Celebrate the 4th with a Trio of Patriotic Cocktails

Hooray for the red, white and booze blue!

RWB Cocktails 4th Celebrate the 4th with a Trio of Patriotic Cocktails

Everyone’s gearing up for the biggest celebration of the summer here in the States, the 4th of July. And the calendar is smiling upon us this year with a perfectly placed three day weekend. Seems the plan of the entire country is to picnic and frolic until the fireworks (and beyond) on Sunday…and spend Monday (a national holiday) recouping from the festivities.

Sounds good to me. Now on to the important stuff – the cocktails. Sadly, most drinks on the 4th are served in red, plastic, disposable cups and contain some type of Kool-Aid or sugary punch. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but this year I wanted something a little more elegant. Why not toast America’s birthday with a little more style? After much research, (ahh, trusty Google) I present a trio of elegant cocktails in red, white and blue to add a little patriotic class to this year’s celebration:

Declare your independence with one (or more) of these colorful cocktails:

The super easy and fabulously hued Raspberry Limeade Cooler (left image) from The Kitchen offers a bright, punchy color and fruity drink without the overbearing sweetness of many cocktails. In a pinch this drink can be made with Limeade (as this recipe calls) but I say make the effort of squeezing fresh limes for the holiday.

More Red Options:
How about the Watermelon Mojitos from Martha Stewart? Or go with a classic, The Food Network claims to have the Perfect Bloody Mary formula (you might want to save this one for Monday morning).

I am so excited to try the Lavender Lemonade (center image) from Shindig 411. They offer all the details on making a simple syrup with lavender for your lemonade. Set aside some for the non-drinkers. Then add a splash or two of vodka or gin, a slice of lemon, a sprig of lavender and celebrate.

More White Options:
One of my old standby’s, the White Wine Spritzer gets a bad rap. I’m not sure why – it’s light, tasty, pretty and simple to make. Plus – people may mock, but they like to drink them. Make a batch and see. If you are thinking more tropical, you can’t go wrong with a Pina Colada – like this beloved ice blended version from Paula Deen.

All right, normally a blue cocktail does not make me think “elegant”, but the Blue Bombsicle (right image) is a pretty drink (with a funny name). Made with just UV Blue Vodka (a midwest vodka flavored with raspberries) and lemonade this cocktail is a cinch for a busy hostess. You could even use the lavender lemonade recipe above if you’re feeling adventurous.

More Blue Options:
That 50’s favorite, The Blue Hawaiian has a special place in my heart even though I never need to drink one again! This old school drink was sipped by Stef and I many a night at our favorite tiki bar (RIP Lava). Try this “authentic” version from Drinks Mixer. And if you are feeling very bold, try this killer cocktail – The Blue Motorcycle I found on allrecipes. Warning: this drink is also known as the “Adios” or “Call Me a Cab” – proceed with caution!

Have a Safe and happy 4th of July!

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Written by Tyna Werner


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    Tyna Werner

    @stef and I just made a similar Watermelon drink last weekend – it was really yummy but a lot of work. The linked version above from Martha looks a little easier.

    I’ve never tried any UV Vodka but they have a lot of fab images and interesting recipes – anyone ever try it?

    And I may not be up to it for the 4th, but the next cocktail I make is going to be the Raspberry Limeade – sweet and tart – my fave type of drink.
    Tyna Werner recently posted..Recipe flashback- Corn- Avocado and Tomato Salad

  2. Profile photo of irene

    @stef, I agree.. those Lavender Lemonades made me think of Charlie Palmer’s Lavender Lemondrops instantly too! Here’s the dagger..I have to be honest, I had one of what you refer to just yesterday at CP happy hour! Pretty and delish!

  3. Profile photo of tiffany

    I’m book marking these links. I love to try new drinks. I made the Watermelon Mojitos for the 4th and they were a huge hit. Very yummy and festive too. I really want to try the lavender lemonade next…sounds perfect for a hot summer day.

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