Thymes Hand Lotion Review – my secret weapon against dry skin

thymesB Thymes Hand Lotion Review   my secret weapon against dry skinI’m going confess a little secret that has plagued me my whole life. I have very dry skin…so much so that my hands and feet will hurt if I don’t keep lotion on them continuously. I have lotions stashed in every nook and cranny of my house. There is one in my purse, one in my car, one by every sink in the house, and cabinets full in my bedroom and bathroom. The first thing I do when I get out of the shower is slather on lotion from head to toe. Right before bed, I repeat the process. So I am always on the hunt for a quality lotion.

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Of course, we all know not all lotions are created equally. In my opinion the best ones are those that smell incredible, don’t leave you feeling greasy, stay with you throughout the day, and most importantly leave you with super soft skin. Not too much to ask, if I do say so myself. Sadly, not every lotion lives up to these qualities (and those that don’t get stashed into the deep corners of my cabinet, never to see the light of day again). When I do find a lotion that fits the bill and has all the great qualities I look for, I buy it over and over again. You can imagine my delight when we heart this sent me one of my very favorite brands, Thymes to test.

Thymes is a company I have trusted and loved for their high quality products for many years. It’s one of the big weapons in my arsenal against dry skin. From their packaging to their botanical ingredients and their unique scents, you know you are getting something special from this company. An interesting new fact I discovered on the Thymes website – their chemists are all women. Thymes says this “gives them invaluable insight into what other women look for…making them uniquely able to develop products that meet those needs and desires.” All their scents are their own developed in their lab by these women…this only makes me love this company even more!

thymesC Thymes Hand Lotion Review   my secret weapon against dry skin
Thymes sent the wht review team a variety of their hand lotions in unique signature scents ($14 per bottle) to test. I was the lucky recipient of the Naia Hand Lotion. This is a gorgeous scent with a blend of water lily and cyclamen, with hints of citrus and lychee. This particular scent is light and airy and perfect for summer. Plus, there are so many scents to choose from at Thymes, from Ambersweet Orange to Olive Leaf, there is something for everyone. I found the scent doesn’t overpower, but also doesn’t seem to fade away too quickly. The bottle is very pretty and is perfect for sitting next to a bathroom sink.

Best of all, Thyme Hand Lotion lives up to all the qualities I look for in the perfect lotion! Each scent seems better than the other, the lotion leaves no greasy residue on my skin and the moisture stays locked in all day. The natural and botanical ingredients of all Thymes lotions work to sooth and calm my parched skin and keeps the redness and itchiness away.

Readers and Testers – now that you know my secret, what do you think of my secret weapon, Thymes? Share your thoughts on this lotion and testers, please let us know which unique Thymes scent you received!


Tiffany is a wife, mother of two and photographer. Check out her Austin based, gorgeous family photography at

Disclosure: This review includes products that were provided by the manufacturer/PR firm for our consideration. For more info, or any questions, please see our disclosure policy.

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  1. Profile photo of lyssachelle

    I have to admit something.

    I’m that girl at the Whole Foods who, every time I come in, I have to make a detour to the body care section to snitch from Thymes from the tester. (Usually Kimono Rose or Moonflower.) I never get enough to be able to make a good comment on the scents (and I just need to buck up and buy a dang bottle…) but I can attest to the moisturizing qualities. Not greasy, just creamy and smooth.

    Great job Tiffany!

  2. Profile photo of turboterp

    Thymes Lavender Hand Lotion contains moisturizing jojoba oil, hydrating honey and soothing aloe vera, and it smells like heaven!

    I tested this wonderful lotion hesitantly at first, because my usual hand lotion is unscented and I wasn’t sure how a scented one would work for me. But it was perfect… not too strong a scent, just enough to lull me off to sleep, or inspire me to relax during a stressful work day. I liked the scent so much, I bought the Lavender Body Wash, too.

    @tiffany, you described my experience perfectly. It sinks right in and moisturizes all day. If you’re a fan of Lavender, there isn’t a better hand lotion for you. 5 stars!

    @lyssachelle, treat yourself to a bottle. You won’t be sorry!

  3. Profile photo of nouveaucheap

    Great review, @Tiffany!

    I love love love love love Thymes lotions (I’ve been using them since the mid-90s). I actually reviewed the Naia lotion for my own blog a while back and I think I described it as the most “universally appealing scent ever.” I still mean that! To my nose, it’s just got this magical quality–it’s clean, it’ soft, it’s invigorating, it’s just everything good that you want to smell, all rolled up into one luscious fragrance. I cannot ever grow tired of Naia. Never ever ever! (Can you tell I really love this scent?).

    And um, can we talk about the packaging for a sec? It’s gorgeous! Wow, I think I need to buy Moonflower and Ambersweet Orange immediately. :)
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  4. Profile photo of Kellie

    I had the opportunity to purchase a clearance Thymes Rollerball scent in Eucalyptus from TJ MAXX. I wasn’t expecting much. I had never heard of the brand. But I am so glad that I took a chance on it. Oh, my wow!! It is such a delightful pick me up scent. It instantly makes me feel refreshed when I am having a long and tough day. It is such a clean and refreshing scent that has an above average level of staying power. I give Thymes 5 stars. I can’t wait to try their other products.

  5. Profile photo of kate2004rock

    So, I fell head over heels in love iwth Thymes products a couple years ago. I love love their velvety body lotion and the shower shell and hand wash and candles. Ok, yeah all of it. Kimono rose is my all time favorite scent. Bonus: I was poking around at Ulta last week and it was all half price on the clearance shelves. (Un-bonus: they aren’t going to carry it anymore …but I know other places to find it still.) Five big fat stars from me!

  6. Profile photo of irene

    Great post @Tiffany! I received Thymes, Eucalyptus Hand Lotion. It is a great product. This is a perfect match for people like me who often work with their hands in the garden or in water. It’s quick absorbing and leaves your hands moisturized. It also has other fragrances other than eucalyptus. I love eucalyptus on its own – probably more then anyone I know and this hand lotion is lightly scented with Italian lemon, lime & petitgrain. I actually smell the citrus in it more then the eucalyptus! This fragrance lingers but not too strong at all. It also has some of my favorites: jojoba oil, honey, aloe Vera. It is also paraben free!
    I wanted to share an interesting discovery – since I had no idea what Petitgrain was, I looked it up. I found out it is one of the three oils taken from the orange tree. Petitgrain oil can help with nervous exhaustion and stress-related conditions; it calms and soothes the mind. It can also relax the body, eases breathing, muscle spasms and stomach pains. It helps clear up a greasy skin, helps with acne and excessive perspiration and tones the skin. Who knew.. Anyway, I love that this hand lotion looks so adorable too.. It has found a home on my desk at work but I’m thinking of taking it home again because everyone keeps using it! Loving the scent that lingers and my very well cared for hands!
    Five Stars!! *****

  7. Profile photo of Stef Andrews
    Stef Andrews

    @tiglesia – If you really want to review them on your site, all I can say is to keep requesting the chance to do so (or do a review anyway, since you already own some products). Just because you get other “free stuff” doesn’t mean a company will automatically want a review on your site. Good luck to you though!

  8. Profile photo of tiffany

    Still in love with this lotion and I am about to go purchase more because my bottle is almost gone. I think these would make perfect gifts for teachers or friends because the packaging is so pretty and the product is so nice. I really think you can’t go wrong with any of the products from Thymes. 5 glowing stars from me!

  9. Profile photo of mandabear

    Another product with pretty packaging! You guys are on a roll :) I am definitely going to be needing something like this soon. Even if the temperature drops a few degrees one day, sometimes my hands start peeling! Gross huh?

  10. Profile photo of Mel

    You know a product is great when you get so many comments from people that didn’t officially test it, but use it and are long time users! You all have me wanting to get to Whole Foods or whereever it’s carried immediately…I think I’ll be buying Naia (mostly b/c I like the name!), but the combination of scents sounds beautiful, too. You are right on too @tiffany with all the qualities a great lotion should have! Great review!!

  11. Profile photo of sherrishera

    I tried the Goldleaf Hand Lotion and found it worked exceedingly well. The moisture was creamy, quick absorbing and not at all oily. I love Shea butter in any moisturizer and this one has got it. Superior job on the moisturizing front.
    I’m not sure what “goldleaf” is supposed to smell like, but to me it smells like roses and some other flower I can’t quite put my finger on. The only problem for me is that other flower reminds me a little bit of a funeral home. I’m so sorry to say that, but, you know when a scent just takes you back because it’s so authentic. The smell is pretty but I still see my Aunt Anna in her box.
    I must, must, must try a different scent because this stuff works so well I want to have more….much more.
    4 stars (because I can’t quite get past the funeral parlor kickback).

  12. Profile photo of kari

    Ok, total honesty here: I had never heard of Thymes brand before until I got their beautifully scented Moonflower to test and it’s funny that it took @stef and @tyna sending me this Minneapolis based product from California back to me in Minneapolis to learn about this wonderful brand! How have I not heard of this brand before when their headquarters are less than 2 miles away from where I live?? LOL.

    Well, I’m certainly glad I know about Thymes now because their lotions do exactly as @tiffany described, long lasting moisturizing without feeling heavy and greasy. Which is perfect because my hands suffer during the cold winters. And the scent…wow! The site describes it “Swirling notes of cinnamon and clove dance on sugared quince, while fresh myrtle leaves and mahogany are shrouded in sultry dark amber and cognac.” Trust me when I say it smells just as beautiful as it sounds. Warm, herby, spicy…but not overpowering. Totally a fan now and this is definitely my new go to hand lotion for the winter.

    5 stars!

  13. Profile photo of lyssachelle

    Correction! It’s apparently at Central Market I end up doing this…I know this I went to Whole Foods specifically to get a bottle yesterday after everyone’s recommendations, and they didn’t have any! :-(

    Thymes does have a store locator on its website, which I love. Sometimes I don’t want to buy online, I want it NOW.
    Which is why I’m headed to Central Market this afternoon. :-)

  14. Profile photo of Tyna Werner
    Tyna Werner

    I can’t believe that this was my first time using Thymes – somehow this one missed me. Not anymore – I’ve been pretty impressed with my Thymes Essentials Lotion. First, I liked the packaging – a nice pump helps with application, and the screw off top means you can get inside and get every last drop. The lotion itself surprised me with its moisturizing qualities. The lotion isn’t thin, but not super thick – and pretty creamy. I expected more of a light coating of lotion. Not the nicely moisturizing cream I discovered. It really gets into skin and locks in place. And since it stays put, it keeps my skin protected during the day (I do lots of hand washing).

    Finally, the scent was fantastic – Bright, crisp and green. I could not place my finger on exactly the scent and the Thymes description says Essentials contains “a blend of Italian tangerine, orange and lemon, red currant, dewy jasmine, petitgrain, cyprus, a touch of sheer musk and sun-drenched grapefruit.” Yum! It’s totally unisex and just lightly lingers on the skin.

    Add in the fair price and I’m giving a solid 4 stars.
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  15. Profile photo of krista

    I, unlike pretty much everyone here, had never tried any Thyme products before. I got to test out the Thymes Olive Leaf Hand Lotion. Like everybody else has stated, this is a quick absorbing lotion that leaves hands feeling velvety, not greasy. This is some truly great lotion. If you can overlook the scent. I’ve never smelled an olive leaf before, but this smelled like a pine tree and an aloe plant had a love child. It was a little to “green” smelling for me. I’m sure others would probably enjoy this fragrance, but the smell lingers and it’s a little cloying for my liking. I’m just more of a fan of fruity/baked goods smells. 4 stars!

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