Etsy 4 for Friday – Vive la France!

%name Etsy 4 for Friday   Vive la France! Bonjour we heart this readers and welcome to our Etsy 4 for Friday! Since I finally got around to reading “Julie and Julia” (loved it – any author that drops Buffy references throughout her book is all right by me), I’ve had French food on my mind. Now I know French cooking involves lots of (icky – to me) cuts of meat, but there is also a whole lot of yumminess in classic French food – meaning enough butter and cream to clog your arteries in a single meal. Yum! And don’t get me started on their desserts…

So, whether you’re a classical French trained chef or just want to add a little joie de vie to your life, I’ve found a number of items on Etsy to help bring the spirit of Julia to your kitchen:

• Starting with this Cooking With Julia – French Spice and Herb Set from The Spice Station (wht review team member Bronwen is the owner -check out her new Etsy store). Anyone can become a better cook using these high quality, bursting with flavor spices and herbs. My favorite tins are the Fines Herbs and the Chervil – just a pinch with your eggs, turns breakfast into something special. This set will soon have you cooking like Julia and it makes a great housewarming gift. $60.00

• Sip your morning coffee and munch on a croissant using a stunning Cobalt Blue Cup and Saucer. A true vintage find, both pieces are labeled Vereco France and unblemished. Purchase just this two-piece set or snap up the entire collection – a total of 8 sets are available from the seller. Act fast, these beauties are going to go quickly! $5.00 per set

• How summery and sweet are these French Glass Canisters? Brighten your kitchen with these vintage Bocal Le Parfait one-liter canisters with air tight lids featuring an array of oranges, cherries, blueberries, peaches and pears. Bonus – a matching toothpick holder is included in the set! $24.00

• Add some flare to your kitchen tools with this trio of Kitchy Red Gadgets from France. The red wooden handled, metal set includes a melon baller, a strainer, and a grater. Just what you need for that cheese and fruit plate to nibble with a glass of wine! $28.00

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Written by Tyna Werner


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    I’m impressed! I just took a lookie loo at “The Spice Station”. What an adorable store. I think it’s truly a hidden treasure for any cook or baker! I really liked the French Spice and Herb Set. Now, I want to go and see everything you have in person, Bronwen! What I love about cooking and baking is that when you use great ingredients everyone knows it! Things just taste and smell better. Recently, Stef gave me (thank you!) one of the vanilla beans from The Spice Station. A vanilla bean from Bronwen ’s Spice Station, puts the rest to shame! My face was the dead give away…I am a vanilla bean freak. I have had some nice ones from a trip to Tahiti and recently a friend gave me some from a trip from Hawaii, but wherever she gets hers is beyond me! This was not your puny vanilla bean from McCormick at Vons! It was the biggest fatty I have ever seen! One bean from the Spice Station is at least three of what you buy at the market. I have some family and friends up in that area and just sent them your link.

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    I love Cobalt glassware…drat you Melissa. Heh..heh..he. Hope your mom likes it.
    That grater is supercute, too. It reminds me that I’ve been on the lookout for cute tin cups–preferably vintage–in the same vein as this grater. I’d like to use them for cold summer cocktails. Anyone have any ideas where to find such an animal? I could repurpose them as cups if they were made for another use (like candle holders, sugar bowl, etc).

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    I want the fancy grater! & I can vouch for the Spice Set!
    Cooking With Julia – French Spice and Herb Set is really a perfect Mothers Day gift, if your Mama loves to cook!

    Melissa you got a great gift for your Mom! That cobalt set is adorable! :)

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    What a great round up! I loved “Julie and Julia” (both the book and the movie!) and being the wanna-be gourmet chef that I am my husband buys me cookbooks instead of flowers, etc. (Yeah, we’re romantic :P) Needless to say I have almost all the Julia Childs cookbooks and I love using them.

    Those French glass canisters are so cute! They remind me of some of the jars my family would use for canning before all the paint got chipped off. Good finds!

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    Tyna Werner

    I had such an fun and easy time finding 4 French picks – I may have a Part Duex someday soon!

    @Pamela Irene – Mmm, aren’t the Vanilla Beans from Spice Station awesome? Did you get to try anything from Stef’s collection of slats and peppers? I swear, using these salts has improved my cooking so much – woot.

    @Melissa – Hooray, I’m so glad you got your Mom one of the Colbolt Blue sets. And the last one – lucky Mom! She’ll love it. and I’m a teeny bit jealous!

    @Sherri Houtz – have you tried etsy for your tin cups? I’ll keep an eye out for you – sounds like something Stef may see in her desert thrifting. She has such amazing selection!!

    @Amanda Miller – heh, I think any type of book as a gift is romantic. Does that mean I’m a nerd? oh well – I am what I am!
    .-= Tyna Werner´s last blog ..Our guide to Awesomely Bad Teen Television =-.

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    Thanks for the intro to Bronwen’s Spice Station – what an incredible shop!! I go to lots of cooking classes and many times don’t end up trying the recipes b/c they always include hard-to-find spices…guess I need to have Winnie send some spices to Michigan!

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    Tyna, The Spice Station RULES! I just can’t express with enough oomph that she’s got the best Vanilla Beans around.. Tell her to post a picture comparing them to what we buy in the store! It’s a joke! And yes, Stef gave us a show and tell of the spices she had from Bronwen..We all were commenting how great they would be to use in a variety of dishes.. I really want to go there!

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    Great round up Tyna! And I just got a copy of Julie and Julia and can’t wait to read it (I loved the movie!). I’m still a bit intimidated by french cooking myself, luckily one of my good friends has been experimenting a lot with authentic french cooking. I’ll have to show him that spice so I can continue to reap the benefits of his french culinary skills. ;)

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