Best of wht 2010: Dear Mom (the makeup obsession begins)

It’s best of week here at we heart this! To celebrate the upcoming New Year, we’ll be bringing you the best and most popular posts of this year as voted upon by the trusty wht team. Since we are a beauty obsessed group, it was no surprise this sweet, little email made the list! ~ wht

MakeupObsession Best of wht 2010: Dear Mom (the makeup obsession begins)

Recently Stef and I received the following email forwarded to us from wht contributor, Pamela Irene with this intriguing introduction “This is classic! A letter from my twin nieces (shown above with their sister getting ready for a Justin Bieber concert!) to their mommy – begging for permission to wear makeup.”

While the mode of communication may have changed since we were in school, the trials and tribulations are still the same.

Dear mom,

I am putting all of my heart into the message and would really like for you to consider it. Mom, every girl at my school wears mascara. None of them look like hoochies. They only wear a little, and I would love to be able to wear a little along with my fellow girl classmates. We wouldn’t wear a lot just a little and we would check with you every morning and you could tll us if we have too much. We are going into the seventh grade mommy and all girls by this time wear some sort of makeup. Me and Isabella both feel its fair that we can wear it but only if we show u our eyes in the morning. Again we would only wear alittle, and we would be so happy if you let us wear it. We wouldn’t wear anything else except for mascara and lipgloss. So please mom think about this message and email me back. Please mom please think about this. Email me back we would be so happy mom. Please….

Grace and Isabella

Aww, here at wht are all for a teeny bit of makeup for tweens! Some Great Lash mascara and LipSmackers never turned any one into a hoochie!

Just make sure to keep it light, lest you end up looking like Stef and I circa tenth grade…

wavers Best of wht 2010: Dear Mom (the makeup obsession begins)

Oofaa, that’s a lot of makeup! (In our defense, this was a “photo shoot” – we didn’t go out quite so made up in public).

For the complete awe-inspiring tween make guide, plus a great article on the perils of tweens and makeup, check out this she knows post, Age Appropriate Primping.

Happy New Year readers! Share your first make up product in the comments!

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Written by Tyna Werner


  1. Profile photo of brooklynshoebabe

    That email was so sweet and heartfelt, it makes me want to say “yes.” I started wearing Avon’s Slick Tint lip gloss in middle school, but I layered it on thick to look like lipstick. lol. So pathetic, I know. I stole one of my grandma’s old dried out brown mascara in 10th grade and wore it. No one noticed anything but I felt so put together.

    Stef & Tyna, I like your photo shoot shot. So Purple Rain Wendy and Lisa from Prince & The Revolution.

  2. Profile photo of Marilyn

    This was a GREAT post! I remember being a young girl and wanting to wear makeup… I’ve loved it since I was little, but wasn’t allowed to actually wear any til middle school. And then it was mostly Lip Smackers lipglosses! Eventually, I was allowed to wear mascara and eyeliner, and foundation also became a necessity because my skin was so terrible (okay, really I just used those Cover Girl concealer sticks all over my face).
    Marilyn @ Lipgloss and Spandex recently posted..A few of my favorite things- Beauty Edition

  3. Profile photo of Sandy Parkinson
    Sandy Parkinson

    What a sweet letter! I hope mom said yes. I started wearing makeup in 10th grade, mostly eyeliner, mascara, and lip gloss. I was to lazy to bother with blush and eyeshadow—it was all about the hair!

    BTW, Stef & Tyna,my hair was cut in pretty much the same style as yours in 10th grade! I <3 those bangs to this day.

  4. Profile photo of irene

    I just can’t stop laughing.. I love this pic of @tyna and @stef!! They were just the funkiest gals going and really a pair of KOOL kids back in the day! Hey, were you told not to smile at this shoot? What were you actually thinking of at this moment? This picture is hilarious! We all have some classic pictures of our youth- we ought to share them sometime! As far as the letter to MOM.. I think these two little women (my nieces) are something else. Honestly, “Grace and Isabella” are not only twins; they are as sweet as honey! I think they are drop dead gorgeous without make-up, but add some eye batting mascara and lip-gloss and watch out! I didn’t even know what a Hoochie – Momma was.. We referred to anyone wearing too much make-up as a “Jezebel” LOL! I do remember loving to wear my favorite color “Gold Leaf” eye shadow when I was about 11 years old and wore it every consecutive summer that followed. (It looked amazing with a tan!) Oh, the good old days! Maybelline mascara was what we wore which is still good stuff today! Thanks for posting this one! My nieces are very special to me and so is their Mom! They are a perfect fit! Btw, my sister, was a model and makeup artist for years, so you know she taught them right

  5. Profile photo of Amanda

    This email is so sweet, I love it!

    I was lucky (?) enough to be allowed to play around with makeup from a pretty young age. My grandmother and her friends would give my sister’s and I all their mini Avon lipstick samples to play with, and I remember wearing that God-awful “mood lipstick.” When in 6th grade I went through a phase of wearing red lipstick every single day (I felt so grown up!). I think my mother handled it well- with all that access to makeup I never really went crazy. As long as I kept all the skin between my neck and my knees covered my Mum didn’t care what I did to my hair and my face. :)

  6. Profile photo of tiffany

    Love this post…especially that picture of you two! I remember sneaking my mom’s makeup and applying it at school. I must admit I just bought my daughter some of the Hello Kitty makeup from Sephora for special occasions. It stays in my makeup drawer so I can monitor how she uses it. I just couldn’t resist and I sorta like the lip gloss for myself :)

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