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This week we were invited back to the 2nd Annual South Coast Plaza blogger event. Long time readers will know of our undying love of this shopping destination. We’ve even had a week of posts declaring just that, which easily could have been a whole month. From Chanel, Prada and Gucci, to Kiehl’s, MAC and Space NK (just a few of their over 250 boutiques); fashionistas and beauty mavens will never be left thinking “is that it?”

SCP2 we heart weekly   South Coast Plaza blogger event

The event was a smashing success. With the vacation season upon us, the theme of the day was jet setting. And that’s exactly what we did, jetted around SCP to six different locations, checking out the latest to have you packing like a pro and looking fab when you arrive.

We met some great people on the journey too. We quickly bonded with the other beauty bloggers; Sabrina from The Beauty Look Book and Diane from Orange to L.A., two of the sweetest and most knowledgeable beauty diehards I’ve ever met. I was also happy to see Christopher from Juli B. (we’ve started more than a few lemmings for each other via email since last years event) and was in awe of the enigma that is Barbra Horowitz, stylist extrodinare.

We saw just a small taste of what SCP has to offer, but it was rather tasty! Here’s how the day unfolded…

SCP4 we heart weekly   South Coast Plaza blogger event Cat Cora made these!

• We began in the VIP Access Suite with champagne, nibbles and a girls best friend; a gift bag! These canvas totes were not only adorable (and stuffed with goodies), but there were already murmurs of which designer would be providing next years theme. I look forward to collecting these! The VIP Access Suite is amazing as well, a lush multi-room haven in the middle of it all, where world-class shoppers can plan some much needed down time.

SCP we heart weekly   South Coast Plaza blogger event just one of the beautiful architectural features in SCP

SCP7 we heart weekly   South Coast Plaza blogger event

Let the shopping begin! Tumi is world renowned for quality luggage that is simply elegant in style and low on bling, but bursting with clever (and useful) touches. We oogled their collections as we watched a helpful demonstration on “How to pack like a jet-setting pro”. Our two favorite tips:

  1. Plan your outfits for each travel day and then load into separate Tumi Packing Pouches or Cubes – no more pawing through your luggage searching for all the pieces to a look. It makes living out of a suitcase so much easier!
  2. Always plan on bringing home more than you packed. The Just In Case Tote ($95) found in our SCP goodie bag is the perfect solution for trips where you get a little crazy in the souvenir store. It’s a lightweight, large foldable tote stored in a thin pouch. Oh, and this genius bag can be slipped over the handles of most suitcases for hands free toting!

• We were then whisked to the quaintly sized yet well appointed Spa Nordstrom for a St. Tropez bronzing session (faces only, though I would have gladly stripped for these results!) Like a finely oiled, tanning machine, they bronzed each of us in just seconds. We know first hand that St. Tropez makes great self tanners, but there really is something special about having someone do this for you; instant all-over glowing color, without a streak to be seen for a mere $55! Just one of the many services you can schedule during your shopping extravaganza.

SCP5 we heart weekly   South Coast Plaza blogger event

• Next, our very first visit to the SCP location of the celebrated NYC boutique Henri Bendel. Those legendary brown and white stripes welcomed us, and as expected, the lovely store was filled with little luxuries that had every blogger in attendance “Oohing” and “Ahhing” at least once. We got an up-close look and presentation of a few new items (above image) from the Summer Sirens and Bendel Girls Travel Essentials collections.

These collections are stuffed with stylish summer solutions for packing, travel and fun. We especially coveted the 3-piece Laundry Set (below) and the Debutante Asymmetric Whipstich Clutch.

SCP6 we heart weekly   South Coast Plaza blogger event

Then, a few moments to browse the merchandise! I fell head over heels for the Debutante Ring (that’s it in our very top image). Tyna was immediately drawn to the rows of heavenly scented candles (one of her favorite indulgences). We were equally excited by the simply divine Bendel Perfumes, especially the Orange Blossom & Tangerine. And we’re both loving the mini lotions found in our goodie bags (I’m wearing Wild Fig at this very moment!)

SCP3 we heart weekly   South Coast Plaza blogger eventa rainbow of panties at {intimacy}

• One of the newest addition to SCP is {intimacy}, the bra fit specialists. I’ll tell you, after meeting with them I was ready to burn my bra. Not for any feminist movement, but due to inadequacy! They estimate 85% of women are wearing the wrong bra size. I know I am one of them. They offer 20 minute holistic fittings. What does that mean? No tape measures, they do it by bra fit only. (Doubters, check out the Bra Fit Makeover before and after pictures.) And not only will they find you the right size, but they’ll find you the most flattering one for your body type. Trust your girls to “The Bra Whisperer,” founder, Susan Nethero, who was trained under the Queen of England’s Royal Bra Fitter. (I started a new bra fund immediately!)

SCP8 we heart weekly   South Coast Plaza blogger event Hama Hama Oyster shooters

• Our journey ended with a fabulous fusion of cuisine and couture at AnQi (the newest restaurant from the family who brought you Crustacean). We dined on inventive (sometimes molecular) masterpieces with an Asian flair while we watched a La Perla fashion show happening on their built-in catwalk (only at South Coast Plaza do restaurants have catwalks!) I don’t know what was more impressive; watching models stroll by from Jimmy Choo level or the incredible five course meal they presented us. Heaven!

SCP9 we heart weekly   South Coast Plaza blogger event

A huge thanks to everyone at SCP (especially their amazing marketing team, including our very own Pam) and the uber-fabulous Michelle and Alex at Blab Communications for a day we won’t soon forget.

Disclosure: Our attendance at this event, and any items received during it, did not guarantee any party a wht feature. For more info, or any questions, please see our disclosure policy.

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Written by stef


  1. Sabrina

    Hi Stef – great review :) Heehee the oyster shooters. How were they by the way? Funny you were the only one at our table brave enough to try them.

    Great pics. Makes me want to go AGAIN … as in go back tomorrow, lol.

    Hope you have a great weekend! We should meet up again soon.

  2. Profile photo of Kellie

    So jealous of you lovely ladies!It looks you had a blast! I hope to get to SCP one day. It just looks divine.

    You both work so hard for us here at WHT. You more than deserved to be pampered at SCP. Awesome!!!!!!!!!

  3. Profile photo of krista

    Okay, so I am beyond jealous. Is it because you got to shop in luxury? Yes, that plays a small part in my envy. However, it is mostly because of the red velvet cupcakes—my favorite! *sigh*
    That 3-piece bag set for laundry, lingerie, and shoes is so on my wishlist now–ADORABLE!
    It looks like you ladies had a lot of fun!

  4. Profile photo of Tyna Werner
    Tyna Werner

    We sure did have tons of fun! The SCP is a shoppers paradise ladies, try to get there if you can. Thanks to Sabrina and Diane for stopping by here at wht – we had a great time getting to know both of you!

    @Krista – the cupcakes were insanely good and super moist – we loved them before we discovered they were by the famous Cat Cora. And that travel set is so on my wishlist too. I have a nice laundry bag for travel that I love, but it’s a little small, and quickly fills up on vacations more than 48 hours. This bag was a pretty good size and so very very cute. The lingerie and shoe bags make it so tempting…
    Tyna Werner recently posted..Etsy 4 for Friday – Bret Easton Ellis edition

  5. Profile photo of Stef Andrews
    Stef Andrews

    @Sabrina – as an oyster lover, I can declare that they were really, really good! And yes, we should def. meet up again soon. I heart your blog! (everyone, go check out the http://www.thebeautylookbook.com/)

    @Diane – I did not get the ring. I opted for clogs instead. But, oh how I want it! Wasn’t the jewelry amazing at Henri Bendlel?
    (and everyone, can I have your attention again? Check out http://www.orange2la.com too!)

    @krista – you should have heard the “oooh!” when they told us “Oh yeah, Cat Cora was here last night for an event and made those cupcakes” I couldn’t have run to them faster.

    And that laundry set is really reasonably priced too, under 40 bucks I believe…
    I think it would be the perfect gift!

    And to everyone else, we should have a we heart South Coast Plaza day and EVERYONE should come! Good idea, right?
    Stef recently posted..ModelCo – Wows the Audience with Lip Lights gloss

  6. Profile photo of glamazon56

    Oooo! I am green with envy! Sounds like such a fun, girly day!
    I love everything especially the packing tips..although I don’t yet own a Tumi, I will now pack my clothes by outfit to avoid the ‘rummage’ that destroys my well precision packed suitcase! What a great day!

  7. Profile photo of turboterp

    Wow, what a day you had! SCP is now on my must-visit list! The St. Tropez bronzing alone would make me so happy (I’m a huge St. Tropez fan thanks to wht. Just bought another large bronzing lotion, in fact!). I loveeeee Henri Bendel, too. Their brown and white striped travel totes are classic and durable!

  8. Profile photo of Cori

    I’m a lover of food, and those pics of the cupcakes and oysters made my mouth water!

    I’m liking your idea @stef to have a WHT day at SCP! Pay for my plane ticket? :D

    I used to work at Victoria’s Secret and we did bra fittings too, it was really surprising how many women were in the wrong size. Once they were in the right one it was like they changed into a much happier person. I think though, that a lot of women feel uncomfortable getting fitted, or having someone else know how big/small they may be, so I do like how intimacy does a holistic fitting. I think everyone should get fitted at least once a month. Our weight changes and that means our boobs do too. So why not treat ourselves to a nice fitting bra each month??

  9. Profile photo of sherrishera

    These shopping posts kill me! I must not shop, I must not shop, I must not…
    I do own a piece of Tumi luggage in red and it is fine luggage; eventually I hope to have a complete Tumi collection…maybe in a rainbow of colors like the pretty photo.
    On an entirely different note, those cupcakes look ridiculously amazing.
    I’m so wishing that I had been there (lived in SoCal 13 years and never have been to South Coast Plaza…only heard the legend). Then again, maybe it’s a good thing for my creditors that I was not.

  10. Profile photo of Amanda

    I’ve always, ALWAYS wanted to go to SCP but I’ve yet to have the chance! I’m so jealous that you girls got to go. And what a VIP treatment! Those cupcakes look so tasty, but I have to say- I hate oysters! Only having had them once perhaps I just need to give it the old college try again, but perhaps not :P

    Finally, I love the word “panties.” When did people stop saying that? It’s such a cute word! LOL

  11. Profile photo of jpal

    I was at SCP too many years ago and from this post I can see it is high time I go back! I am most intrigued by the bra fitting. Bra whisperer here I come! Thank you @stef and @tyna for bringing back all the wonderful tips and blog musts, photos and fun times…weheartYOU!

  12. Profile photo of Mel

    The Tumi packing pouches – what a great idea!! It’s one of those things that make you think – why didn’t I think of that one sooner?? And I LOVE the laundrey set – would make a great gift the way it’s presented. Would really love to have it for weekend trips…but it looks pretty small too – lingerie ok, but the shoe and laundry bag would need to be MUCH bigger! What fun – I’m happy you girls had such a good visit again…I still remember the first trip when you introduced me through your trip to the wonders of Jo Malone – made me a lifelong customer!

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