we heart weekly – 3.27.10

Dove we heart weekly   3.27.10photos: Stef Andrews

Thank God Spring is finally here (well, it is in California. Sorry rest of the country.). This week was a particularly good start to mine. Besides breaking out my Havaianas and my first of many Cadbury Cream eggs, I also saw this beautiful sign of the change of season, and it’s our Photo of the Week. I came across this Dove on my land who built a nest in a Cholla cactus, the nastiest of all cacti. Birds and bunnies can sit amongst them with no problem. But for humans, if you even glance at them, they stick you with their barbed spikes. Why did she let me get so close? Click the link below and see what she was protecting!

Here are some other things that have me happy lately…

• Oh MAC, why are you determined to all but wipe out my savings account? I’m only just catching my breath after Liberty of London, and here comes another collection I’m dying over; Art Supplies. The beauty blog rockstars (aka Karen and Christine) have had some great sneak peeks of the line:
Lipstain Markers – Makeup and Beauty Blog
Greasepaint sticks – Temptalia

• Hopefully you’re familiar with Oh Joy! the fabulous inspiration and design blog. But did you know that this talented designer is also a foodie? Joy has recently launched Oh Joy Eats, which is less about cooking, more abut eating, and all about gorgeousness of the edible variety!

• Finally, you know Woman’s World magazine? You should, it’s on display on every grocery checkout in America. Well, we feel rather proud that we were in the March 29th edition that was on sale this week. We were interviewed for our thoughts on….marshmallows! Yep, turns out our review of Plush Puffs had us on their radar. Rather random, and really great!

BabyDove we heart weekly   3.27.10 The Mommy was keeping two fat little baby Doves warm! I sneaked a peek at them while she and Pop were off getting food. Sweet, lil’ fuglies aren’t they?

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  1. Profile photo of Kellie

    Thanks for letting me enjoy vicariously your California Spring. Northeast Ohio is still stuck in the 30’s and the looming threat of possible snow. When will it end??

    Major kudos on the WWW mention. Yay!! WHT rocks…and so do marshmallows!! My husband got me one of those microwave smores makers. Awesome for when you don’t have a campfire. But I must try the gourmet marshmallow treats. Yum!

  2. Profile photo of irene

    I got to see the Mommy sitting on the babies with Stef- Amazing to see in person.. had to leave before the babies came into sight.. Thanks for getting them too..
    Congrats on the interview in Women’s world Magazine.. I’ll pick it up at Eastern Newsstand. Plush puffs were really yummy!

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