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With Valentine’s Day upon us, and hearts already covered in our 2010 Valentine 4 for Friday, we move to the obvious next choice: candy! After all it is the direct route to most people’s hearts. Though it would have to be a Valentine’s miracle to receive these in time, order and print out an image of these sweets for your sweetie! All of these all are worth the wait…

• I pretty much love everything about these modern looking Rainbow Marshmallows. In perfect 1 inch cubes, they can even match any swatch you provide (how great would they be as color-coordinated party favors?)
$10 for 16

• Got a red hot lover in your life? No, not like that (get your minds out of the gutter!) I mean an actual lover of red hots, the delicious lil’ cinnamon candies. Then they will flip for this Red Hot Cinnamon Caramel. Creamy butter caramel mixed with red hot cinnamon; it’s as pretty as it is tasty! $7 for 4 oz.

• Those who know me well, know there is one kind of candy that makes me weak in the knees; anything with hazelnuts. So these Toasted Hazelnut Chocolate Truffles? Yes, please! Made with 60% organic dark chocolate, sweet cream, cinnamon, butter and toasted hazelnuts. $15 for 8 truffles

• My life needs Mustache hard candy lollipops in it. Besides the obvious awesomeness (it’s a mustache! Made of candy!) take one look at the 50+ flavor list and tell me you’re not impressed. Pistachio, Blackberry, Citrus Blossom? I die. $12 for 6, your choice of flavor

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  1. Profile photo of Amanda

    Those marshmallows are too cute for words! As we near Valentine’s day I’m becoming more and more reminded of the root canal I need (and am having, but not until the 19th), so soft candies are all I’m reaching for this year. Richard, take note!

  2. Profile photo of lyssachelle

    Oooo!! Those marshmallows look so good. I’ve made my own, but there’s no way I could get a color like that.
    And I’m over the mustache trend, but those lollipops are so cute! SO many flavors….those would be a great favor for a wedding with a photobooth!

  3. Profile photo of irene

    Yummmmmmmy! I love anything Hazelnut too! Those little numbers pictured above look to die for! How about some Frangelico with one of those Toasted Hazelnut Chocolate Truffles? And those marchmallows, I would like one right now!

  4. Profile photo of Tyna Werner
    Tyna Werner

    Oh my gosh the Red Hot Caramel does sounds amazing @kari – caramel is one of my faves, and I normally like it “pure” (or covered in chocolate) but a bit of cinnamon sounds delish!

    I’ve been hypnotized for the last half hour by the entire Vintage Confections shop! I lurve hard candies – in any shape! The mustaches are fun but some of them are truly beautiful! The Birthstone Gems and Tulips for instance – gorgeous. Almost to pretty to crunch through – but I would!
    Tyna Werner recently posted..What a deal – our new Etsy ad special!

  5. Profile photo of krista

    I need to buy the moustache (I prefer that spelling) lollipops. This past Christmas I decided the theme for the gifts I gave the nephews was moustaches. Everyone got moustache socks or flasks, or other randomly bizarre moustache-themed items. Yeah, they kinda think I’m weird :)

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