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Hi my name is Susan and I’m an addict, a lip balm addict. I have a balm in every purse, car, desk drawer and bathroom cabinet that I have available to me. When a certain balm was on sale a few months ago, I bought 12 tubes. I am serious about my lip balms. I thought that I had tried every brand and thought I’d found my favorite, until LypSyl%name LypSyl lip balm review arrived at my door.

Reading the packaging I learn that “LypSyl has been the first choice of European lip care users for generations”. That statement alone makes me happy that I have it and sure I will love it to pieces. Europeans always seem to be one up on us for the best products. I instantly admire the absolute best lip care packaging I have ever seen:
• It’s a very generous oval shaped.
• It has a slide to bring the product to the top instead of a twist of the bottom.
• The little slider isn’t just a plain button, it’s a bee. How cute is that?

LypSylB LypSyl lip balm reviewBut how about the balm itself? LypSyl’s formula was developed over 100 years ago and is made with pure Swedish beeswax. That main ingredient ensures it spreads evenly and creates a smooth base that lets the formula penetrate deeply. And of course, it also makes it smell delicious. (And can I just pipe in that it rivals a certain $45 lip balm I fell in love with just a few months ago? ~Stef)

Since LypSyl%name LypSyl lip balm review arrived, my lips pout a little when I use any other brand. I find myself taking it out and setting it on my desk just because I like to admire how cute it is and everyone is always very envious of it. Lips across America will certainly be happier and healthier once word gets out about this product.

Review Team, what did you think? With five different formulas and found at many drugstores across the country, who’s trading in their brand of balm for LypSyl?

Attention fellow lip balm hoarders: you can stock up at Amazon with this 5 pack of LypSyl Lip Balm%name LypSyl lip balm review. Hmmm, I may need two.


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  1. Profile photo of Kellie

    I have loved LypSyl for a few years now. I am so excited to finally find someone else that knows about this little Swedish gem! The packaging is adorable and kind of fun to play with when bored. I know that I am weird! But beyond that it is just so darn moisturizing! I use it all of the time. It is great for a lipstick/gloss primer. Just apply it. Then blot with blotting paper before apply your color. It really provides a nice canvas for your color! The Berry SPF formula is great for daytime use. The best thing about this balm is that it doesn’t leave any messy built up. I have lips that easily develop layers of junk with certain products. Gross, right? But this stuff is junk free! I highly recommend this balm. It is high end with out the high end price!

  2. Profile photo of turboterp

    Although I wasn’t an official LypSyl tester, I am a longtime fan of this wonderful brand and I just had to chime in. Suzan, you hit the nail on the head when you said your lips pout when you use any other brand. LypSyl is the creamiest, most soothing balm I’ve ever used, and everything else pales in comparison. My only complaint: it’s hard to find in stores where I live! Thanks for spreading the LypSyl love.

  3. Profile photo of tiffany

    This has quickly become one of my favorite lip balms. The packaging is very unique. Love the slide to bring it up and the oval design. The product itself is amazing. The lip balm is so creamy and soothing on chapped lips. The smell is also very pleasing. My husband keeps trying to steal this little gem from me, but I always steal it back when I find it on his nightstand. I think I’ll have to order him one of his own because I really don’t want to share this…it’s that good!

  4. Profile photo of irene

    This sounds awesome. You say it’s available in drugstores? I’m going to look for this product. I’m a huge lip balm fan too, and also love many thing that our little bees produce with a passion. Like tea with honey every single day of my life! Thanks for the heads up on this little number.. I’ll report back once I find it, off to see who carry’s this line.

  5. Profile photo of Stef Andrews
    Stef Andrews

    I love my LypSyl! Like I said above, I honestly love it as much as a $45 lip balm that I own right now. It smells great, but it’s not overpowering. It really moisturizes, not just a surface smoothness. It seems to sink in to your lips and they stay feeling good for hours. Best of all for me is the shape. I love that it’s oval, it fits your lips well. And it’s cute!

    5 big shining stars, what a cheap thrill!
    .-= stef´s last blog ..Julie Hewett Aphrodite bronzer – review =-.

  6. Profile photo of Tyna Werner
    Tyna Werner

    Like Susan, I’m a lip balm hoarder – it must run in the family! I too could not believe there was such a great (and cheap!) lip balm out there that I had never tried. Love the LypSyl, it’s super creamy and moisturizing with just a hint of a tingle. The packaging is cute and I love the extra wide oval shape.

    Kelli – you are right, this is a great primer for lipstick. It keeps the color moist and crack/crease free. Thanks for that tip!

    And, it’s true. The formula of LypSyl is very similar to a very high-end lip balm – the main difference being the $43 difference in price.

    A total 5 star product in my book.
    .-= Tyna Werner´s last blog ..Smashbox Heartbreaker Collection review =-.

  7. Profile photo of Cori

    This looks awesome! I literally have 7 chap sticks in my desk drawer right now….and 2 in my purse, and I’m not a huge fan of any of them. I might have to stop at CVS on my way home and try this one out!

  8. Profile photo of spitfire77

    Ooohh! I will definitely try this! I hate when my lips literally start peeling in the dry, winter months. And yes, I too will have to hide this from the hubby because he is never without his chapstick…he’s like Napoleon Dynamite and freaks out when he can’t find it!!

  9. Profile photo of spitfire77

    Ok, so I was at Walgreens today and found the LypSyl, so of course I got some! You were all right, it is smooth, creamy, doesn’t get clumpy after reapplication, and has a nice mild flavor. Oh, and the tube is truly adorable…looks like I just found my new go to lip balm. I also bought a second tube that has SPF 15 in it with a berry flavor, so I’ll be trying that one out on my trip!

  10. Profile photo of Mel

    I searched the CVS here on vacation in Florida today and could not find this =(((( I looked in the makeup aisles as well as the chapstick aisle near the pharmacy – and the employees had NO idea what I was talking about…the search continues!

  11. Profile photo of Lora Nowak
    Lora Nowak

    Love my fellow lip balm addicts :) I tried the original LypSyl about 4 months ago and ever since then, I have to have it. I too have used very high priced lip balms and treatments and plain old chapstick too. I adore LypSyl and I just recently found “Honey Berry” I love the scent and it does have a slight taste also. LypSyl is super hydrating and it lasts a lot longer than most balms I have used. I find myself actually not searching my pockets or purse for a lip balm every 20 minutes. I am so glad I found this at a local Walgreens and have found it at Walmart too. The unique tube is what caught my attention and the cute little bee on the side to dispense the balm is adorable..packaging is a great lip balm and I will forever be grateful for my hydrated, healthy lips!!

  12. jamm

    My daughter had severe chapped lips which led to lip licking dermatitus- I bought lipsyl which due to the placement of the bee it looks like lypsyt- which although off topic- I find it neccessary to add- has led to my calling it lip sh….anyway…we applied it before bed- and no lie- by morning her lips were 90% healed! It was truly amazing! Lypsyl did overnight what other lip balms couldn’ t after repeated us! I am hooked on this product! It will be the only lip therapy I will ever use!

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