular comics, I will always recommend Kingdom Come…forever and always. (Sorry Mike, even above Identity Crisis, which is good but not as good as I wanted it to be…) Kingdom Come is set in the future and deals with aging superheroes versus a new generation who aren’t as responsible and often do more harm than good. And, because it’s the comic world, they do all kinds of BIG BAD HORRIBLE harm.
    The art is AMAZING and if you’re just vaguely familiar with DC comic characters, it’s stunning. But to a comic reader (and if you are you’ve probably already read this) it’s MIND-BLOWING. Seriously, there are annotations online that you can find and go panel by panel and see comic, literary or biblical meanings and references that you probably didn’t catch the first time reading it. Or the first four times…

  15. Profile photo of Mike


    Amen! You’ve picked some of the best of the best out there (in my opinion).

    I really enjoy Fables (although I haven’t read it in a while). Interesting concept and great writing.

    You are correct in that Kingdom Come is superior to Identity Crisis. Also one of my all time favorites.

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