we heart weekly – 8.14.10

whw081410 we heart weekly   8.14.10

Look at the view I woke up to one day this week! We forgot to shut our blinds one night and I rolled over in my bed at dawn only to find the sun streaming in on my vanity, making it look like the Holy Grail. I wanted to wake up and put on lipstick! Of course, I knew it had to be our Photo of the Week (especially after stumbling out of bed to find my camera!)

Here are some other heavenly visions from the week…

I can’t bake to save my life. But I *think* I might be able to whip up an ice cream cake. Check out this one from Epicurious: Coconut Coffee Marbled Ice Cream Cake. It’s layered coffee ice cream and coconut sorbet crusted with a mix of chocolate wafers and espresso powder. Oh my freaking yum.

• They are starting to promote 2011 calendars. Seriously, it’s that time already? While I’m not quite ready for a wall version yet, I know exactly what I’m buying for the 2nd year as my personal planner; the Paper Source Perpetual Calendar. Beautifully designed and it gives the ability to plan your year as you see fit. You write in the dates as you plan your weeks. So if you want to play hooky one week and schedule nothing, it’s up to you (and you won’t have to look at unused pages and feel guilty).

• I got a Daily Candy email this week promoting a NYC play called Abraham Lincoln’s Big Gay Dance Party. Of course I couldn’t get Electric Six’s Gay Bar out of my head. (Easily offended? No need to click!) Tyna and I ran around Provincetown RI singing this to everyone we met the summer this came out. Good times!

paul newman we heart weekly   8.14.10• Could you love the Turner Classic Movie Channel as much as me? Answer: not possible! Especially since the Daily Heller introduced me to the Michael Schwab designed posters for their Summer Under the Stars movie event (every day in August is a marathon of movies featuring a chosen star). They feature silhouettes of the actors and actresses as they appeared in some of their most iconic films, and they are beyond fabulous. Check out Paul Newman’s poster showing Cool Hand Luke (he’s sexy even in silhouette!) Best of all? You can download a trading card set of all the posters. How great would it be to frame a group of four? Follow this link and click on their logo to see the whole lineup.

• Finally, thanks for the beauty love this week everyone! Swatches and in action pics are hard. It means the world to us when you take the time to leave a comment and let us know what you like (or don’t like) about the collections we’ve shown you. I was happy to see that more than a few of you are going to be checking out the two latest MAC launches for yourself. And if you still need convincing on Dare to Wear’s bold and fab shadows, check out the swatch master general herself; Temptalia’s Part 1 and Part 2 swatch-spectacular!

What’s everyone up to this fine August weekend?

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  1. Profile photo of Tyna Werner
    Tyna Werner

    What a pretty picture @Stef! As if I need makeup to look more appealing…

    Love the Paul Newman print too – and that link is awesome – I’m digging the Ethel Barrymore, Steve McQueen and (Cat on a Hot Tin Roof era) Elizabeth Taylor. I totally want to print and frame a little collection of these.

    My Saturday plans? Work on stories for wht for next week, plow through a mountain of laundry and watch the US Gymnastics Nationals at 4 (Pacific) with a cocktail in hand.

    Happy weekend all!
    Tyna Werner recently posted..Gloveables – do-gooders that help you look great

  2. Profile photo of hao9703

    @Stef –That picture truly is the “holy grail.” I so wish I had a beautiful vanity like this.

    There is a heat blast here so I am trying to stay cool this weekend. There are indoor chores galore waiting for me. I am also puppysitting the dogs next door.

  3. Profile photo of Stef Andrews
    Stef Andrews

    @hao9703 – I’m dog sitting too! But I’m staying at their house. I kind of like the alone time (which I rarely get at home). And it’s 2pm and I’m still in my jammies, which is awesome.

    Paul Newman day on TCM is next Saturday, the 21st. I can’t wait to watch Hud (which he is just so unbelievably hot in) and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (because really, could there be a better looking couple than PN and Liz Taylor?) @tyna, don’t you love her poster?
    Stef recently posted..MAC Dazzle lipsticks- they aren’t kidding!

  4. Profile photo of katezena

    @stef — Not always. The secret to good baking, I think, is using your hands. When you use your hands over a whisk/fork/blender, you’re able to gauge what you need because you can feel the dough. Being a germaphobe will really impair you when you bake. Wash your hands before you start and get over it! I very rarely level ingredients too.

    Have you tried baking a simple pie, like a caramel apple pie? They’re so easy and it’s a lot like cooking if you buy a frozen pie crust (true story–I’ve never made a pie crust in my entire life. I’ll try it one day). Try Misschievous’ recipe for a starting point. It’s so good!

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