Yep…we all turn into our Mothers

Mom Tupperware Yep...we all turn into our MothersYou never really think it will happen to you. It’s usually something you hear your Dad say to your Mom, just to irk her: “You’re turning into your mother.” People warn you about it. But it’s one of those things that you don’t even really understand until it happens to you. I really never thought it would happen to me– I (still) think, in a lot of ways, that I am much more like my Dad. And sure, it can be pretty scary at times…because turning into your Mother creeps into your life without you ever knowing it. Why do I buy Gold Medal Flour and use Tide laundry detergent? Because my Mom always did. And she does it because her Mom always did. No need to fix what isn’t broken.

Ever since I can remember, my Mom has used these Orange Tupperware Servialier Canisters to keep her flour, sugar, brown sugar, and coffee in. They aren’t even kept in sight, just in a cabinet that’s handy. In the last few years, those canisters have really gotten to bug me. They’re so ugly. So orange. Yeah, they work fine, but they’re older than I am (at least 24 years old!) I suggested to my Mom, “don’t you just want to update?” She answered “No. They work just fine, who cares how they look.” Whenever I’m home, I inevitably get put to work in the kitchen. So I often have the opportunity to complain about them or to ask her to reconsider her position on keeping those Carrot-orange ugly pieces of plastic. But they’re still there.

My TupperwareB Yep...we all turn into our MothersFast forward to February of this year. I moved to San Antonio to start my career. My first time to living alone, first real, big-girl apartment. Cooking has become really soothing to me, a good way to pass the evenings since I moved to a city where I don’t know a soul. It’s sort of a pain to keep the sugar bag from getting sticky, and making sure the zip lock on the flour bag is resealed. You know what would be good? Some nice looking, not overly expensive, airtight canisters to store my flour and such in. Oh yeah, and they can not be ugly!

I see some Tupperware in a kiosk in the mall and make a mental note to myself to check eBay to see what kind of deals could be found on some sleek new tupperware canisters. I’m really into green right now, so I make sure to put in “green” in the search terms. Results come up: the first thing that appears are some adorable apple-green canisters—JUST LIKE MY MOTHER’S! After the ups and downs of bidding, losing and then finally winning them, I then had to work up the nerve to move the foot-in-my-mouth aside enough to admit to my mom what I had done. Which I finally did, at Easter, and she even had enough reserve to not say “I told you so!”

KatieandMom Yep...we all turn into our MothersWhether its tupperware canisters, hobbies, or habits — sometimes it is wonderful to have a little bit of your mom with you everyday, especially if she’s not just a mile down the road anymore. So now, anytime that I am making cookies or stirring up gravy for a pot roast, I’ll always remember how it’s OK to turn into your mother – because mother always knows best.

(At right: the canister lovin’ duo at Katie’s college graduation.)

Cosmetics connoisseur, France fanatic, great gal; this post was brought to you by wht member Katie.

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  1. Profile photo of Tyna Werner
    Tyna Werner

    Aww and hee, hee – love this post @kate2004rock! I too at first was terrified at the thought of turning into my Mom. But with a little maturity, I’ve realized what’s wrong with that?

    My Mom’s smart, generous, loyal, funny, hard working and all around a great person – I’m proud to be like her. Now, everytime I do or buy something “mom like” ie: pick up a bottle of Tide (Moms love Tide, huh?), get misty of sappy tv or movies, or read an entire book in one sitting – it makes me smile (and want to call my Mom).

    Thanks for such a great read! And thanks to my Mom for all you do!
    .-= Tyna Werner´s last blog ..Sugarbomb – the latest Boxed Powder from Benefit =-.

  2. Profile photo of sherrishera

    Hmmm…I’ve turned into a bit of a serial coffee mug collector like my mom. I’m not sooo bad (she has an entire kitchen cupboard dedicated to mugs), but I’m getting there. At least I eschew the “World’s Greatest…” and silly sayings mugs, preferring the much haughtier daschund and souvenir varieties…

  3. Profile photo of Stef Andrews
    Stef Andrews

    Great post @kate2004rock! And oh-so true. It amazing how it sneaks up on you. I catch myself saying things sometimes and I literally have to stop in my tracks at how Mom-like it is. Things I’d rather not do (like nagging, sorry Mom…and Hubby!) but also traits that I feel eternally blessed to have. My Mom taught me to love animals, treat people like you’d like to be treated yourself and how to decorate like a pro.

    Wow, do I miss my Mom right now!

    And speaking of decorating, @kate2004rock – did you tile your kitchen? It’s is so stinking cute. Are they plates?

    Lastly, @tyna, stop hitting on Katie’s Mom!
    .-= Stef´s last blog ..Benefit Velvet eyeshadows – Slip into something comfortable =-.

  4. Profile photo of Marilyn

    This post is too funny :P Those containers are much cuter in green than orange, but it’s so funny that you have the same ones as your mom. In some ways, I’m really like my mom, and in some ways, I’m definitely not. And those are both good things!

  5. Nancy

    What a great mother’s day to read such a great post from my daughter! Kitchen’s have a way about reminding you of your mother. I still miss my mother too! My mom turns 80 in June (Katie’s grandma). She is still an inspiration and a great mom to her five children and her 8 grandchildren. She always puts others first.

  6. Profile photo of irene

    Great post. Well, I have my moms hands and feet! HA! Hopefully, I’m half the woman she was.. losing her when she was only 47 still leaves me wanting. She was all together lovely! Miss you Mommie.. xoxoxo

  7. Profile photo of lyssachelle

    What a great post @katie2004rock! My mother had those same canisters, you brought back memories of baking cookies with her when I was little!
    I talk to my mom probably every day, and I never take that for granted. She’s the best!

  8. Profile photo of tiffany

    It’s so true @kate2004rock…we all turn into our moms eventually. The funny thing is I see so many things in my young daughter that are just like me already. I think to myself poor thing is going to be just like her momma! Oh well, at least she has good taste right? :)

    BTW, I grew up in San Antonio. Let me know if you need any info. on the city. It’s a great town. Just went back there for Mother’s Day weekend for a mini vacation and had so much fun.

  9. Profile photo of brooklynshoebabe

    HA!!! Before you even showed your new canisters, I was thinking “I always wanted the green ones.” lol. Slowly but surely I’m turning into my grandmother and mom every day. Using such catch phrases as “Fix your face!” or “if I find it, I keep it.”

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