How To: Make a T-shirt Flower Brooch

The unisex classic goes ultra-feminine with our latest DIY!

DIY fb 09 How To: Make a T shirt Flower Broochphotos: kirsten for we heart this

T-shirts can probably be considered a DIY girl’s best friend – they are inexpensive, come in a huge variety of colors and prints, and pretty much everyone owns a couple (with a few to to spare for crafts!) This DIY uses t-shirt fabric to make an eye popping, fun brooch.

Chances are you probably have all the supplies needed for this DIY – and you can get really creative with this one! Try using alternating t-shirt fabrics for even more variation, or stitching beads into the center instead of a button. Depending on the size of your flower, you can even glue it to a headband or barrette to make a cute hair accessory.

DIY fb 01 How To: Make a T shirt Flower Brooch


• T-shirt
• Button – or flat backed gem, or old earring stud, or anything you want!
• Small piece of sturdy fabric, such as leather
• Pinback
• Hot glue gun
• Scissors

DIY fb 02 How To: Make a T shirt Flower Brooch

A closeup (above) of my button and the pinback.

DIY fb 03 How To: Make a T shirt Flower Brooch

1. Cut out a circle from your thick fabric. This will be your base.

DIY fb 04 How To: Make a T shirt Flower Brooch

2. To make the first layer, cut strips from your t-shirt. Mine were almost 7 inches in length and about half an inch in width; I used 9. Give them a good tug to help the jersey fabric naturally roll up.

DIY Fb 05 How To: Make a T shirt Flower Brooch

3. Tie a knot in each of them.

DIY fb 06 How To: Make a T shirt Flower Brooch

4. Fold the strips in half and hot glue the ends around your circle.

DIY fb 07 How To: Make a T shirt Flower Brooch

5. To make the second layer, cut out another set of strips – this time a little shorter than your first set. Mine were about 6.5 inches in length and also half an inch in width. Again, I used 9. Tie a knot in each of them.

DIY fb 08 How To: Make a T shirt Flower Brooch

6. Hot glue them onto the first set…

DIY fb 09 300x272 How To: Make a T shirt Flower Brooch7. Glue your center piece, whether it be a button, a shiny gem or even earring stud. Glue on the pinback on the reverse side, and you’re done!

I love the idea of making these T-shirt flower brooches in different colors and prints to match the season or a holiday – pink and red would look awfully sweet right now. (And how cute would this DIY be for a sports fan? I have a number of old Flyers tee’s that need to become a brooch before the playoffs! ~T)

Readers – which old T-shirt in your closet is just waiting to become a Flower Brooch?

Kirsten of is currently in graduate school, working towards her Masters of Science in Nutrition. She loves vintage shoes, photography, and baking at obscure hours of the night. Her art and DIY supplies are currently taking over her apartment, and she wouldn’t want it any other way.

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    Kirsten Nunez

    Melissa/@turboterp – That’s cause it IS easy! :)

    @stef – Partly for decoration, but partly also to kind of “weigh” the petals down a bit so they’re not flopping all over the place…but I would think said flopping would depend on the thickness of each of the strips you use, as well as the thickness of the t-shirt!

    @Sherrishera – I’m so glad to hear that! That’s awesome news.

    @Tyna – Such a good idea! Definitely very customizable for team/school colors.
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