Break the the plastic bottle habit with “spa water”!

A Green Monday tip that adds a little everyday luxury to your life.

spawater Break the the plastic bottle habit with spa water!photo: we heart this

I admit it; while I’m constantly trying to live just a teeny bit greener, I’m having a very hard time cutting out the plastic bottles completely from my life. I know how terrible they are for the environment, but it has been a hard habit to break!

First, I force myself not to buy a case of them when they are on sale at the grocery store and I steer clear of the bottled water aisles in convenience stores. I also cut the 5 gallon bottled water delivery service to my house and purchased a water filter that not only cleanses my tap water, it also fits in my fridge (freeing up valuable kitchen space).

So, I’ve cut the plastic, but how to drink my daily water when not in a conveniently packaged bottle? I purchased a few steel bottles, but never found a cap or opening that I liked. Large glasses kept ice cold in the freezer have been my go to for a while, but I still wasn’t as happy as I was with the dreaded plastic bottle and sporty squeeze caps.

Then I had on of those “light bulb moments” and discovered a way to make water exciting, add more nutrients to my diet and feel fancy all at once. The idea? Make my own at home spa water. You know, the simple but elegant mixture of icy cold water, citrus and cucumbers that is customary at every well heeled spa?

I grabbed my nicest pitcher, added some sliced, organic, oranges, lemons and cucumbers (about half each) and then filled it up with filtered water. In a few hours, I had delicious, refreshing water as I happily typed at my computer.

Since that day, I’ve been making my spa water on a regular basis. I know I’ve increased both my water and my vitamin C intake (all those extra fruits) while slashing my water bottle consumption! Best of all, every person to visit my home has exclaimed “Oh, how fancy/clever/fun!” as I served them their spa water. Something I never heard when I handed them a plastic bottle!

Readers – how do you cut the plastic water bottles from your life? Share your tips in the comments!

Tyna, co-founder and co-editor of wht, worries about becoming a crazy cat lady, reads at least a book a week, checks in at a Flyers fan forum every morning and is forever (some say obsessively) organizing her closets and drawers.

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Written by Tyna Werner


  1. Profile photo of lyssachelle

    The first time I ever saw spa water, I thought, “Ew.” I could see citrus fruits in it, but cucumber? Grody.

    And then I had it. OH, it is so refreshing! Something about the light earthiness of the cucumber with the citrus…yummy.

    And of COURSE, it never really occurred to me to do it at home! What a great idea! I really need a glass pitcher alsol; something about the heft of glass makes things even more fancy.

    I’m already thinking of ways to bring this to work…maybe a pitcher in the breakroom fridge and then I can fill my bottle up throughout the day? (I HAVE to have lids on all my cups at my desk. I’m messy and need a sippy cup.)

  2. Profile photo of irene

    Love this idea! Good for you and it’s so refreshing to have a chilled glass of purified water along with any sort of added fruit/herb. I remember my sister thinly slicing apples in her water.. so delish! I used to buy sparkling water with mixed berries, orange and lemon. Then I got with it and made my own. How about sprigs of mints.. Spa at home!There you go!! Yummy!

  3. Profile photo of turboterp

    I LOVE the idea of “spa water,” @tyna!

    I know how hard it is to break the plastic bottle habit. I finally found a SIGG metal bottle I love (custom made with my dog’s picture on it!). I will be filling my SIGG with “spa water” and thanking you!

  4. Profile photo of spitfire77

    Love this idea! In an effort to drink more water I sometimes put a touch of grape juice in my water and it makes it taste awesome! This is yet another trick I haven’t tried yet, but can’t wait to…anything that helps me get away from pop is a good thing!

  5. Profile photo of jpal

    @Tyna this is such a great idea and I’m going to copy you! I have done better cutting plastic bottles too. I recently switched to a Brita at home, cancelled the 5 gallon water delivery and carry a Thermos water bottle. It all helps!

  6. Monica Schrock

    @tyna I love making my own yummy water. I use cucumbers, they’re the best!

    I cut down on my plastic by having a filter on my tap. I don’t buy bottled water because of the plastic and because about 80% of the time, it’s tap water anyway. I have a few glass bottles and glass jars I reuse as water bottles. I also avoid plastics by bringing my own glass containers to restaurants for leftovers! :)

    Great post!

  7. Profile photo of tiffany

    I love making “spa water” at home. My favorite flavor is strawberry lemon. I have this special pitcher where you put the fruit in the middle and it doesn’t actually float around in the water, but keeps it all contained. Got it at Crate and Barrel and I love it!

  8. Profile photo of Marilyn

    I use my old Nalgene which really has to go, because it’s not BPA free :( I had bought an awesome Starbucks aluminum water bottle to replace it, but it’s just so hard to get the cap really clean. Time to buy a new Nalgene I guess!

    I drink a lot of Crystal Light because it helps motivate me to drink water–I like my water to be flavored–but I’m getting a little nervous about all the aspartame I’m consuming. I’ve had “spa water” before at fancy restaurants, and it’s soooo good. I think it might actually get me to get rid of my Crystal Light addiction…

  9. Profile photo of kari

    Such a good idea! I know for a fact I don’t drink enough water, but if I did this at home I would totally drink more of it. I always love water with lemon and cucumber at restaurants, but for some reason I never did it at home!

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  11. Profile photo of gigi

    @tyna, there is hope for getting my husband to drink water–this looks luscious! I LOVE water and drink about 100 ounces a day (at this point it is an addiction; I quit coffee in favor of plain water). But I think I would love this, too! Thank you!

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