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Growing up I was more of a Little People type of kid then a Barbie girl. But if you’ll take a look at our Photo of the Week, you’ll understand why I’m dying to get my hands on the latest Barbie incarnation from Mattel. Yep, our favorite characters on the small screen, those martini swilling, tortured souls of Mad Men will be getting the Barbie treatment. They might not be the ideal dolls for a little girl and the $74.95 is daunting, but check out the great details! Joan has her signature pen necklace, Don’s suit is cut to perfection and Betty’s dress with matching pumps is utterly divine. Start saving now – this special collection hits stores in July.

• My big discovery this week was truly groundbreaking as I realized, despite my occasional rosy red blotches, my skintone is cool. All right, you may not care, but this will make such a difference when I’m trying to find the perfect foundation or tinted moisturizer. Plus, it explains why even though I love the feel and formula of my Chanel make up, the color is always a little off – the notoriously yellow base of Chanel products works against my cool tone. Want to definitively define your skin tone? Beauty School Blog has a fascinating, detailed lesson plan: Skintones – Am I Cool or Warm?

• We love upcycling and repurposing our vintage scarves! (Click to see our How To: Scarf Gift Wrap). Here’s another fun and useful idea from the crafty folks at Vintage BulletinHow to make a Clutch Purse out of a Scarf

• This week’s aww-moment comes (again) from Cute Overload and some lucky peeps in my home state, Pennsylvania. Check out these incredible images of love and snuggles amongst the green grass between a tabby cat and a doe-eyed deer! Do I need to say anymore? Some Enchanted Morning

R.I.P Alex Chilton – Alternative Rock’s most influential singer songwriter passed away this week and there’s a good chance you’ve never even heard his name. Not to go all Rock Snob on you but the death of Big Star’s Alex Chilton made me ponder the fickle hand of fame. They should have been the biggest band in the world but diverted into cult hero status. Maybe not a lot of people heard the music of Big Star, but chances are good the kids that did went out and started their own band. With acts like R.E.M., Beck, Elliott Smith, Ryan Adams, The Replacements and Wilco citing Chilton as a major influence, that’s a pretty great legacy. The San Francisco Gate has a nice perspective: Why Alex Chilton should have been a big star

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Written by Tyna Werner


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    Yay for joining Team Cool, Tyna! Let me fill you in on a teeny secret, those rose red blotchy patches give away that your cool-toned. Warm undertones usually have orange-red blotches.

    You know what’s really weird about undertones though? You can have super cool skin with WARM colored eyes and/or hair and vice versa. Also, most natural red heads (like Marcia Cross) are warm-toned which sounds weird. I would have used Nicole Kidman as the poster child for red heads, but she’s naturally blonde not red.

    Despite being so cool-toned, my eyes are rather neutral in color as the heavy grey undertones neutralize my amber eyes. It’s weird when it comes to picking out eyeshadows for me.

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    Tyna Werner

    OMG Christy – that Wilco cover of Thirteen breaks my heart! So fabulous – thank you! That’s a really nice article too.

    Here’s my favorite Chilton tribute – an oldie but a goodie from The Replacements: This is a live version from Paul – couldn’t find a good band version:


    Speaking of which – I wish The Mats would get a little more credit too. One of my all time favorite bands. They need a biopic next!

    Katie – thanks for sharing that secret! Who would guess rosy red splotches =s cool skin tones. Readers – check out Katie’s new forum post What Skintone and Undertone are you? for more info and discussions!
    .-= Tyna Werner´s last blog ..PaperBackSwap – for Bookworms on a Budget! =-.

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    Tyna Werner

    Aren’t the Barbie’s great Kellie? Well, the Don is a bit feminine in the face but the ladies are so fabulous. Kellie, the great thing about discovering Alex Chilton is that you get to hear all of his amazing stuff for the first time. Hope you love it!

    And if you all can stand another article – this one might be the best of all and all the comments are great too:

    Rob Sheffield Remembers Ultimate Indie Cult Hero Alex Chilton

    .-= Tyna Werner´s last blog ..Etsy 4 for Friday – In like a lion… =-.

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    Tyna, that Replacements song was my intro to Alex Chilton and his incredible music. I remember going out looking for Big Star cds! I was so sad when I heard the news.

    The skin tone lesson is fascinating, but I’m still a little confused. I am very fair with yellow skin tones (and green veins), and I can tan without burning. I love Chanel foundation! But I look better in white metals and cool clothing colors. I guess I have one of those middle-of-the-road skintones!

    Love the Mad Men Barbies, but I’d want to take them out of the box and play with them!

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    Melissa–I’d say you probably have Olive skintone with cool undertones. I say this from looking at your photo and reading the information you’ve given me. I’ll post another resource for finding more info on my forum post. It is very confusing!

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    Hi guys, if you’re still having problems determining your skintone and undertone, I’ve posted another resource for you to look at on the forum post What Skintone and Undertone are you?

    If you have any questions, need help, want to discuss or find another good resource, please post it in the forum post. It’s there so people can talk about it as it’s VERY confusing. Don’t even get me started on the whole “season” thing.

    Lindsay Griffith–Just looking at your veins can be very misleading. Your skintone may actually override your undertone. For example, someone with Olive skin, their veins may look green (indicating a warm undertone) but they look best in snow white and cool tones. In that case, they have Olive skin with cool undertones, even though their veins look green.

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    I am coveting the Joan Barbie sooooo bad! I just wish she was a little cheaper. How cool would it be if the pen necklace worked? I would die over cuteness overload!
    As for my skin tone, I am confused because sometimes my veins look blue and sometimes they look green…does that make me neutral? It continues to be a mystery…mrrrrrr…. :)

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