we heart weekly – 1.29.11

America’s Best Sandwiches, DIY inspiration and Armani goes 80’s

cheesesteak we heart weekly   1.29.11photo: Stef Andrews

How hungry does our Photo of the Week make you? It’s none other than an authentic Philly cheesesteak. This one is from Jim’s on South Street and has grilled onions, sweet peppers and extra Whiz! I won’t spend time schooling you, but know this: if you’ve had one at a TGI Fridays, Chili’s or some other chain – you have not had a real cheesesteak. And I feel bad for you.

• This photo was chosen due to a post I saw this week on Endless Simmer, declaring America’s Top 10 new sandwiches. While most look delicious, #9 made my Philadelphia heart boil. Don’t mess with our cheesesteaks, yo!

• Speaking of food, have you ever seen They Draw and Cook? It’s a site full of recipes rendered by artists and illustrators, and it’s fabulous.

• We heart a good DIY (possibly even more than sandwiches, if you can imagine!) Which is why we absolutely love P.S. I made this… What can’t crafty superstar Erica Domesek recreate? Answer: nothing!

• The 2011 Academy Award nominations were announced this week. Was your favorite on the list? I have to say, I’m shocked that Black Swan wasn’t nominated for costume design or makeup. Huh?

• Finally, a bit of beauty for you! I’m loving the 80s vibe of the new Giorgio Armani Femme Bleue Eye Shadow Palette (which Orange To LA so beautifully shared). The colors make me wanna break out the Aquanet and drink a wine cooler in their honor!

Tyna and I have a major wht weekend planned: meetings, shopping and shipping! What’s the haps with YOU this weekend, readers?

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  1. Profile photo of turboterp

    I’ll tell you what, @stef, if there wasn’t a foot of snow on the ground, I’d be in my car heading to Jim’s on South Street! There is a Philly road trip in my near future, for sure. I am spending the weekend shoveling and envying you California girls. Enjoy the sunshine!

  2. Profile photo of mscarole

    Ahh, Steph, you’re killing me! I died when I saw the Jim’s steak. I love them. I miss them! It’s a long way from Memphis to South Street. Last time we were in town, I dragged my husband (not a Philly boy) to Jim’s but the line was around the corner. And it was freezing cold outside. So he’s still waiting for his turn to taste the best in the world!

  3. Profile photo of Kellie

    I happened to have made cheese steaks last night. So good!!!

    Love the blue Armani Shadow Palette. Gorgeous!!

    Totally agree with you about Black Swan. The #1 thing that it should have been nominated for would be make-up and costumes. Too weird!!

    I am doing homework this weekend and playing with my dog.

  4. Profile photo of irene

    OMG! thanks for making my mouth water! Next weekend..I’m getting Philly’s Best Cheesesteaks. It was that or subs from Desimones! Just in time for this longtime “Cheesehead” Greenbay Packer fan.. Go PACK!

  5. Profile photo of winnie

    That sandwich looks so good! I’ve actually had the pleasure of eating one of those when i worked briefly in Philly! It was so good but in the middle of it i thought i was having a heart attack but it was just major heartburn. I didn’t care and shoved the other half down!

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