Sparse lashes and brows? wants to help.

code ai Sparse lashes and brows? wants to help.Facial hair is a funny thing. As you get older, it’s grows in places you don’t want it to, and gets sparse in places where you do want it. Downright hilarious, isn’t it? Luckily, there’s a new line on the market aimed to help you in the sparse department –

This brand has dedicated itself to hair regrowth and amplification with 3 very specific products that they call an activation system for lashes and brows. They are: Lash Extend Serum L-117%name Sparse lashes and brows? wants to help. ($115) The star of the group, this contains the highest percentage of active ingredients (something they call Myriplex Technology, unique lipo-peptides said to boost cell’s natural productivity) and promises to make lashes darker, stronger, thicker, and more plentiful.

Lash Extend Primer L-122%name Sparse lashes and brows? wants to help. ($40) This really interested me. Lash-colored fibers that hug to and extend your lashes. (Who ever thought white was a good shade for primers?) Brow Boosting Shaper B-216%name Sparse lashes and brows? wants to help. ($75) This boosts the appearance of brows (ending the need for pencils) AND acts as a setting product to hold them in place (ending the need for gels).

Do they work? Sadly, I can’t tell you. My samples were too small to notice any results (and I didn’t get to try the primer). I will say that I noticed no stinging, something I can’t say for any other lash product I’ve ever tried. But they do have some very impressive results on their before and after page. Some users report improvement in as little as two weeks. Typically it will take about 3-4 weeks to see results, less than half the 8 weeks it takes Latisse and without a prescription.

If you are amongst the lash and brows challenged, your fight just may be over!

Disclosure: This review includes samples that were provided by a PR firm for our consideration. It also contains an affiliate link, a link that gives us a small commission if you purchase the item. For more info, or any questions, please see our disclosure policy.

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    I never tried this. I wish I knew if it worked because I’d love to try it on my sparse brows, but I can’s justify spending $75 on something to test. You would think a sample would be enough to see results, though. Maybe it simply doesn’t work?

    As far as lashes, there are so many great mascaras and lash extenders on the market, why grow my own? Lancome makes good ones; I also liked Lash Tubes (color dries to little tubes around your lashes, making them look thick and full) which simply and easily slide off your lashes when ready to remove. I’m a contact lense wearer so I’ve had trouble with fiber-extending mascaras, though. We’re so lucky that there are so many innovative products out there these days.

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    I can’t help it, I’m so wary of all the latest lash products! Latisse, for example, is FDA-approved but has such scary potential side-effects (like it can turn your iris permanently darker). Any idea if there are similar side effects for

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    Stef Andrews

    Melissa, there’s no side effects listed for this. I want to say it’s not as strong as Latisse, because it’s not prescription. But they do say it works faster…

    And the “no sting” is a very good sign.

    For me, it seems very expensive. But if you truly need help (lots of their before and afters are cancer patients) I think you’d pay just about anything. And I’m sure they’d say it’s well worth it.

    My lashes are luckily pretty abundant. My brows? Piddly.
    .-= stef´s last blog ..Yves Saint Laurent Lip Twins – Packaging porn =-.

  4. Jennifer

    I love these kinds of products – I know the potential side effects of Latisse and I used it with no problems. My lashes were amazing! It was so expensive though I couldn’t justify continuing with it for now. I’m using a product called MultiplEYE from Tarte right now which is $65 and all natural. It takes about a month to show results (hair growth cycles) so I’ll know in a couple of weeks if it is working. If not I’m going to try this product!

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    Stef, you are so right on. I was just saying to the husband today that it is not fair that hair grows at an alarming rate where we do not need it and hides from us when we really could use it’s help. It must be something about getting old!

    My lashes are not bad. But I also worry about stinging from eye products. Nice to hear that this is potentially sting free.

    Now if I could just get my brows to stop growing! I hate tweezing and waxing.

  7. Carisa

    I got this back a month ago with the brow booster, it workers it workers! My lashes are longer and I love it. I have to stock up on this stuff because I don’t ever want short lashes again. It took about three weeks for me to really see the change. Love it!

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