Love Alert: Benefit Bella Bamba

A loving review of the newest Benefit blush

benefit bellabambaA Love Alert: Benefit Bella Bambaphotos: we heart this

We’ve got a well documented obsession with Benefit’s boxed blushes. The newest addition to the Benefit blush family, Bella Bamba%name Love Alert: Benefit Bella Bamba ($28) is a beauty indeed. Easily elevated to the Love Alert status!

I’m going to give this lil’ box of happiness the Packaging Porn title as well. You might be thinking “Really? A cardboard box?!” To which I’d answer: have you taken a look at this cardboard box?

benefit bellabambaD Love Alert: Benefit Bella Bamba

Besides updating their packaging (adding a hinge to the lid and a mirror), Benefit went all out with the printing of these. A holographic overlay gives the box a kaleidoscopic, multidimensional effect; fitting for a blush described as “3D” (more on that in a minute). And the art on the box? Feathers, sequins and lace. Yeah, it may not be subtle, but it’s all kinds of fun!

And I haven’t even got to the beautiful watermelon pink blush yet!

benefit bellabambaB Love Alert: Benefit Bella Bamba

So, what is a 3D blush exactly? Benefit says that Bella Bamba will “amplify cheekbones and create the illusion of sculpted features.” I do see what they mean. The combination of the bright color and the gold shimmer does really make your cheeks pop. It also has the effect of a blush with a highlighter applied over it. Which seems to me to be different than a blush with highlighting shimmer in it. Or am I just blinded by love? Let’s look at the pros and cons…

• Beautiful, bright color with subtle, yet noticeable gold shimmer.
• Very different from Benefit’s other blushes. In fact, I don’t have another blush like it in my whole collection.
• A fun “packing porn” award worthy box
• A delicious scent that makes me smile (it reminds me of Smarties!)

• Light skinned gal will need to apply lightly or risk having cheeks that are too 3D!
• $28 does hurt a tiny bit…

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars. The price is easily overlooked for a blush that’s unlike anything I own!

benefit bellabambaC Love Alert: Benefit Bella Bamba

How about it readers, anyone else in love with Bella Bamba?

Stef is many things. Amongst them: co-editor of we heart this, graphic designer, Philly girl in the California desert, borderline hoarder and a hardcore beauty junkie.

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  1. Profile photo of Amanda

    I totally and completely love the Benefit blushes, and Bella Bamba is no different! Every time I walk by that little box I just have to stare wistfully for a few seconds. The Benefit blushes are so pigmented that I can’t really wear any of them other than “Dandelion” without being super careful, so I tend to shy away from much more than just staring, hah!

  2. Profile photo of Tyna Werner
    Tyna Werner

    Oh I was (and still am) so jealous that @stef got to test the Bella Bamba! I am a die hard fan of the cubed benefit blushes – I already have four on my vanity – and I must have this one too.

    I’m pretty excited about the new packaging – the hinge and mirror – too. But the pretty, pretty pure pink is so calling my name – Bella Bamba may just become my spring/summer blush purchase.
    Tyna Werner recently posted..Etsy 4 for Friday – dreaming of spring & Monet

  3. Profile photo of Kellie

    I have always wanted to give Benefit’s boxed blushes a try. They are so darned cute! But I have never been quite sure of where to start. Bella Bamba sounds like just the ticket for this pale girl. I need a healthy dose of color come this time of year!

  4. Profile photo of krista

    I love Benefit’s boxed blushes. I’m in love with Dandelion-I’ll swip it on top of pink cream blush to help set it and enhance the shade. I still need to add Coralista to my arsenal and Bella Bamba looks like something I need to add to my wishlist. Dang it, Benefit! I’m buying a house and I need money for drapes, not blush!!! *thrusts fist to the heavens and curses how awesome Benefit is*

  5. Profile photo of tiffany

    I couldn’t stand it and had to go get this blush after reading Stef’s review. At first, I thought it might have too much shimmer when applied, but it doesn’t at all. It gives you a really pretty glow and a beautiful pop of color. Love the new packaging…so nice having a hinge on the lid!

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