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It’s best of week here at we heart this! To celebrate the upcoming New Year, we’ll be bringing you the best and most popular posts of this year as voted upon by the trusty wht team. In honor of the biggest party night of the year, we wanted to share our most popular party post of the year, the Grease Sing-A-Long ~wht

Host a rocking movie night with a Grease Sing-A-Long!

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Every theme week needs an accompanying theme party, it’s we heart this law. But rather than having a Glee-specific party for Glee week, we decided to pay homage to the ultimate high school musical; Grease! (And if you thought I was going to say “High School Musical” I must ask that you stop reading this and go finish your homework.)

Here’s Sherri, creator of Musical Sunday, to let you in on why this classic was the obvious choice…

I’ve always loved a good musical. I’ve even loved many a bad musical. There’s something about belting a song at the top of your lungs while having it acted out in choreographed Ziegfeld glory or sweet-as-candy Technicolor dreaminess that touches a chord in my sensitive, sappy soul.

As a child, it seemed only my brother shared in my sensitive sappiness—it was he who took me to see Grease on the big screen when it came out in 1978. Twelve years my senior, my brother was somewhat horrified with himself for subjecting nine-year-old me to the immorality of glorifying bad Sandy. But soon I owned the soundtrack and would sing “Grease Lightning” loud and clear for my parents, long before I had a clue about “pussy wagons” or what it meant for chicks to “cream.”

Amazingly, Grease had never headlined a Musical Sunday. Was it too obvious a choice? Was the plethora of food, beverage and costume choices overwhelming? No way.

Costumes were inspiring (we even had costume changes by some ladies, ahem), food was plentiful (thanks to the continual use of the Fry Daddy), drinks were flowing (from the authentic, yet acquired taste of the Pink Ladies to the real beer floats), and songs were belted. It was definitely a musical night to remember.

Tell us about it, Stud (I mean Stef)

Singing, dancing, tons of filthy references; Grease is just a party waiting to happen! Here’s some tips to put together a soirée that’s fitting of one of the best musicals of all time.

GreaseFood Best of wht 2010: How to throw a Grease party

Think fair food; delicious, greasy fair food. If you have a fryer, you’re in luck. If you don’t (or can’t borrow one) you may want to cancel the party. Ok, not really. But you are going to want to get out your largest pot and fill it with oil, a lot of it. Grease is the Word, after all. We made french fries, onion rings and fried avocado. But if my annual pilgrimage to the LA County Fair has taught me anything, it’s that there’s no limit to what you can fry.

For pre dinner snacking, Christy made the most amazing Caramel Corn; sweet, salty, buttery and totally adorable in the popcorn containers I found at the dollar store.

The obvious choice for our main course was hamburgers, sliders to be exact. (Make sure to check out our recipe, they’re insanely good.) I went the extra yard towards fair authenticity and bought ketchup and mustard squirt dispensers and constructed paper serving trays with a vintage hamburger stand feel via this pdf download from Bakerella.

We had to serve the 50’s cocktail classic, the Pink Lady. The only drink that could have possibly been more fitting would be one called The Danny Zuko. Our Rizzo of the night (Sherri) even bought miniature shake glasses to serve them in. The only problem? Not so tasty. Luckily we also served beer in cans (the chosen drink of high schoolers everywhere) and made beer floats (Young’s Double Chocolate Stout and vanilla ice cream). So don’t worry, no one went thirsty. For your party, I’d suggest inventing a Pink Lady 2010 (perhaps sparkling pink lemonade and vodka?)

GreasePeople Best of wht 2010: How to throw a Grease party

GreaseSonny Best of wht 2010: How to throw a Grease partyCostumes
This may just be the best part of a theme party. And there are no shortage of costume ideas for Grease; from Pink Ladies to cheerleaders, T-Birds to boys in letterman sweaters, even teachers and coaches. I was hoping we’d have a Bowzer from Sha Na Na show up, but no such luck. Anything fun and fifties will do. Just make sure you have a camera (even if you have to block out eyes to protect the drunk…err, innocent. Like Sonny here!)

Plus, you don’t need to stick to just one costume. There’s a lot of metamorphosing going on in Grease. Sweet Sandy to Slutty Sandy, T-Bird Danny to Jock Danny, blonde Frenchie to pink-haired Frenchie; it’s endless. Or pick a new character all together and sneak off for a costume change…

FrankieAvalon Best of wht 2010: How to throw a Grease party(Yep, that’s me as Frankie Avalon.)

It’s up to you how far you’d like to go here. You can go all out and create a soda shop (borrowing all the 50’s tables and chairs from friends that you can find). Or perhaps transform your living room into a high school gym sock hop (complete with streamers, balloons and confetti). Personally, I’d go the record route; Go to a thrift store and buy a box of albums (45’s if you can find them) and put them everywhere. Hang them individually on fishing line from the ceiling or from ribbon in your windows, cover your table surfaces with them. You can even create Record bowls for props or snacks.

Music and the Movie
Set up your largest TV and speakers in the party room before the guests arrive. It’s a given that you’ll need the Grease soundtrack for some pre and post movie listening. But mix in some 50’s doo-wop and crooner classics too. Now’s the time to break out the Karaoke machine as well. Turn it on after the movie, when even the most stiff of party guests will be in the mood to sing!

Extra Credit
• Blonde wigs to put on during Look at Me I’m Sandra Dee
• Carnival games (like a Ring Toss or a Duck Pond, if you have a backyard and a kiddy pool)
• a Dance Competition to see who’s the Cha Cha in your group.

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Karaoke is a Must! Various options:
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Now we’re talking – how I wish we had these wigs during our Grease party:
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• And the piece de la resistance, the complete Slutty Sandy Costume%name Best of wht 2010: How to throw a Grease party including capris, off-the-shoulder top and belt. $28.99

Any ideas of your own? We’d love to hear them! Or share your favorite Grease moment…

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