Etsy 4 for Friday – candy

With Valentine’s Day upon us, and hearts already covered in our 2010 Valentine 4 for Friday, we move to the obvious next choice: candy! After all it is the direct route to most people’s hearts. Though it would have to be a Valentine’s miracle to receive these in time, order and print out an image of these sweets for your sweetie! All of these all are worth the wait…

• I pretty much love everything about these modern looking Rainbow Marshmallows. In perfect 1 inch cubes, they can even match any swatch you provide (how great would they be as color-coordinated party favors?)
$10 for 16

• Got a red hot lover in your life? No, not like that (get your minds out of the gutter!) I mean an actual lover of red hots, the delicious lil’ cinnamon candies. Then they will flip for this Red Hot Cinnamon Caramel. Creamy butter caramel mixed with red hot cinnamon; it’s as pretty as it is tasty! $7 for 4 oz.

• Those who know me well, know there is one kind of candy that makes me weak in the knees; anything with hazelnuts. So these Toasted Hazelnut Chocolate Truffles? Yes, please! Made with 60% organic dark chocolate, sweet cream, cinnamon, butter and toasted hazelnuts. $15 for 8 truffles

• My life needs Mustache hard candy lollipops in it. Besides the obvious awesomeness (it’s a mustache! Made of candy!) take one look at the 50+ flavor list and tell me you’re not impressed. Pistachio, Blackberry, Citrus Blossom? I die. $12 for 6, your choice of flavor

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Written by Stef Andrews


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    Tyna Werner

    Oh my gosh the Red Hot Caramel does sounds amazing @kari – caramel is one of my faves, and I normally like it “pure” (or covered in chocolate) but a bit of cinnamon sounds delish!

    I’ve been hypnotized for the last half hour by the entire Vintage Confections shop! I lurve hard candies – in any shape! The mustaches are fun but some of them are truly beautiful! The Birthstone Gems and Tulips for instance – gorgeous. Almost to pretty to crunch through – but I would!
    Tyna Werner recently posted..What a deal – our new Etsy ad special!

  2. Profile photo of Krista

    I need to buy the moustache (I prefer that spelling) lollipops. This past Christmas I decided the theme for the gifts I gave the nephews was moustaches. Everyone got moustache socks or flasks, or other randomly bizarre moustache-themed items. Yeah, they kinda think I’m weird :)

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