Frecklebox – personalized gifts for your one of a kind kid

frecklebox Frecklebox   personalized gifts for your one of a kind kid

There is just something magical about getting a gift with your name on it, especially when you’re a kid. I still remember the first gift I got with my name on it…a set of notecards. I was so proud of them and couldn’t wait to write letters to all my friends just to show them off. To this day, I still love anything personalized. And enjoy giving (or receiving!) personalized gifts.

So you can imagine my excitement over Frecklebox, which specializes in personalized gifts for children. I had so much fun browsing through the many different items they sell. I seriously wanted to order everything they offered. From notebooks to clipboards and even personalized puzzles, there is something at Frecklebox for children of all ages.

If I had to pick a favorite, I would have to say these adorable custom lunch boxes are the hands down winner ($29.95). How cute would your little one be taking this to school? My favorite feature is the chalkboard located inside the lid for writing notes to your kids. Not only are these great for lunches, but lots of storage uses. Fill one of these up with crayons, markers, and notepads and you have an on the go art kit. Also, great for treasures!

Throwing a birthday party soon? How cool would you be giving away these personalized coloring books as party favors ($6.95)? With a price that reasonable, it’s very much an option! These adorable coloring books feature the child’s name on every single page…can’t get more personalized than that.

I’m not sure I’ve ever met a kid who doesn’t like stickers. These personalized stickers would be wonderful for labeling school supplies and belongings ($3.95 for 12) . Kids will love the large variety of designs they offer (hearts, unicorns, dinosaurs, cars, princesses…).

Another really wonderful gift idea is these personalized storybooks that feature the child’s name throughout the book ($19.95). What child wouldn’t love hearing a story written just for them? The one shown above is especially for adopted kids, isn’t that sweet?

So the next time you are searching high and low for what to get the children in your life, I highly recommend stopping by Frecklebox. You are sure to find something for kids of all ages, made just for them!

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    What a great round-up @Tiffany ! The “We Choose You” book has me all weepy because I’ve just started looking through child profiles for a potential adoptive son or daughter. It’s all so wonderful! And my nephew would LOVE the dinosaur book. He’s turning 3 in a month, I think I know exactly what to get him!

  2. Profile photo of lyssachelle

    I love love LOVE this. And not just because I’ve bookmarked this as a go-to place for all my adorable ankle-biters’ birthday.

    I love it for completely selfish reasons. When I was a child, NO ONE was named Alyssa. It was me and Alyssa Milano. Therefore I didn’t get fun pencils, stamps, stickers, keychains or license plates for my bike with my name on it.
    But now, even kids with crazy names like Moxie Crimefighter will be able to have personalized presents! I love it. They will be spared my woe!

    And I MIGHT buy something for myself. Maybe. :-)

  3. Profile photo of Mel

    @lyssachelle – You MUST order yourself something! I have done the same thing to my daughter – we combined two common names into one unusual name (Kellyanne)and now we’ll never find her any buttons or bows in stores =^( Even her Leapfrog talking dog can’t say her name, the poor thing. But with websites like this one, we can design our own – and that’s wonderful!! Thanks Tiffany! I have bookmarked this site for party favors for this year’s 2-year-old celebration. A $7 coloring book is much more up my alley than the $30 personalized beach chairs I way overdid for last year’s party…ugh! Awesome site – thanks!!

  4. Profile photo of Stef Andrews
    Stef Andrews

    It’s so true, getting a personalized gift as a kid is SUCH a big thrill. Wait, I still like personalized gifts! But like others have mentioned, the “Stephanie” section was always empty when I was growing up. I’d get all excited: Samantha, Sara, Sarah, Stephanie; empty, D’OH!

    And can I just say how much I love that the lunchboxes have a chalkboard inside them? I would have flipped for that as a kid. I could eat my lunch than write dirty words with my friends! All kinds of awesome.
    Stef recently posted..Budget Beauty – The 7 Best Drugstore Mascaras

  5. Profile photo of Mel

    Just wanted to bump this one back up to the top to remind everyone about this great company…just ordered two personalized coloring books, including tax, s&h, for under $20! What a deal – and they look so adorable. Thanks again for introducing us to the company!

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