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Today we’re going to share our slightly nerdy side with you (ok, one of our slightly nerdy sides). We heart funny music. So, when better then YouTube week to bring you some of our favs, with nary a Weird Al clip in site (though I have to admit, Eat It kinda cracks me up!) It would be easy to chalk all of these up to novelty acts, but here’s the thing; they’re really quite good! See for yourself…

• The idea for this post came about due to the unhealthy, obsessive love I’m having lately for the Flight of the Concords. This New Zealand, self proclaimed “fourth most popular guitar-based digi-bongo acapella-rap-funk-comedy folk duo” has been around since 1998, but really came to fame with the HBO series of the same name that debuted in 2007. Maybe it’s because I’ve got a soft spot for quirky guys with accents. Or more probable, it’s because the music is so damn clever. I can watch these clips 100 times (and have) and laugh every time.

Picking a favorite was near impossible. Just as fabulous as If Your Into it, is Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenocerous, the spoof of every 80s video ever made: Fashion is Danger and a song that anyone whose ever been in a long term relationship will appreciate Business Time (about unstated, yet scheduled weekly lovemaking).

• As if I need to explain how brilliant Spinal Tap is! This faux documentary (“rockumentary, if you will”) follows the 80s British metal band as they set out to promote their new album ‘Smell the Glove’. On top of being quoted probably more than any film on the planet (especially by musicians who can relate to, and cringe at, every moment) the music is not only hysterical, but insanely catchy. Big Bottom gets stuck in my head every time I hear it, which can be very embarrassing to be caught singing a song about a dreamboat with a fat ass.

My other favorite song has to be Gimme Some Money, which is shown during a career flashback retrospective. Christopher Guest’s face (especially during the guitar solo) and the cameo by Ed Begley Jr. as Stumpy Peeps, one of a long line of drummers who die in progressively funnier deaths (Stumpy in a freak gardening accident) makes this an instant classic.

• We wouldn’t be true PA girls if we didn’t have a soft spot for the Dead Milkmen, the quintessential 80s Philly punk band. We saw them play at least 50 times and have been to every location they name check in the classic Punk Rock Girl at least double that. Plus, the singer’s PA accent makes me smile every time.

Just as good, the song that sadly does not exist on video, is Instant Club Hit, a scathing song that cleverly proves to poseurs (which being considered was a fate worse than death to a cool kid) that “(they’ll) dance to anything”.

Who are we missing we heartsters? Who cracks you up?

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    YouTube is blocked in my office (the horror!) so I won’t get to enjoy the videos until later, but I just had to chime in with my own love of the Dead Milkmen. I saw them every time they came through Baltimore and even took a couple of Philly road trips to see them play. Their Bitchin’ Camaro was the BEST… I wonder it there’s a video for that?

    I’m sure everyone has seen these, but my favorite recent funny videos are Sarah Silverman’s I’m F****ing Matt Damon, and Jimmy Kimmel’s follow-up I’m F***ing Ben Affleck. Hilarious!

  2. Profile photo of lyssachelle

    BOOOOO for being at work right now and have class tonight! I’ll have to watch these when I get home, but I can’t wait! It’s amazing enough to be able to compose a great song, but to be funny while doing it? Awesome.

    There’s a line between funny musicians and musical comedians, but my favorite muscial comedians are Stephen Lynch and Bo Burnham. HILARIOUS.

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    I can’t thank you enough for these videos…so funny! I love Flight of the Conchords and haven’t seen any of their clips in awhile….pure genius!

    I just listened to an NPR interview with Joan Rivers the other day and I was roaring! Her documentary is out and I can’t wait to see it…

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    Ahem, thanks @stef, now I have “Big Bottom” playing in my mind… you know I’ll be caught singing it somewhere I shouldn’t! Hillarious though! I love Flight of the Conchords and am still laughing.. and lastly, your loves the Dead Milkmen – so great to see such odlies but goodies!

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