Raffle for the Rescues prize – BPAL

Help an animal in need, win a BPAL prototype prize worth $360!

BPAL raffle Raffle for the Rescues prize   BPAL

raffle BPAL Raffle for the Rescues prize   BPAL

Try to keep it down to a dull roar BPAL fans! Boy, do we have a raffle prize for you! We are so pleased to announce that BPAL has generously donated 16 Carnaval Diabolique prototypes for our Raffle for the Rescues.

The Raffle, part of the Race for the Rescues, is taking place Sunday, October 24th at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. In the past 4 years, the event has raised over $300,000 for animal rescue groups in the LA area. We’re excited to be able to add to this total with the help of all of our generous raffle donations, like this prize from BPAL.

(And don’t despair if you’re not in Southern California. Readers from all over can purchase raffle tickets online now, details are HERE.)

Raffle tickets are only $5 each, or 5 (plus a gift bag) for $20. Best of all? You choose which of 10 prizes you’d like your tickets to be used towards. This prize is a once in a lifetime opportunity (honestly, I have to pinch myself that we even have it!)

The BPAL prize includes 16 Carnaval Diabolique prototypes, their much loved Carnival-themed collection. Not only are these bottles not yet on sale at their site, but they are still in development for upcoming Carnaval acts. And just how cool are the hand-written labels? Some of these prototype scents may not even hit the masses. You could possible own the ONLY bottle in existence! So, while this prize is worth $360 on the retail market, it really is quite priceless. I will leave the names a mystery for the lucky recipient to discover themselves…

We’ve had the joy of getting to know and love BPAL. And now, so could you! Our thanks to the whole BPAL crew for donating to this very worthy cause.

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