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Forget the Civil War, or the Crusades, or Jennifer Aniston vs. Angelina Jolie — the truly eternal conflict on this planet is lipstick versus lipgloss. Lipstick gives you a true, rich color, generally has a consistent texture across brands, and usually lasts longer (if applied the right way). Lipgloss, on the other hand, is shiny, can possibly taste good, and, on occasion, can plump your lips up, collagen-style.

The gloss-or-stick war is a stalemate of World War proportions. The split in my makeup collection is actually about even. I often layer gloss on top of stick. The two different types of products often require different uses– lipstick for a conservative office, lipgloss for a night on the town. Lipstick is the old-school classic. So much so that they were wearing it in ancient Egypt. Queen Cleopatra wore coloring from crushed beetles and ants to make her pout rouge! Lipgloss is the new kid on the block – Max Factor invented the original, called X-Rated in 1932 and the original formula was sold up until 2003 (and was my introduction into lipgloss addiction, thank you very much ~Stef)

JHLA JacquelineB 300x214  Julie Hewett Jacqueline lipstickBut, in the case of we heart this favorite Julie Hewett Bijou Lipsticks–specifically the bright posy-pink Jacqueline – lipstick has KO’d gloss this round. This lipstick is creamy and light. It’s not sticky and it doesn’t taste like vinyl or something equally undesirable–it must be the Essence of Orange Blossom which Hollywood pro Julie Hewett adds to her concoction. Worn alone it’s a pretty sheer pink tint. I layer a clear lip balm before smoothing on a couple layers of Jacqueline for a gorgeous “lip-stain” looking pink pout.

Here at we heart this, the general agreement is that Miss Hewett creates the Best Lipsticks Ever…just check out Christy’s take on The Perfect Red Lipstick from the wht archives. Every JHLA lipstick the review team encounters receives similar raves, “sleek functional packaging,” “a smooth and long lasting formula,” “a gorgeous and flattering shade”, and Jacqueline deserves the same praise.

This one gets five stars from me. How about you? Loving Jacqueline? Or everything JHLA? Let us know!


Cosmetics connoisseur, France fanatic, great gal; this post was brought to you by wht member Katie.

Disclosure: This review includes products that were provided by the manufacturer/PR firm for our consideration. For more info, or any questions, please see our disclosure policy.

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  1. Profile photo of Kellie

    I have not yet tried Julie Hewett. But I must soon. I know that WHT is absolutely in love with her products!! Jacqueline looks like no exception. What a beautiful color!

    When a lipstick or lip gloss formula is top notch then there is no need to choose between the types. There is enough love to go around. I am an equal opportunity lip product consumer when it comes to great quality products. It sounds like Julie Hewett has cornered the market on all fronts. Yay!!!!

  2. Profile photo of turboterp

    I’ve loved every Julie Hewett product I’ve tried, but somehow I’ve never tried any of her lip products! Yes, me, the lip product maniac! Jacqueline looks and sounds beautiful. Essence of Orange Blossom? How perfect is that? I must have this, Katie!

  3. Profile photo of kari

    Seriously, everyone needs to own the Jacqueline lipstick!!

    When I saw how pink Jacqueline was in the tube I was a bit wary, as sometimes really bright pink lip stick looks weird on my skin tone. But Julie Hewett’s Bijou line, as Katie pointed out, is creamy and light…honestly, I’ve never used a lipstick this silky smooth and it’s light enough that it gave my lips just the perfect hint of flirty pinkness! Plus that orange blossom smell is divine!

    Katie, I’m going to try your “lip stain” trick, I bet it looks hot!

    Jacqueline is amazing. This definitely wins this round over gloss.

  4. Corinna B

    I love Julie’s lipsticks! I use them all the time both in my kit and on myself. Yesterday I used Simone an a magazine cover shoot, and even after 9 hours in makeup, the model’s lips were smooth and even.
    The color holds so beautifully.

    I’m going to try out your lip stain trick too :)

  5. Profile photo of irene

    What’s not to love about julie hewett? I can’t wait to get my hands on Jacqueline lipstick! I have Simone too, and love it Corinna! It’s soooooooooo perfect for right now! My lips love jh products!

  6. Profile photo of Mel

    First of all, Stef or whoever took this picture up top – it’s gorgeous! I just want to put my lips up to the computer and slide them all across that beautiful lipstick!! Who doesn’t love a fresh tube c’mon?!!! And I as well, totally adore JH lipsticks – well, anything JH. I am the lucky owner also of Simone and one of her reds – and they are two of my most favorite lipsticks for the texture, durability, and scent. I don’t own this one, but I want to! And I’m not even a pink fan!

  7. Profile photo of Amanda

    Kellie, you will LOVE this lippie! You should totally try it out.

    I think one of my favorite things about JH lipsticks is the scent. I love that orange blossom scent! It’s a nice, perky smell that really brightens up even the groggiest of mornings. Love it!

  8. Profile photo of christy

    I adore JH lipstick as you all know :) from my review on her Reds which are totally my go to lipsticks. I LOVE my Red, but Jacqueline is a really nice subtle everyday pink and has been a welcome change for me! I love the soft pink color, and of course it’s super nourishing, as all of her lipsticks are.
    As the ladies mentioned, the orange blossom, the hint of color, and the soft feel, this is another easy 5 star JH product.
    She ROCKS the lipstick world!
    Great write up Katie :)

  9. Profile photo of Stef Andrews
    Stef Andrews

    Boo! I don’t like how Jacqueline looks on me. I really, really wanted to. But it’s just far too cool for my warm skin. If you’re cool and a pink lover, she’s your girl. But we’re not going to be friends, I’m afraid. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a beaute. We’re just too different. But don’t be sad for me, me and Simone are still getting on well!

    And here’s a scoop for you, this is the lipstick version of MAC’s English Accents lip glass from Liberty of London (which I also bought and can’t wear). Both are a creamy medium blue based pink. I bet it would be gorgeous if you layered the 2.

    One more thing, I’ve come to the conclusion that JHLA bijou lipsticks are the lipstick for people who don’t like lipstick. They’re sheer, light and wear more like a balm than anything. They’re a great “throw on some lipstick and a lick of mascara and you’re out the door” kind of product.
    .-= Stef´s last blog ..MAC Pret-a-Papier Collection and Launch Party =-.

  10. Profile photo of spitfire77

    I got to try Jacqueline and must say I adored it! I am loving Julie’s products and the lipstick has me sold! The cool pink actually looked good with my complexion and I am so impressed with how creamy this lipstick went on! It feels as light as a gloss but had more pigment and coverage. I also love the orange blossom scent. I will definitely be trying more of her lipsticks! Oh and thanks for the tip Stef…I own the Liberty of London English Accents so I will have to try them together. Another five star from me.

  11. Profile photo of krista

    I adore JH and her lipsticks are DIVINE! I wear my Nude Noir and Gem Noir lipsticks constantly…I’m definitely lean towards lipstick over gloss, but every so often there is a gorgeously pigmented gloss that calls my name. Mostly, I stick to sheer lipsticks and tinted balms for everyday wear because they tend to be less drying and I get the color payoff I want. I’ve been meaning to try this Bijou line for a while and Jaqueline looks lovely…I swear, I have a JH wishlist that’s about a mile long already :P

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  13. Profile photo of Tyna Werner
    Tyna Werner

    I’m with you @melinda – I just want to eat those lipsticks they look so pretty.

    As a former non lipstick wearer I have to say JHLA has converted me too. They have such a sheer lightweight formula and gorgeous colors – I have no doubt her lipsticks will someday soon take over the beauty world!

    Oh and @himekosorano – I have the Rose Balm in the tube and I adore it! As a germaphobe I love being able to use this at all times and not having to worry about sticking my fingers into the product. The formula seems exactly the same just a tad “firmer” to stay in it tube form. Since the day I got it, it goes everywhere with me.
    .-= Tyna Werner´s last blog ..MAC Pret-a-Papier Collection and Launch Party =-.

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